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    the showman

    Rural past times

    Had a brilliant weekend at the show after the rain on Friday, had a good line up of exhibits and a lot made it into the arena. I think everyone enjoyed themselves and a big thank you to everyone for your support. Heres a few photos.
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    the showman

    A Day Dosing

    I've had a Wheelhorse dozerblade kicking about for a while and decided to sell it as we don't get any snow down here. i thought i would mount it on my Raider 12 just to make sure its all there and working. fitting the frame i noticed that it has two sets of holes so i'm guessing it will fit a short frame tractor as well , the angle pin was seized and the rod to change the angle was missing. An hour in the sweatbox and i freed off the pin and made another angle rod. All fitted and working now, its nice to sit in the seat and lift the blade and angle it 45.o left or right, and not have to get off the tractor. Quite impressed with the way it works, here's some photo's ( Norm ).
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    Rural past times

    We had a great weekend at RPT. This is the first show we have attended with our equipment and Joseph and I really enjoyed the experience. It was good to show our equipment and even better was catching up with everyone. Many thanks to Chris (The Showman) for organising the section and making us welcome. We took our 1962 Bolens Ride-a-matic and a 1971 Bolens Husky 1054. Congratulations to Norm for getting 1st in class with his fantastic Wheelhorse C-81, a well deserved win. We got 3rd place for the 1962 Bolens Ride-a-matic which was a pleasant surprise. Choosing a show 200 miles away for our first show, renting what felt like the worlds smallest van and taking two tractors that still have outstanding issues was probably not the smartest move but it all worked well. It took us about an hour and half to get everything loaded on Friday night only to realise we must have knocked the fuel tap on the Ride-a-matic loading it and it was leaking fuel. Everything had to come out of the van to repair the tap before reloading again Here is a few of our pictures from the show. I made a draw bar to tow Joseph around the arena as he is too young to drive in a public space. Alan's mini D-series is unbelievable, incredible attention to detail and it looks fantastic Chris and Andrew fighting over some potatoes Iain
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    Rural past times

    Had a good show and also good to catch up with friends not seen since last year. I've taken a few photo's but they'll have to wait till next week when I'm home. I'm on Chris's lap top. Got a couple of nice surprises this afternoon, on my return from playing in the potato patch. The C-81 got 1st in class, (Again!) The Sears/Roper got 2nd. Alan's Mini D is really something to see and drew many admiring comments and looks. Just to give you a chuckle, I went to get my phone from out of the Disco, to tell SWMBO the good news about the tractors. Only I couldn't find it. Then I had a thought. I got Chris to phone me. Just as I thought, we heard my phone ringing from INSIDE MY PACKED AWAY popup tent.
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    went and drove two hours one way today to visit one of the biggest shows of the netherlands and took some pictures(took more but my phone didn't save them) thats all
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    This arrived this morning and gave me ideas how i could get tractors out of my garden without moving everything. Oh no thats the hot-tub, the tractors next to it. ,!!!
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    The battery on the C-81 stopped holding it's charge, so today I got a new one. Fitted it and tried to start the tractor. It does usually take a bit of spinning after standing for a while, but starts up after maybe 15 - 20 seconds. This time no go. Connected one of those plug testers and a good spark was evident. Off with the air filter and sprayed petrol in the carb. Fired up and then stopped. Did this a few times, all to no avail. Check the float bowl for dirt. Nice and clean but would not go back on. The seal kept dropping down. So off with the carb, bowl on and back on with the carb. The short fuel pipe 'tween carb and pump was a bit iffy, so I fitted a new piece. Before fitting the carb end, I decided to see if fuel was getting through the pump. Turn the engine over and...…….nothing. Then the penny dropped. I tried with FUEL TURNED ON. Runs now. DOH!
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    Starting Handle Club Show

    More photos...
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    1966 Bolens 850

    Today I collected a 1966 Bolens 850 after a 20yr rest . The engine is free body and frame are not in bad shape but the square tyres will all need to be replaced . It’s certainly very different to my wheel horse I’m looking forward to putting life back into it .
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    Wheel horse 227-5

    Well my daughter wants to join me at the shows and be more involved so I her grandad treated her to this . It’s an 1988 227-5 with the Kawasaki 540 engine . It’s been parked up in a barn for 3 years . Fresh petrol and a jump start and she runs fairly well . It will be a three way project between me,grandad and my daughter. FECC9D44-CEAE-47AD-A90E-6B8FA2453D25.MOV
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    Allonby Charity Ploughing Match.

