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    Bought this the other day, thought it would look good displayed next to my Rowcrop. Its a 1950 Triang Major.
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    RRVC Rally

    I attended the Red Row Vintage Club rally held in glorious weather at Druridge Bay Country Park on the 3rd and 4th of August. The rally site is about three miles south of Amble in Northumberland with a well stocked visitor centre on site, excellent camping facilities
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    Had a few hours spare so I’ve stripped all the parts to bare metal and sprayed with primer.
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    Thanks Nigel. I’ve found someone who’s got one and going to give me some measurements so i can make one.
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    Garden Tractor Round Up 2019

    I got about half the bunch out, 5 new batteries, 6 gallons of engine oil. 8 new air and fuel filters.
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    JUST O&R

    Comet c/saw

    Been working a lot this week just found some time to work on my saw . Made a cardboard stencil of a cover then cut it out of some tin. Then brazed it together a little sanding and I have a cover. came out ok for the first one. now I might need to paint the rest.
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    Little bit of assembly work.
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    Had a bit of a mishap when mowing alongside the pond, outside our abode last week. There's a big willow tree that I pass under and I push the hanging strands to one side as I do so. These are practically touching the ground and this time I didn't quite get things right. Some strands tangled round the stack and snapped off the silencer/muffler. Just above the clamp. Went to a local tractor, quad, garden machinery outfit to see what they had. Only thing kind of suitable was a silencer/muffler for B&S 10 - 12hp engines. Had to order it and I picked it up today. It was made to screw into the head, but as can be imagined, the stub in the Kohler head was not going to budge. A little bit of measuring told me the existing pipe O.D. just above the bend, was slightly bigger than the new silencers. So I cut the pipe just below the join and off to the farm workshop to borrow the ocy/acet and heat the end of the bent pipe up. Getting it red hot allowed me to screw the threaded end of the new silencer into it. Worked a treat and no welding was needed, as the fit was good and tight. Fitted to the engine and we're back in business. OH! The willow has had a bit of a trim as well.
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    rolloman 1

    Ayrshire vintage Rally

    Hi All I attended the vintage Rally at Ayrshire on Sunday the 21 rst of July here are some pictures of the line up 2019-07-22.zip
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    Nice Surprise!

    Yesterday I had a phone call from a couple of old friends from down south. Hadn't seen or heard from them for over 3yrs. Land Rover people like myself. They were up here on holiday and asked if it was convenient to visit. Also any camp sites near by. Of course I said yes and they could camp outside our home. A couple of hours later they arrived and set up camp. 1964 ex-military series 3 Land Rover. Engine upgrade to a 2.5 200Tdi. Really well thought out and kitted out, as they often visit the Italian and French Alps, driving up remote unmade mountain tracks and wild camping.
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    Anglo Traction

    On a Roll with these now !.

    Put this machine to the test yesterday for my first attempt. Used 1.5mm thick copper for my 1 inch scale Water Cart tank. Marked and spotted first for 144 x 1/32"(.8mm) diameter rivets. Annealed and cleaned the sheets twice during bending. It will do for me as both halves rolled to identical diameters . Marked the adjuster knobs on the top Roll so I knew each is at the same setting-
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    JUST O&R

    Comet c/saw

    Well here is the project I'm working on now. This is the first O&R I acquired it was about 35 years ago my brother worked at a mower shop in Florida. His boss was going to threw it out and I said I will take it . I took it apart and was going to get it running but life gets in the way I was only about 16 maybe 18 not sure . Its been in a box for a long time 6 to 7 moves 3 states . I found it in a box a few years ago and this it what started it all . Missing a few parts must have got lost in the moves but well get it together . For the last few years I have been buying them when I can. thanks to a few good people I now have a few diaphragms to get it going and a few more. Missing the clamp to hold blade and blade. Just found a blade on ebay 8" is not on all the store shelves.
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    Getting ready for winter.

    Been getting the log stocks up this afternoon. There was quite a pile requiring splitting. Number 3 grandson was going to split them during the school holidays. But he went and got himself a summer job at a local holiday camp. So all left to me, so I thought I'd better make a start. Finished cutting and stacking this lot of smaller stuff. Then I started on this lot. Half done when I took this photo. Several barrow loads later, lost count of how many. This 3ft wide x 8ft long x 4ft high cage ended up 3/4 full. It's really hard work splitting logs with a splitting mall. So.……. I got this log buster.
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    the showman

    Rural Past Times Photos.

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/396946423685661/permalink/2430386190341664/ I didn’t take any photos as I was too busy but Steve D did and I hoping this will worK https://www.facebook.com/groups/396946423685661/permalink/2430388677008082?sfns=mo https://www.facebook.com/groups/396946423685661/permalink/2430384340341849?sfns=mo
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    Its had a coat of red paint.
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    I doubt it Andrew as I haven’t got a steering wheel made yet. And its all in bits.
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    Wolds Vintage Rally

    I was asked to help at one of my favourite rally the Wolds Vintage Group Rally held at Fangfoss in North Yorkshire on 27/28 July. setting up was in brilliant sunshine ( too hot ) we had to frequently stop for a cooling drink of water here are a few pictures especially of note the three quite rare Coleby machines
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    A new Rowcrop Joins The Wheelhorse Shed

    Can’t you make one chris it’s just a bit of bent bar
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    1964/5 Bolens 900

    A bit more progress on the 1964/5 Bolens 900. In this video we fit the new belt guide, battery tray and battery in preparation for the first test run. Due to other commitments this is the last chance to fix any problems before RPT and we have booked the tractor into the show
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    A horse and a Billy goat.

