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6hp Craftsman Power Unit Restoration

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Hi folks,

I got a few more updates on the tractor since my last post. A couple days ago this past Tuesday I got it out for the very first time since I bought it this past December to have my stepdad help me get the battery box off and to also get the voltage regulator off to see what it looks like, because I could not get them off myself as mentioned in post 45. That day after the rest of the box was taken off I brought it down to my fabrication place I am having make the piece for the top of the box. Let's start with taking the rest of the battery box off, which we sadly had to grind both the screw heads down to nothing to get it off......












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LATEST battery box update. As mentioned a couple posts ago this past Tuesday I brought the rest of the battery box to my local fabrication place where I am having the top piece for the box made, I am now very happy to report that those pieces are made and I brought them home today and I think they came out great! Just the littlest things can make a big difference. Now we just have to cut the old rusty pieces out and weld the new pieces in......






This is all for now, more to come soon......

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