    This year was the 12th year this has been held. Not bad for what was intended as a one off. Each year it seems to grow a bit with craft stalls, horses, static displays and other attractions. . I've only been involved for the last 8-9 years helping with the organising and setting up. I have never plough there though, as for the last 5yrs it clashed with my annual foray darn sarf to RPT and Biddenden. This year I could attend so entered. Unfortunately only two people entered with horticultural tractors. Myself with the C-121 (Black Horse) and a friend with a Raider 12 and ex, expeatfarmer Ransomes drag plough. So we decided to just have a play. Blind leading blind. Unfortunately due to the prolonged dry weather, the ground was quite hard. Not the mention stoney. My plough would hardly break the surface. So we just played with the drag plough. That would, due to it's weight, cut in. After several adjustments, trials and errors we manage to get a decent furrow. As my friend is badly crippled, Lewis my number 3 grandson did the driving, to save Ian getting on and off. Not many photo's sorry to say, but I was busy being mechanic. Some of the field and the view across the Solway Firth to Scotland. Ian, Lewis and Billy the collie. Lewis ploughing for the first time. It was a good day and I think the best attendance by the general public so far. I did get a surprise and very unexpected. The C-81 got another rosette. That makes two 1st's and a second.
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    Second Vegetable Garden Went in Today

    The first garden is starting to play out, so I did some dirt work and added some organic mulch and compost to the top. Planted 4 rows of beans, 2 rows of okra, 2 rows of onions, Walla Walla and Texas Sweets, Transplanted 6 tomato plants that came up in various parts of the garden as volunteers from last years heirloom tomatoes as well as 2 volunteer watermelon plants. I bought 3 sweet pepper plants and 4 more strawberry plants for the south east side off the house. I also planted 12 more pepper plants , 12 tomato pants, 12 cantaloupe, 12 squash, 12 zucchini all from seed in starter pods. Also put in Dill, Parsley, Thyme, Cilantro, Chives and Mustard herbs. I ordered 10 pounds of Red La Sorda seed potatoes tonight, hoping to have them in in a week or ten days. We still have 40 pounds of Red and gold potatoes from summers garden, I think the fall potato crop will get us through most of the winter We have a ton of stuff in the freezer and root cellar, but that will play out before fall, I hoping to be able to grow all winter long and eat what I can grow, catch or shoot this year. The benefits of not having or wanting a job or boss.
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    Wheel horse 512-D restoration

    Bit more done as I’ve just got a load of parts back from the blasters/powder coaters. Also the rear tyres turned up Carlisle 23x10.50-12 .
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    This happened at the wrong moment, I've got nowhere to put it.
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    Starting Handle Club Show

    Whilst Ian and Joseph were making the journey down South for RPT, we were heading up to Norfolk for the Starting Handle Club Summer show We also visited some other friends in Norfolk on the Sunday before heading home, so a good weekend The Starting Handle Club show is a great and friendly event with all classes well supported, here's some photos, including some of the items in the auction...
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    Anglo Traction

