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  1. Outboard O&R on feebay

    It’s not mine just thought you guys may want to check it out!:)
  2. Smallholders Show display

    This is super cool! Great job!
  3. Best fuels/ mix for tiny tiger?

    Here is the little tiger I believe it’s a later mode type 219 350w shroud says compact 3 bought a few new diaphragms from a member on here carb thread was Awsome had to do all of it and went off without a hitch! String thing was a bit tricky but a few tries got it done;) once I get this oil thing figured I’ll start it and make a video!:) I ordered some synthetic and some 30wt I’ll try them both and see thanks again love the input!
  4. Best fuels/ mix for tiny tiger?

    This is great thank you guys for the input! This forum is the place for the O&R info! BigUP
  5. Hello forum today I hit every store and gas station in my area trying to find strait 30 non synthetic oil to no avail? What fuels and oils do you guys use in your tiny tigers? What ratios work best and which octane do I need? Thanks for the help!
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