    Had another play with the suck it and see project. Modified the hitch, Billy Goat to tractor. Made it offset so the Goat is about 3" to the left of the tractor. This is so the tractor exhaust is clear of any hedge or tree low branches. Even threw some paint at it. Last week I did some work on sides and top for the Saxon trailer. All made out of scrap material I had lying about and also some of a neighbours. Everything can be dismantled in a few minutes. Yes! The sides are a bit short, but that is because the scrap ply was that length. At the rear, the back is held by the clips you see. The chamfers at the bottom allow the tailboard to open. To stop, (hopefully) grass/leaves being blown out, but let air through, a wire mesh covers the gap with hessian behind it. The hessian is a cut up shopping bag, that Carol was going to put in the rubbish bin. The vertical edges being trapped twixt end panel and side Next I'm going to have to spend some cash and buy a flexible hose 4" pipe. Still, shouldn't complain as expense so far has been zilch.
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    Here is my latest addition, a Pony Express bicycle engine with original manual. The exhaust pipe and muffler don’t really have any carbon residue. The tank is also clean inside. Some paint chips and general wear from age but overall a nice unit.
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    A new Rowcrop Joins The Wheelhorse Shed

    OK. Biddenden then. No more excuses.
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    I haven’t forgot Alan, I took photos and made notes.
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    No problem Norm. He has a week before RPT. Plenty of time. On second thought's, with all those parts he's probably forgotten how it goes back together.
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    So I've just bought this old paleface W11 to restore. I know it runs ride and cuts, but the paintwork needs fixing and the steering wheel, wiring and deck have had some dodgy repairs in its time. Its going to be fully stripped down and restored to factory condition. I will video the project and post it to youtube and also upload photos on here as i go as i may need advice etc. Ive had a W8 paleface in the past, a T1800, a W6, an S600, a T1200 and I currently have an early D1200 with the T1200 branding and Lombardini engine so Im not new to these machines. Ill post the first update this weekend.
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    Just been to a site meeting before the show and we have 30+ exhibits booked in the Horticultural section which I’m very pleased with, I’m holding the entries open for a few more days if anyone wants to join us but contact me asap for forms and entry tickets. Thanks everyone for your support.
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    Bit of what i do .

    LOL , was getting too fat and lazy sitting on the 988B stockpiling at the quarry . Now at the sand pit.. So at present , on a 45 ton Cat excavator , loading a 773 Cat 60 ton dump truck.Loading and carting the last of the bedding sand in this area of the pit . Once it is off , then there is coarse sand and gravel layer to load out and stockpile .
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    Masham Rally

    A few pics from a rally held on 20/21st July at Masham Yorkshire
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    dozer buying guide for DougC

    From an Aussie point of view , I know nothing about the root system of the trees you are wanting to clear . But to me sounds like minimum of a D6 size machine , with rear rippers and something i don't see much of on machines in america . .A tree pusher mounted on the blade .This is not my photo so credit to original owner.
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    Oh trust me gents, I need a translator for my uneducated American brothers. Many can't spell or speak American English. I might be able to learn another language easier than understand the different dialects in the UK. I'm on the David Brown Tractor Facebook group and many members from Ireland and Scotland as well as many different local dialects. In all fairness I believe this last post was one of the very few that I didn't spell tire with a Y, but no way I can write in local UK dialects, and I realize you may not understand my posts in their entirety, but at least I produce complete words and sentences with better than average grammar (American). That is not common on the interwebs these days or in public for that matter.
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    Cat D7F

    Here is a picture of my D7F Cat . I have 3 different blades for this machine .
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    Aye divnt a eny botha unerstandin tha Americon's atall, Nigel. But then I's nay suthuna.
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    Cat D7F

    Stormin, the lugs are for the angle brace that holds the top of the blade if you look at the pic of my D7 you can see one there on the left his blade can angle so if it was sitting straight the braces would be in the middle lug on each side if angled they would be in the front lug on one side and back lug on the other Doug when I fire my dozer up the grandkids come running towards it LOL they love to ride on it
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    dozer buying guide for DougC

    what kind of a budget are you working with on buying a dozer ? an old machine like I have will do a lot of work but not as fast as a newer one mine is a 1947 and I baby it as much as I can. buying a 40's 50's or even a 60 or 70's dozer can be a cheaper first investment but can cost more in the long run if it has a major failure of any type as the price u buy one for is the most it is worth ever no matter how many dollars you spend fixing it up, but the same can be said for a newer one also I guess LOL. if time getting the job done isn't a factor for you a mini excavator with a thumb may be a better deal as the have a better resale value than a old dozer. but they cost more up front too. a D3 size dozer may good if your not in a hurry. the older cats have a great parts supply which makes them a little better than say an fiat allis or international as parts are sometimes hard to find for them. look around find something you think you like let us know what it is and we will try and see if there is any of the normal things wrong that can be seen on a walk around, but never buy one that you cant start drive and best if u can work it a little say just push some dirt as this will help tell more about the drive train and engine
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    Comet c/saw

