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  1. !st of March

    As we say in Scotland It will take mair than a wee drap snaw to stop us gane tae the inn Irikah waiting on the inn opening my modern zimmer HA HA
  2. !st of March

    My good deed for today clearing the the footpath in the village so that the old ones can get their pensions and food, we must make sure the old ones are OK Keep well
  3. oops rim

    Hi all ploughing match did not go well more about it later I am wondering if this can be fixed or where can I get another one it is a 6x12 rim of my Gutbrod 1032 tractor Thanks
  4. New plough 2018

    When I ploughed it last year it had not been ploughed for about twenty year there was a lot of rubbishy weeds in it still the same, but little bit not so hard now I believe when I rotavate it in the drier weather I will get more depth still .Thank you
  5. New plough 2018

    Hi All this was me ploughing the same ground last year with original plough I believe there is a difference
  6. New plough 2018

    Hi all Update on my new plough 2018 trialled it today and I believe I have the beginning of something good, one more trial this weekend at a local charity match, the ground I tried it on was not the best but gave me a start
  7. Gutbrod front pto

    Hi Harryt I have a 1032 with electric clutch on the front and have one with manual clutch will take pics when I am next down at my tractor shed
  8. Happy Christmas

    Frae us all in Scotland A merry Christmas and a Happy new year
  9. The Border Reiver MK 2

    Will the bonny paint make it go better time will tell Ha HA looking forward to next year
  10. My new attempt at making my plough work

    Hi all I have reached plan Z I am now on plan A again I have used my Gutbrod plough beam and married it to the BMB frog and board only need to work on the skimmer or disc I am also looking at a longer mouldboard to fit the Gutbrod frog the board I have on is 22 inches from back to front the new one is 39 inches from back to front Two plans on the go if one works I will be happy
  11. Weekend matches

    Hi Norman let me set up at back of your tractor thanks
  12. Weekend matches

    Hi Norman for match ploughing 5 inches is the minimum
  13. Sunday ploughing match

    Hi Norman I am now on plan Z
  14. Weekend matches

    Hi Norman I plough six inches Tam ploughs about seven it suits his plough
  15. Sunday ploughing match

    Hi all time to judge I had wee bend in my finish let myself down very good day seemed to have lost some pics on the day
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