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    Start of a new era for Ransomes

    Today the first three of my tractors departed for pastures new, I have sold my set of 4 MG40 and my Whitlock loader. Three of them left today so now I have a big space in my garage !!!! Quite a unique photo not seen a full set of MG 40 as a group before.
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    Tiny Tigers in the UK

    A large box of goodies arrived today from Wallfish in the USA, one and a half Tiny Tiger generators. With the "spare" engine I had with the correct fittings and having a look in the O&R spares stock, I managed to attach generator to engine. I was going to make up a base but as I don't have the correct tank I might leave it on the base its on for now... The second unit needs an exhaust, anyone got a spare one please ? Both units now on display with their buddies, lol
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    While looking around for things to do, I spied a little toolbox on a workshop shelf. Now all three Wheel Horses have toolboxes fitted to their fenders, but not the Sears/Roper. I've been reluctant to drill holes in it's fenders. Looking at the back end, I noticed a couple of bolts securing the seat mount sticking out with some thread showing. Just enough to fasten something on. So yesterday the toolbox got a rub down and a coat of primer. Followed by a couple of top coats of mat black. I've no gloss. This morning I fitted it. Nice fit methinks.
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    After finishing Bill & Ben Pam’s been on about her list so thought I’d do a few bits. We had some gate post’s snapped through the winter and a hand rail but I didn’t know the gates were so rotted, I found some pallet wood that’s almost the right size so repaired all thee gates and concreted in new posts, finished off with a coat of creosote that I happened to have in stock. Ive got to finish the hand rail but earned lots of brownie points.
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    Bolens Ride-a-matic

    My mum and sister wanted some raised beds made for the garden. As we are still in lockdown we had to use materials we already had. We created a video of building them which features lots of Bolens action with the 1962 Bolens Ride-a-matic
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    Corona project

    Well theRe wasnt room to get the calliper on the rear axle so change of plan and stuck it on the lay shaft but that is going to be spinning fast so I thought I better put a guard on it ,I now have brakes
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    I was on facebook earlier and i saw a w8 paleface with the light cover instead of the headlights, It has the rear exit exhaust and ive never seen a westwood like this before. I restored and sold my other 2 palefaces about a year ago and practically gave up on my youtube channel (ProjectRestore) haha. This mower was breaking for spares but it seemed quite rare with some of the parts it had on it so i thought itd be worth an ask if i could buy it whole. The guy offered it me for £50 so i took it straight away! Its going to be undergoing a full nut and bolt rebuild on my channel because its very rusty which i will be doing in my shed because i find it easier to work there and it means i can be in there 12 hours a day working. The first video will go up in a few months because i want to finish my shed before i get working on it so i will attach some photos now but videos wont be going up for a while yet. (Please bare with me on videos though because im 15 yrs old so it takes a lot of saving up to afford to get parts for it lol) Forgot to add, it came with a good condition brochure, a good condition owners manual and a mint condition engine part guide, all original!
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    three point hitch weight

    Not that the GT14 needs it, but this will end up on the front of bendy - when I finish the hitch arms that I've been making for 2 years Here you go - the old 5 gallon water tank from the loft - filled with concrete... perfect 100lb weight that once painted red will look factory. best get that front hitch sorted...
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    JUST O&R

    Comet c/saw

    I got a care package in the mail last week look at that is a coil cover wallfish was kind enough to send me one many thanks I will post a pic when I get it on there. The first one is the one I made. ( But I think you could figure that out on your own)
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    Corona project

    Well I couldn’t help myself Titch from machinery decals sent me the decals for this project ( I’m made up wth them ) so I had an impulse and had to put them on even though there is still loads to do on it, what do you all think of them 😂
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    Micro Power mini bike build