    Here’s my version. Pretty much unused.
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    Cub Cadet

    Kohler K161 rebuild help

    Thanks all for you help! Engine has now been rebuilt with new bearings and had it running for the first time since i've had it! Very pleased, the delco starter gen is burnt out though so going to have to find a replacement
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    Blue Streak Targa Rally.

    Been marshalling on the Spadeadam Motor Clubs, Blue Streak Taga Rally today. This is run at various locations on private land. Each section has a course set out with cones placed along it, that have to be negotiated with out touching/hitting them. The two that I was on were on farm tracks. Competitors set of from the start down the track to the end, then back to the start. The first set of photo's are of the first section we were on. As you can see it was a tad damp. Turn round at the end. This caused problems for some drivers, if they didn't get their hand brake turn right. Four had to have a helping hand or two. Next the afternoon section. It was more than a tad damp. In fact it never stopped raining. Fortunately my mate Bob and I could carry out our duties, from the comforts of our respective Land Rover Discoveries.
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    Replacement starter rope

    Just figured this item number may help if anyone wants to replace the starter rope(s) on their engines. Especially the ones where the engine and or tool has been refurbished or rebuilt. It closely matches the original braided rope. It's fairly inexpensive and 100 ft goes a long way. Here's on spot to buy but possibly cheaper if you search around https://www.stenspartswarehouse.com/Stens-145-600-p/145-600.htm
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    JUST O&R

    Ohlsson & Rice: Missed an Ice Auger

    Yeah Ive had thing like that happen. Was walking in to a tractor show a man was walking out with an outboard he side he payed $35 for it. My wife said it wasn't meant to be. ( She just thinks I have to many now ) I told her just give me some time I will find more .
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    O&R Drillgine

    I have been busy inventorying all of my engines, and came across my old Drillgine. It has a model 13B 403 engine # 6092030. It is rated 1hp according to the sticker on the factory toolbox. In my search for information, I need to verify some specifications on this engine. Am I correct that the model 13B has a 1-1/4" bore, and 1.096" stroke, with 1.34 cubic inch, 21.9cc displacement, rated 1hp @ 6300rpm. I have found conflicting rpm numbers for the 1hp rating, 6300 or 7000. I have the year 1967 written down for it, is that correct? It starts and runs real good even after its four or so year slumber. Chris
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    Sundstrand 90-1136 Oil filter(s)

    Chris, YES!! thank you, but I don't like hassling you for information all the time..so great, thank you mate. Best ring them had I?? Titch
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    the showman

    Sundstrand 90-1136 Oil filter(s)

    Dose it look like this Titch.
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    I just got this today. It may be late. I lost power for 3 days here and just getting caught up on the internet. Some are not labeled correctly. Many desirable in here. https://www.auctionzip.com/auction-catalog/Model-Airplane-and-Engine-Auction_KXA6XG2UPG Collectable engines on Auction Zip Any of you near Greenville, OH may be interested in this auction. There's over 300 lots of pulse jet, ignition and glow engines plus vintage kits. Follow the link. https://www.auctionzip.com/auction-c...ion_KXA6XG2UPG From RC Groups - Vintage Old Timer Glow motors https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?1402733-Vintage-Glow-Engines/page1157
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    They are Tyres over here Alain speak English 😂😂😂
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    Garden Tractor Round Up 2019

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    Cat D7F

    I assume the lugs on the frame around the tractor, are for attaching the various blades?
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    Hope you’re bringing a plough or something to work in the play pen Andrew
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    Cub Cadet

    Kohler K161 rebuild help

    I have started work on my massey Ferguson 7e again and work has turned to the engine. We don't know if it runs and seen as i'm stripping the whole tractor down for a good clean it made sense to inspect the engine also. It was also a good time to make a new sump gasket as it leaked a lot of oil. After stripping it down some its apparent that one of the crankshaft bearings is a little bit worn, but after trawling the web i'm struggling to find what size bearings were used, we would normally measure the existing bearings but I haven't stripped it down that far yet. Any help would be appreciated as to where I can source this information. Thanks
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    Kohler K161 rebuild help

    Following this with interest as my Bolens Ride a Matic got a Kholer in it too.
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    Anglo Traction

    Kohler K161 rebuild help

    Ok, Thats me being a bit slow responding and you being on the same frequency!. Yeah, strange how the occasional metric dimension crops up in U.S. equipment. The specs in the Kohler Manual for the Crank journals each end are not round imperial fractions in Thous of an inch- 1.1811" = 30mm. Regards.
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