    Vintage Oil Can

    I've been looking for a decent Oil Can that will serve my elderly Myford ML7 for some time. New quality pump oilers are not cheap, have unsuitable nozzles, or too big. Much sought after, old quality ones like Braimes or some Westcos would do, but I stumbled over a little gem a few days ago and saved it from the bin. I like to delve into history of items that I find and to my surprise, I find loads of it, so I'll include some here in case some may also be interested. This is the Joseph Lucas Ltd No 40. 1/4 pint Oiler- The pics are after I had to fully clean it out to a dry state due to joint damage/leaks around the Plunger - Body collar and the base of the spout. Joints were cleaned out and re soldered. This Oiler version is shown in a 1924 Advertisement that describes it's purpose as tool for use on small Cars and Cyclecars and sold for 7 shillings and 6 pence (37.1/2 new pence today). There was also a bracket which you could purchase at the cost of 1 shilling (5 pence) to fit on the under bonnet (hood) bulkhead, or in the toolbox of the car to stow the Oiler safely. Noted that some examples sold at Auto Auctioneers were claimed to be part of the Toolkit for Bentley, Rolls Royce etc!, but I suspect they would have been nickel plated if supplied to them. The makers name is that of the Automotive Electrical suppliers of dynamos, lights, relays etc of recent years. With the joint repairs done and cleaned up, I gave it just a light clean over the rest of it and had no intention of attempting to remove, clean the age scarring or dents. The only real damage was the broken off threaded tip of the spout where, according to Lucas' info, it had a little cap screwed on the tip for whe not in use. The tip being broken was not usable like this, so I managed to identify the thread form from the 2 remaining full threads and established it to be 1/8" Whitworth (40 threads per inch). Spookily, Whitworth is the basis of the creation of the 'Model Engineer Series' thread form in 1909 and I have a set of those Taps and Dies, so sorted that issue. Took some measurements and some hard Brass and made the parts as close to the original as poss, but not fussed with accuracy- Soldered the tip in place- So there it is. Even the original leather washers are still fine. I'm always impressed with things that were made then, for example this can has the number 428 stamped on the handle as a production number and the base has a 'G' stamped in representing the individual who checked it for quality over 90 years ago. Regards
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    My other red machine..

    My little "red nose" .. Recovered from a field in Bremen Germany where it worked all its years... Used 90% plus of the original parts on the build part of which was done in Germany then part reworked by me in the UK when I brought it over... 1958 so it's a very early 108L Junior, single cylinder, air cooled Porsche tractor.. Just good fun but could still work all day without a problem...
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    Here are some photos from the rally at Biggar sunday 12th of August 2018 we all had a good day Had a wonder round the rally field I was displaying the Mayfield Croft mk 25. Also displaying the green Vivian Lloyd. The sun came out as the rally was finishing.
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    A Second Garden Started This Week

    Raising a garden isn't easy, but we managed to grow everything we need since spring. I'm working on building a greenhouse next. Lots of new plants started, 50 potato hills, 12 hill each of cantaloupe, cucumber, squash, zucchini, and watermelon. 4 rows of beans two large rows of okra. A dozen pepper and tomato plants ready to plant along with 6 to 8 of each already producing. My old Bolens and Montgomery Wards helped a bunch.
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    Yellowbird cultivator/Tiller.

    Just got home from collecting this, a circa 1980 yellowbird cultivator /tiller. A quick Internet search has revealed not a lot, other than yellowbird being an American machine, so I assume Ashley Cooper were importers?. As you can see, the engine has been cannabalised and is probably beyond saving, I'm think it is a B & S, but if anyone can give me any more information, I'd be very grateful!. The little three leg cultivator looks like an interesting gadget as it seems to pivot from side to side. More pics.
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    the showman

    No Further Forward

    After having a chat with an exhibitor at the Smallholders show i thought i had a chance of getting rid of some more stuff out of my shed and freeing up some space. He asked me if i had a plough I could help him out with , I told him i had a choice of 4 and to come and have a look. He arrived and picked one but when it came to payment he offered me a mower as he was short of cash so at the end of the day I've ended up with no cash and less room than when i started , . He told me that he'd had it a number of years and it had always been dry stored and that it hadn't run for a couple of years. After cleaning out the fuel tank and the filter in the banjo fitting it started with the second kick, needless to say it took off up the garden and i had to run to catch it up. . It runs real sweet and cuts what's left of the grass, I don't think Pam's to impressed with it when I said I'll keep it for her to use but it gave her a laugh watching me running round the garden clinging onto the handles. Heres some photos, and info greatly received.
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    The good looking guy in the awning is a newbie on the rally scene please say hello to Ken .
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    Rural past times

    Great show guys, glad to see so many from the group showing their machines
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    Cub Cadet

    Rural past times

    Great photos, I like that cub and Alans D series looks fantastic!
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    Rural past times