    Since these little bikes are so rare and don't come up for sale very often, I decided to build a repop. Doubtful I would spend the money these things get even when they do show up for sale, so this is most likely the only way to add one to the collection. Bending the pipe looked pretty easy to begin with but I had to do quite a few just to get twins of each. Making a template and making a better bender would be much easier to reproduce exact copies but since I don't have exact dimensions except for some basic height and length, making templates is too difficult to scale the size from pics. Once I get exact dimensions of certain points from an original maybe I can make a bender and a template to achieve a more accurate reproduction. So for now it was lots of back and forth referencing pics and lots of guessing, this came out fairly close but think the seat needs to move forward. It took a few tries to get a tool made for doing the flat ends of the pipe where the wheels mount too so they look right. It's was being worked on for the last few weeks here and there and I stop whenever I hit a road block but get back to it later with fresh eyes and typically a new approach will work out. Got to this point today which is enough to post some pics. Think the handle bars are a bit too wide as they are but intentionally left them long since they can always be cut. Banana seat caused some headaches with bending twins. The original flat seat would be much easier. Getting ready to weld the engine support. Threw on a recoil so it looks more O&R and set a tank on there. The O&R tank will probably stay instead of a larger original type tank And here's what it's supposed to represent
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    Comet Chainsaw on steroids

    Added some nitro to it and went to town on this Ash tree. Probably cut that stump down another 4-6 inches before the stump grinder. Just thought it would be funny to show how small these little saws really are. Should have seen the look on the guys face when I walked up with it an asked if he needed any help. Just a completely blank stare until he realized it was a joke.
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    O&R in the new shed

    With the recent arrivals (2 Tiny Tigers, aero engines, boat engine, Tarpen Mini engine no 3, etc), the display has been further updated in recent times. Here's a few photos from this evening...
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    Start of a new era for Ransomes

    Part of the fun of collecting the crawlers was meeting new people with shared enthusiasm for these machines. Strangely, going through all my glory holes and pulling out all the machines and spares I have and then dealing with new enthusiasts looking for parts has been equal fun it is good to know that as a result of my bits many other machines will be up and running.It has also been really pleasing to see that many of the enthusiasts are youngsters late teens and early twenties as well as the older group. I still have piles of stuff to go through so if anyone is needing a particular part I am happy to have a look and see if I have one.
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    Corvid catch up.

    For a change from painting everything that doesn't move during this lock down, I have had a dabble a some woodwork. First to receive my ministrations, was the arch leading down to my woodyard and the pond. The top was in a rather bad way. Not surprising really after something over ten years at least. So some scrap boards provided the sides. Some more boards, put through the saw bench, provided the slats. Next on the list was the leant I keep my Saxon trailer, Roller and lawn sweeper under. So off with the rotten ply roof. Couple of sheets of Stirling board. Screwed down, not nailed. Yesterday I laid the felt. Finished that by lunch time. So started on the next job. New lids for the coal bunker. Two 14ft T&G planks, obtained along with the Stirling board got cut to length. Talk about good planning. I only had 4" of scrap of each board. Got those finished today and felted. Tomorrow I'll get the hinges and some screws. Also I need to find a couple of boards to cover the gaps either side. Stock of planks and boards is well depleted.
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    Start of a new era for Ransomes

    Winch ITW has now gone, dumper is advertised lots of interest in other machines and most spares have now gone. I have virtually met lots of very nice people it is very pleasing to help so many machines to come back to life.
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    Advanced engine products fan

    I just got Advanced Engine Products Incorporated gas engine fire department fan it needs two cycle oil what kind of oil or should I use in what proportion to the gasoline. Can anyone help?
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    Comet drill?

    I bought this drill thinking it was a Drillgine, but after looking at the Comet pump thread this morning, I'm now thinking it is a Comet. I'm wondering if it is complete, as it has no throttle or governor speed selector on it. It appears near new, and was found in the attic of an old hardware store that was liquidated. This is the condition as I received it. Looking for some expert opinions!
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    Three Logs.

