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  1. Colour scheme

    Hi All I have just started to restore a Allen Roper 8 its in a very bad condition. Was wondering if anyone has the correct colours codes for it Thanks for any help
  2. Happy birthday Phil Murrell

    Thank you very much Another year older another year wiser oh well one out of two aint bad lol
  3. Early Rotoscythe

    its the one one the far left
  4. Early Rotoscythe

  5. Early Rotoscythe

    says they are to big wont add them
  6. Early Rotoscythe

    Picked this up from Charlie the other week made a bit of progress with it still not running yet
  7. Ruston Hornsby APR

    i have one of those mine has an imp cast on the water housing from 1921
  8. phil murrell

  9. biddenden tractorfest 2016

    will post mine tues Kev
  10. day trip to Hastings

    day trip to Hastings and found these sunbathing on the beach
  11. Early Shay County

    Here is a picture of all three Shay County's. dating from the 1940's to the 60's and a couple of shots of the early Shay
  12. Early Shay County

    will post some photo's soon
  13. Early Shay County

    This is a late Christmas gift to myself
  14. here are the whole collection of Rotoscythe's

    Which one the house or the workshop LOL
  15. here are the whole collection of Rotoscythe's

    Yes Will-hagle house nearing the end now so soon be able to get back down the workshop
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