    Chris, just to say many thanks for organising the Horticultural section for RPT. As always I enjoy the opportunity to drive my Bolens around the showground and giving it a work out. Always good to catch up with fellow enthusiasts too.
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    Turning brakes. I was undecided on these. Should I fit them, or not. OK, I'll make a start. Bent up a pair from alloy using photo's and guesswork as a size guide. The levers ? were from 1/8" x 1/4" brass drilled and tapped 8BA. Each lever was made in two parts as attempts to bend as per the full size resulted in a break. Brass too hard. Should have tried heating up first. These levers are probably a bit narrow, 3/8" would have been better but nothing in stock. It was then decided to leave them for now and carry on with other bits and pieces. Lots of bits and pieces later, Iain slf-uk my head information provider, sent me photo's and measurements of the assembly so a restart was made. My original guesstimated alloy pedals were correct in height and the inside of the bent up lips, much to my surprise, but 1/4" short in length. This 1/4" is the model size measurement. Two new pedals were made and the horizontal brass section extended using a piece of plastic for quickness. A test assembly. All these parts were held together with 8BA countersunk bolts. Looks a bit messy on the photo's but all hidden later. A few holes were drilled in the wrong place, but not seen when finished. The pivot bar is brass tube with a plastic insert and a 3mm threaded rod. All bits which just happened to fit together without much work. The lower ends of the uprights were drilled and tapped to suit the rod and the tube notched to take the inner upright. Easier than making the tube in sections as per the full size, and as these pedals won't be working, a bit stronger. The locking bar was also fixed in position. The notch in the tube was later filled and blended in. Various other areas had the same treatment to tidy things up. The brake pull rods! were from alloy angle , bolted to the underside of the footrest for extra strength with the nearly visible end trimmed down. I had to alter my original footrest support and lay it flat with the alloy angles notched to clear, but as usual after doing all this a better and simpler solution popped up in my head, but leaving as it is. Photo below is before cutting notches for support clearance. The full size has a steel bar running diagonally under the footrest, from the outer end of the pivot tube to the chassis frame, which helps support the tube. I made up a short alloy bracket which is bolted to the support angle in front of the pedals, and to the front underside of the footrest. Not really visible without effort. Hope all this makes sense. Grip tape was added to the pedals which finished them off as well as hiding all the bolt heads. The footrests also had a covering of the same. This self adhesive tape was listed on eBay as carpet gripper tape. Similar stuff also used for skate boards. I wanted to use ribbed rubber but nothing suitable found. All too thick. The next photo's show various stages of test fits. I could have left the cranked ends straight on the brake rods ! by moving them closer together, but had previously drilled the footrest and didn't want to waste the holes. Photo below. The pins connecting the rods to the uprights were made from a bolt, turned down and drilled, then cut to length. The split pins are 1mm diameter. The threaded end was screwed into the alloy rods after tapping and held with a dab of lock tight. A fiddly job inserting the split pins, especially the inner one resulting in chipped paint, now touched up. Might have been easier before fitting to the tractor. Not too happy with the appearance of these split pins. Need tidying up and the loop made smaller. A job for another time. A few more photo's of the various parts, mounting brackets, footrest support etc plus the unit finally fitted.
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    Tarpen/O&R hedge trimmer