    Serviced a neighbours walk behind mower today. Got three logs in return.
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    Finally got around to getting the "Roper 38" tiller working, modified the hitch pickup mountings to match the 3 point on my C121. My 3 point was originally going to be hydraulic, but getting the geometry right without the whole lot hanging too far back was awkward, due to the under seat fuel tank. So I used a winch instead. This is rated at 2000 lbs with a " snatch block " pulley mounted on the lift arm cross brace, the tiller weighs around 250lbs. I've taken a few photos, but only after everything was fitted.
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    Hi all, I would like to test the waters regarding the Ransomes MG2 Flywheel. I am aerospace design engineer by trade and run a small engineering company in the UK with several CNC machines. Although I am an MG5 owner, it has come to my attention that the MG2 flywheel is prone to failure. Neil Jarret has kindly posted me one to inspect, and with his knowledge I am pleased to say that we have an accurate 3D CAD model and engineering technical drawing. I am therefore proposing running a small batch of these, however, before I do so I would like to gauge the level of interest & commitment from the market place. The last thing I want is shelf full of MG2 flywheels on my hands for years to come. So, if you are interested, then please post or comment below. I will then take your details and add you to the list to effectively 'reserve' one for you. Flywheels will be manufactured from EN8 Steel and Clear Zinc Passivated. Price: £194.95 each. All items are manufactured in the United Kingdom.
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    Ohlsson & Rice: Tiny Tiger Rebuild

    Finally got it all back together. I haven’t tried to run it yet but compression feels good and it has spark.
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    Ohlsson & Rice: Comet Pump

    That's the second O&R pump Cnew has that's missing the pump section, I don't think mine has an intact impeller either, being made of rubber they dry out & crack up with age, as well as fail if run dry. I do have at least one pump with a good impeller here somewhere. The handle is attached on the other side of mine, it's also one of the few older engines I have with the Model letter printed on the decal, I had to fit a new set of feet as the originals were falling apart; David
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    I found this stray on ebay and got it running and cutting again. I didn't have much hope for the bar and chain, but I tried soaking it in vinegar for 48 hrs. and was very happy with the results. Here are a couple of pics of the new addition. I'd like to paint the right side cover like the other parts, but have to figure out a way to save the decals. I also need to make or buy the exhaust extension to mount the muffler. It's very loud without it, to say the least!
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    Ohlsson & Rice: Tiny Tiger Rebuild

    I took some pictures earlier today to show the technique I use to join the wires & leads of the diodes together, I'll get them edited & uploaded tomorrow as it's quite late now. David Here is how I made the join for the wiring in my TT, demonstrated with wire from a scrap wiring loom, the technique used for the wire loops dates back a very long time, I first saw it used in a pre-war radio for joining multiple wires & components together (before printed circuit boards existed). The wires before & after tinning with fresh tin/lead solder (note: do not tin wires if using crimp or wire-nut connections). To make the loops I use standard tinned copper wire (aka fuse wire), I have a few different wire gauges for joining different thickness cables, choose a drill bit or something else that is a bit larger than the cables to be joined, wrap a few turns of the tinned copper wire around & cut to length. I've shown a couple of sizes I made and if you leave a length a wire as shown they can be used in other things for extending component leads. Slide the loop over the tinned wires to be joined (for a continuous length of wire slide the sleeving on before soldering). The whole lot soldered together with tin/lead solder and here are some finished joins ready for sleeving. Hopefully this will be useful to others. David
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    Westwood W8 (1983) "Baby" - restoration

    First elements came back from the paint shop. I'm waiting for the rest and start folding.
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    Finally finished the saw, Webhead was able to send me a screw hook for the muffler. Now all it needs is a decal!
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    Mayfield Merlin Advice

    Yes thanks I have made contact with him, Be loverly if he had some front rims I am looking out for some wheels to work with
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    Start of a new era for Ransomes

    Thanks Norman you are welcome for a social distance coffee if you are passing. I was pleased to be able to extract the set for photos before they left, extracting the whitlock will be a tougher job. Good to see them in your garden Harry looks like plenty of playing space.
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    Start of a new era for Ransomes

    I had a feeling you'd bought them, Harry. Look after them. Pity I couldn't get up to help and see you again.
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    Start of a new era for Ransomes

