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Honda MadTrax V Twin Quad.. Test Drive.

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On 10/17/2018 at 10:30 PM, Anglo Traction said:


Reminds me of a skeletal version of a House Robot from the Wars......Dead Metal-ish . Regret not being able to pay a visit yet Ian. Hopefully in the near future.:fingerscrossed:   


Hi Richard, hope your keeping well..

Robot Wars eh... It's been a long time since I last watched it... Is it still going?

The last time I heard anything about Craig Charles he was/is doing a Funk and Soul music show on BBC 6 Music!


Not that I have anything against a bit of Funk you understand  :D


It would be cool to catch up with you again Richard, no rush whenever is good for you :thumbs:



Now for a fun video :thumbs:


The stripdown should of taken a day at the most, but when everything is being video'd using my Camera Panning Jig Thingy, one day gets stretched to five!





With the frame stripped down I could make a start on the final welding.. Well, almost :lol:


The last couple of bit's of "made out of a cheap office desk" Quadzilla frame were bugging me..

The only problem was important bits such as front suspension lower mounts and front diff mounts are made out of one big plate that's welded to the Quadzilla frame.. And it's kinda important to make sure these mounts stay in the same place.


So after a lot of bracing including something to hold the said plate in the right place, the lower front got the chop!





Would you look at the rust in that!





At some point during the build the bit of tube that these two bit's of desk are attached to was welded in not quite where it should of been.. In other words it looked pished but wasn't noticable until everything had been stripped from the frame!





Cleaning the suspension plate of the left over bit's of rusty desk took a while, here's the plate bolted back on where it should be..





A bit of space to fill to connect everything back up again..





A lot of new thick wall tube has gone back in the front, but I forgot to take any photo's yesterday..

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On 10/24/2018 at 10:10 PM, Cub Cadet said:

Really nice work! The camera panning jig thingy is awesome! :thumbs:


 Thanks Ewan, the CPJT makes it a lot more fun and interesting than just having the camera on a tripod..

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Morning all, long time no update!

Progress has been rather slow, a lot slower than it should be, but life, illness and having a workshop full of wood tools (don't worry, I havn't given up on metal and turned to wood, most of the wood tools have gone now) has slowed things down.


Life on MadTrax has been grind, weld, grind, weld, chop some metal off, weld nwe stuff in, grind, weld..... you get the idea.


The frame has spent most of it's time on one side or the other and even upside down at times!

I think in this photo I was adding strentghening to one of the transfer box mounts on the frame.





A lot of my "earlier" welds on the frame were done before my Murex Mig welder had an overhaul and a new gun...

And it showed on the welds!

So a lot of time has been spent grinding out bad welds and replacing them with good welds like this.





The pressed steel rear suspension uprights had the outside boxed in a long time ago, the inside has been done now..





Cleaned up with a touch of red oxide..





You may remember this orrible bit of Quadzilla frame that was at the front..





Well, it has been cut out and replaced with some nice tube to match the rest of the frame..  Looks way better :thumbs:





A couple more views..







The engine guard has come in very handy when the frame is the right way up, it keeps the frame upright and makes it very easy to turn around on the bench..





That's all the photo's I have for now. I have slowly been working from the back forwards and have now reached the point where I just have to finish off bit's infront of where the engiine should be..


On the next build I will try and fully weld up everything as I go along... I've had to do so much "finishing" welding and grinding it's quite soul destroying!

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Hi Guy's, sorry it's been a while since the last update..

Life has been a bit er.. busy.. And being "on call" for a month waiting for grandkid No 11 hasn't helped..




The frame  now looks like this with all welding finally done (have I said that before?), and a coat of red oxide in the right places..   Yes the bit I missed at the front has been done :thumbs:

You may notice a few bit's of metal bolted to the frame..





The bit's of metal happen to be foot rests and anything that sticks through them or near them..

This is the O/S..





Now skinned with some strong steel mesh and given a squirt of the red stuff.





The N/S foot rest thingy taking shape, it also has to hold a a small guard so your legs can't get pulled in by the rotating driveshaft.. Never fun! :blink:





That should do the trick :thumbs:





A few parts have been cleaned up and  given a coat of the red stuff.





This plate which bolts in the base of the frame to add some extra strength and protection has a lip welded on each end just to make sure it's strong enough for the job.





A couple of captive nuts welded in the top tube of the frame..

Yes I did re-weld the top nut once this photo was taken.





The captive nuts are for bolting this bracket on which also bolts to the top of the engine and is quite handy for holding up the coils :D




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The time had come to sort out the only bit of bodywork on MadTrax, the fuel tank..

At some point I welded on an extension to the back of the tank so it filled a gap left below the seat..

Of course this all now needed to be tidied up, so que the body body filler!


Looking a bit rough here still..









Lots of fillering and sanding later I gave it a squirt of white primer as it's all I had that wasn't red oxide primer!





A careful rub down with 800 grade wet 'n' dry later the tank was then hit with 3 heavy red oxide coats...









Once the paint had fully hardened it was them flattened back with 1500 grade wet 'n' dry to get it ready for the top coats.







Carefully plonked on the frame along with the seat to have a look... Me likes :thumbs:


As it turned out the frame was the only "out of the way, nothing can get dropped on it" place I had to store the tank, so a sheet was put over to keep the dust at bay..





Yes I need to adjust the filler cap.





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With the tank and frame stored out the way I had some space on the bench to fill up with parts that need cleaning and painting.





A wire brush on a drill came in handy for cleaning off all the years of crud. It leaves a slightly bright but rough finish which should dull down with age.


The transfer box.





Front end.





Rear end complete with mounting brackets





A front suspension strut in need of a de-fur and clean up.





A fury front hub..





And a cleaned up rear hub :D





More wire brushing and painting..





At least the calipers clean up really well :thumbs:





And that folks is about where I'm up to at the mo with this build..

Silly season has left me a bit skint but hopefully I can get some paint next week and start getting this beast of a machine back together again..



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