    All the way to the Midlands today to pick this up, a neat Tarpen hedge trimmer with O&R power Another useful addition to the collection
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    Yeah! Maybe you won't fall over again.
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    Careful all, don't fall out of your armchairs with shock, I'M BACK. Been a while since I posted but been busy, busy, busy doing lots of little bits, altering other parts, making a trailer plus other non tractor boring jobs. Now where to start since I stopped. ? More little additions first. The easiest were the lights on the fenders. 2 clear and 2 red were obtained from China, where else, for £6 including post. Hunted everywhere but these were the nearest to the size I wanted. 12/24 volt LED although non working for now. Maybe later. A printed label can be seen though the clear lens which spoils the appearance slightly. Not so obvious through the red. Back and front bonded together so not easy to remove without damage. The front lights were worked on over approx one year, on and off. Couldn't find anything suitable on the internet. Lots of flat lenses of the right diameter but nothing convex unless I wanted to pay lots of £££'s, which I didn't. Looked at torches, cycle lights etc but again nothing suitable. Tried various ways of moulding them but not happy with the results. Then tried casting in resin using a small quantity which my son had left over from one of his projects. What to use for a mould. First thought was to make one but looking around my garage the very thing, lots of them, were just sitting there looking at me. Sort of. Spray paint cans. The concave base was almost the correct size. A plastic ring, part of an old magnifier, fitted perfectly into the base of the can and reduced the internal diameter to the required size. The resin was mixed with it's hardener, poured, and left to set. As expected quite a few bubbles were trapped, most close to the outer curved face. These were sanded out with very fine wet and dry paper. Took a long time and finished up with an opaque surface. My son used to buff his castings up with polishing compound but while washing off the sanding sludge I noticed the lens was fairly clear while wet. Opaque again when dry. A coat of clear varnish resulted in a clear lens. Getting somewhere at last. Not perfectly perfect but after all this time, they will do. The rims were made up from plastic sheet wrapped around a jar lid after increasing the diameter to the required size. Made oversize first then trimmed down. The inside of the outer edge was built up to form a seat for the lens. Still with me ?. The rims on the full size D-series were rubber ? speaker surrounds, probably obtained as the nearest ready made unit. Inspection of these at a show last year showed the word Speaker moulded on the outer surface. This was drawn to my attention by someone on Redsquare who was answering another members query. Reflectors. Flat plastic discs were tried painted with silver paint. Not bad but wanted something better. More hunting on the internet using all sorts of search words, plus a few of the swearing variety, then up popped these torch reflectors. £2 the pair including post, again from, you guessed it, China. Most small items from China usually take about 14 days to the UK. The larger than required opening at the rear was altered using two plastic discs. One with a tapered edge fitted into the tapered inner edge with the other on the outer face. All bonded together using liquid plastic cement. A 12 volt car bulb fitted a hole drilled through the center. Could be made to work if needed. The second photo shows the original flat painted reflector disc. The last is of the two discs at the rear clamped together with a nut and bolt while the cement dries. More on these lights next posting.
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    Wheel horse 512-D restoration

    I’ve had 127 photos printed off that I took durin strip down so I’m hoping that helps . I’ve got 3 more bits waiting to be painted but I’m going to assemble as much as I can .
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    the showman

    Potato Lifter

    Decided to sell my potato lifter, originally off a Trusty walk behind tractor from the 50s but adapted to fit a ride-on, works really well. £75.
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    I did at Newby hall. He doesn't say much though. Couldn't get a word out of him.
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    who is the good looking guy in the awning display? great rally I was there from Friday until Monday looking after 3 sections
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    Rural past times

    Great pics, congratulations to all, great pictures
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    Rural past times

    Thanks Ewan.
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    Very smart, Alan. And I can't say on here what those spindle caps remind me of.
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    Headlights continued. The mount was from alloy sheet. White border painted on. Will look better with a decal fitted. The two holes were the first attempt at mounting the headlights via a bolt through the original painted reflector. After scrapping this idea holes were cut using a large washer as a guide. Easier than expected using a very fine saw but had to take care not to damage the paint too much. Should have thought of plan 2 before painting. Next are the lights with plastic retaining rings held onto the rim with very small self tappers. These three photo's show the lights fitted, then the rings painted. Also showing the bulbs which are just a push fit. These appear to look cross eyed on the front view. As said previously, these lights were worked on over approx one year on and off, trying different idea's etc. The next photo's show hub caps which were quick and simple and were only made / altered recently. Jumping the gun a bit here but not to worry. Looking around for something suitable the cap from a deoderant bottle was found to be a good fit over the wheel hubs. Black plastic which was painted white. The end didn't have a sharp edge which would have made painting the red easy so plastic discs were cut and fitted using small expanding rivets which I had a stock of. Three more bottles were obtained which gave the required four. The result, better looking wheel hubs and a nicer smelling wife. OOP's, shouldn't have said that. The discs mounted on a rod ready for painting. The four stages and the rivets. Front and rear wheels with caps. The fronts were a nice push fit but the rears wouldn't go over the hub weld without stretching resulting in chipped paint. A few spots of glue cured this.
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    Morning all, only a small update I'm afraid, life is still keeping me very busy and I don't see it getting quieter anytime soon! Not much to show really, but I have been working on mounting the rear brake pedal and cylinder. Quite a hard thing to photo if you don't have a clear different colour background! I have fitted the Quadzilla brake pedal, it was originally a flat plate that was bolted to all sorts of places to give it strength. As I couldn't do that I had to box it in. Here's the other side. Brake cylinder bolted on. The whole footrest/brake pedal mount thingy bolted back on. The rubber hose to the reservoir will sit just under the steel mesh when it's put back on. The pedal looks like it's lying almost flat, but it's in the right place if you pivot your foot on the end of the footrest which is where your feet naturally fall I will make a shield that uses the cylinder bolts to add so side protection to the cylinder.. Starting to look a bit busy with the exhaust and driveshaft plonked in place, the propshaft guard will take up a bit more space as well. And that's as far as I have got photo wise.. I have been making a bearing mount removable and made two of the four mounts needed to go on the bearing that holds the shaft that comes out the bike gearbox.. I will get some photo's tomorrow that might explain it a bit better than I did above
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    the showman


