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    And one more photo with the engine mounted. The engine of course has been overhauled
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    Mike in NC

    My Wife's O&R Collection

    Our old website host no longer is around so we had to start over and redo our site. Here is the current link to my wife's O&R collection Jen's O&R Collection
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    Newby Hall 2022

    Hi Norm, Regarding the Lister driven motorbike, a great bit of engineering I was talking to the owner the steering is locked for safety, he can unlock it, some more pictures (not to your standard)
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    Anglo Traction

    Nice little Drill Project

    Bumped his topic as I had to make more improvements to it's condition. Plus I need to excercise the hands caused by R/Arthritis, so glad to get back into the workshop. The spindle/chuck mounting bodge of a cut off piece of bolt shown in earlier pics was just not good enough. I made a new complete spindle from 3/4" (19.05mm) dia silver steel. Set up in the lathe and acurate to within 2 ten thousandths of an inch (0.00508mm) over it's length. Pic below is after machining the chuck thread on the end- Comparision of the old and newly machined spindle ends- After measuring, I found I could reduce the length of the 3/16" (4.75mm) wide cut slot for the new one, which produces a better bearing surface. the chuck thread for the English made Jacobs chuck is 1/2" x 20 tpi UNF, and the smaller diameter top end threaded 3/8" Whitworth. Both were screwcut on the lathe (my 1st attempt at power feed screwcutting)- Did a check with a 5/16" (7.95mm) diameter long Dowel Pin fitted in the chuck while still on the lathe and it had only 0.0015" (0.038mm) runout at 1.5 inches (38mm) from the chuck jaws!, so pretty good allowing for the age of the chuck. Did the same after fitting back into the drill and adjusting lower bearing clearance, I got 0.003" deflection while applying a side load, so I am more than happy now with it's condition. Regards
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    Happy Birthday Showman!

    Many Happy Returns Chris,πŸŽπŸŽ‚ Have a great day mate, πŸΊπŸΎπŸŽ‰πŸ’ƒπŸ•ΊπŸΌπŸŽˆ, and may you have many, many more! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Doug.
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    Happy Birthday Showman!

    All the Best you old codger. Hope your having a good day and on the mend.
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    My Wife's O&R Collection

    I've now got more information, engine type 13B329 in for an Orline chainsaw, release date was 7-18-73 according to the list. David
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    Restored Little Wonder hedge trimmer

    Courtesy of Webhead
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    Can someone tell me what I have

    HI, Great site you have here , I have a O&R generator an ran across this saw the other day but I’m unable to find anything about it on the net . Then I came across this site , I bet someone here has seen this . Any info would be appreciated
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    O & R engines

    A few weeks ago I was helping clear a shed out when I came across these little items. After searching the net I found this site to find out if they are any good to anyone out there. I have not tried to get them going so I can only offer them as spares or repair to anyone interested. The drill looks complete as far as I can tell the other engine may have been on a model aircraft at some time. I also have a nice Lister model D stationary engine that is a good runner complete on a wheeled trolley, again not my thing.
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    Can someone tell me what I have

    Thanks for the info , I was told it was for building log cabins but I don’t know anything about that … Time to disassemble it an run it through the vapor blaster an get it ready to restore ,,
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    Can someone tell me what I have

    That's a JB Power chipper saw. I have one but have no idea what it was actually designed for. It does cut nice 3/4 wide dado joint slots. Mine didn't have that little bar guide on the bottom so that adds to the mystery. Pretty rare O&R tool as I thought I had the only one! LoL Just haven't seen another until now, even on the web
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    Anglo Traction

    Vintage Oil Can

    Thought I'd add another find to this old Topic. Acquired another pressure feed 'Oiler' for a 'Fiver' (ukΒ£5.) It was amongst a box of bits from a shed clearance. It was in a bit of mess, seized and badly beaten- Initial clean up to see what I had revealed it was another Lucas Oiler from the 1920s. Diameter is 1. 1/2" (38mm) to give you an idea of size. All I could do was bite the bullet and desolder it all and reduce to constituant parts and see if I could clean it out and repair it back to working order. After a few days work, I had reduced it to this- I managed to remove some serious dents to improve appearance, but will always have the scars of use/misuse to show it's age. I had to overcome a problem with reassembly due to not being able to solder some internal joints and ensure they held in the right place and soldered/sealed together. So I hard soldered some parts and so able to ensure it all went ok when 'Closing up' the 5 other soft soldered parts/joints all at the same time . The bronze 3/8" dia ball is a replacement, as the original steel one looked more like a large lump of weld spatter. So I lapped the new one to it's seat for a good non-return seal. New leather washers made for the plunger and filler- As usual, the end cap and threaded section was missing, so I reproduced a nozzle and cap. The cap having a leather pad in it to seal it when screwed on. After several flushes with acid, soapy water and dried out, it had the plunger sealing washer greased, piston oiled/primed and filled. No leaks and can now deliver a single drop or stream under pressure at any angle. The fine nozzle can displace the small ball in oil nipples to lubricate, rather than have a cumbersome Grease gun type nozzle which is useless in confined places on machines. So that's the Lucas Oiler No 36 given a new life and will have a copper 'Holster' to safely stow it on the Lathe or Mill in the workshop.
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    Garden tracor meme

    I am 19 years old and always working on garden tractors. People my age are always spending time with their girlfriend. The other day my parents came asking if I had met any nice girls and if their was a girl I liked. I replied with only this picture:
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    Ohlsson & Rice: Water Pump Type 217

    I've moved several posts about a different water pump to a new thread here; David
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    I found an old O&R Kenco Model 61 M pump today on a local Craigslist posting. Just got it home. This thing has had a hard life and has either been dropped or had something heavy fall on it. Unfortunately the starter rope guide has been broken off and the side of the front cover and engine cooling fins are crushed a bit. It’s missing the air cleaner and the tank is beat up. I think it’s still a pretty cool unit and I’m looking forward to giving it a good bath. In the last photo I spent maybe 10 minutes trying to wipe off some of the heavy caked on grease and grime just so I could bring it into the house. I’ll do a proper clean up job here some day.
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