    It was very good to meet you yesterday Jonathan. They will be very well cared for at there new home, and look forward to collecting the other 2 at some point. Here they are in their new home. .
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    O&R Tarpen tools

    Found this box and extra bottles whilst looking for something else (as you do) Now with the display
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    Tiny Tigers in the UK

    Front cover from the Operating Manual available on here (thanks David !) copied and enlarged, now on display with the units...
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    Mayfield Merlin Advice

    Hi Mike. Sorry I been but busy to reply. I have some rear tyres. Kevin snewin may have some other spares if needed. Just give us a list of what you need. Good to see ur making a start
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    JUST O&R

    This weeks project

    NEWS FLASH!!!! just got some time to work on last months project this month. it been to long time without working on anything I was having withdraws . made some brackets and a new stand repaired all the fuel line scrounged up some more parts and see what happens when you get off your a$$.
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    Ohlsson & Rice: Octura R/C Boat

    This is the best running boat that I have, an Octura Wildcat with OPS engine.
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    Ohlsson & Rice: Octura R/C Boat

    Hi I have had the WH X plans scanned here is a cropped sample I can email them to you in PDF form and your local office supplies can print them on A0 paper. I'm after the plan for V (5) if anyone has a copy. I also have the plans for White heat 30 & 60. Regards Daren
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    I don’t know about you guys but I finally got tired of chipping paint when removing the recoil cover screws. It turns out that Wera makes some narrow shaft bits that looked ideal. I got one and then took it to the grinder to shape it to the right size. I followed that with a small piece of shrink tubing. This gives a very nice clearance now between the screwdriver shaft and the little recesses on the recoil cover. Hopefully no more scraped paint anymore...
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    To get the Briggs 8 hp engine running I had to clean and reset the points, after refitting the flywheel and tightening the nut as best I could I tried to start it. The subsequent backfire sheared the alloy key. Whilst waiting for a couple of new ones to arrive,( eBay ), I set about making a "socket" to allow me to reach the 65 lbs ft required. A bit of time spent turning, milling and welding a piece of scrap & a nut resulted in the following, ( see pics ).
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    Drillgine 1967 (actually 1975)

    I recently purchased this 1967 Drillgine. It’s in good condition. But I haven’t been able to get it running. It seems to be getting intermittent spark and I found the primer pump was plugged. The fuel inlet to the pump was plugged. The diaphragm is hard and distorted. I don’t have any instructions or diagrams to work from. The numbers on the cylinder plate is 13B352 5010952 Thank you for any help Dennis.
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    JUST O&R

    Ohlsson & Rice: Comet Pump

    I thought that would be simply to figure out. ( some people are left handed) We went through this before we are birds of prey
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    O&R Tarpen tools

    Latest O&R/Tarpen addition arrived today courtesy of David (factory) This Tarpen Mini engine has been fitted with the chainsaw, and is seen here with another unit I have with the long hedge cutter fitted.
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    I'm guessing I know where the ladders and tower came from. Looking good so far Chris.
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    Octura White Heat X Brochure

    Octura White Heat X Brochure Edit by Factory: Thank you for scanning this, I've moved it to Section 4 of the Manuals/Brochures thread;
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    Happy Birthday Nylyon

    Thank you all, I always feel extra special with long distance birthday wishes!
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    Hi Guys Thanks for that I've checked the website out and found just what I'm looking for. Great stuff. Tom
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    Tiny Tigers in the UK

    Not far off, $131 Little prop came with the goodies from Wallfish, need to have a good look to see if it fits an engine
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    So its back at mine and its worse than i thought. It sounds really good but 3 axle mounts have snapped, the 2 front ones and one back one that can be welded. The electric start doesnt work and its really rusty all over. Its still getting a full restoration starting in a few months so ill keep you all updated video-1588623966.mp4
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    Westwood Gazelle

    Hey Picked this up the other day fairly local to me. It's my second gazelle my other one has the rare rear exhaust. I'm planning on resorting this one to original colours. Where can I get the original orange from? Is the chassis just black or a grey colour? Thanks Tom
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