    Nice work Alan, at least we can get see where we're going in the dark coming back from the beer tent.
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    The 46th annual Show returns to South Cerney Airfield Cirencester from August 3rd to 5th. The Show is regarded as one of the biggest and best steam, vintage and countryside events in the UK. Set in the former wartime airfield the sprawling show site covers around 2oo acres . This year the Show features nearly 1,000 classic cars from pre and post-war eras including more than 70 classic American cars, 30 vintage car clubs, 335 motorcycles and scooters, 80 bicycles from 1903 to 1980, 30 miniature steam engines, 70 full-size steam engines, model engineering, 200 tractors, over 70 buses and coaches, 130 military vehicles, 315 emergency and commercial vehicles, 70 industrial trucks, 50 vintage caravans, over 50 model aircraft taking to the sky above, 180 trade stands and loads more livestock and show arenas etc..
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    Clean up

    Lots of it on eBay, Various colours and quantity's . Approx £20 a litre from most sellers.
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    At £650 a pop they won't be coming back.
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    They've put the hot tub at the wrong house, on the wrong side of the street and the wrong number, Chris.
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    Better Hurry, Auction is Tomorrow

    The early Rangies are really true off roaders, unlike the crap LR make today. Also you could work on them yourself. My V8 competition machine I built was Range Rover based.
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    We are not alone, our numbers are great. lol
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    Tried bump starting a car with daddy in law years ago. Low battery. Daddy pushing from rear, me pushing next to open door. Jumped in when going fast enough, down with clutch pedal, into gear, pedal released. Nothing. Repeated this a few times then found engine started easily with ignition switched ON.
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    No its done darn sarf as well, I was trying to start my old B115 Horse at Ardingly a few years back "Have you switched the fuel on ?" asked Mr Showman Doh !
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    Now what to do with them?

    Got quite a bit done today. Took the wheels up to the farm and burnt out the centres. Back home and into the lathe to clean them up. Then it was the turn of the hubs. They had to be bored out from 1-1/4 to 1-1/2 bore. The eagle eyed will have noticed a chunk out of that hub. Not my doing. Like that when I got it. Honest Guv! The sleeves, as they now are, were inserted into the hubs. The sleeves were dimpled through the hub securing bolt holes and the bolts fitted. Next I drilled through hub and sleeve, tapping out 3/8 UNC to take a couple of grub screws. New keys were then made and then the assemblies fitted the drive shafts. I was going to fit two grub screws in each hub, but two was all I could find. So a good day in the workshop and that part of whatever is going to evolve finished. Next thing I think will be a chassis.
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    With the above done the time had come to mount the bearing that holds the shaft out of the transfer box up. Here it is roughly in place, the foot rest thingy still needs a little trimming at this point. The next four photo's were taken from video footage I took quite a while back, but they are handy for showing a part I had to make. The end of the shaft in the TB has splines which as we all know have a little play in them. To hold the shaft in exactly the righ place I make up this collar/sleave/thingy.. Which slides over the shaft and when flat against the plate hold the shaft in the right place. Skipping forward in time again the collar/sleave/thingy has been tacked in place. Once the bearing is mounted it will be removed. The old steel mesh was removed from the foot rest (I have some new mesh which matches the exhaust guard) and a nice strong bearing mounting plate welded on. Oh, the top tube has also been sliced off and welded back on with a nice strong steel bar inside for extra strength. A view from the back, I need to get a half link to shorten the chain and make a tensioner thingy. One thing I was worried about was how much the chain would stick through the footrest... As you can see it doesn't stick though at all.. Me happy with that And that is where I have got too, with a bit of luck I will have more time next week to spend at the workshop..
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