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    Anglo Traction

    Bits for my next Project

    Making slow progress, hence the belated update. Have been painting, varnishing and making Nuts n Bolts. Sorted the drive chain link problem, so now making up the chain guard wth brackets- Ensuring clearances and fixing points were ok. 2 more lower brackets to make and I can move on to the clutch lever and outer cable fitting. Wheels are now shiney black gloss. Regards
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    O&R Questions

    Hello everyone. I have experience in small engine repair (mainly 4 stroke) on engines no older than 15 years old. I know how 2 stroke engines work too. I have recently obtained an old O&R engine, which seems to be in great shape. I do not know what the engine originally came off of, it also has no markings on it with a model number (or any number for that matter). One question I have is about the carburetor. Every carburetor picture I have seen on this forum has a red primer button, and a slotted jet on the top. Mine, however, has no primer button or a slotted adjustable jet on the top. Instead, there is a non-slotted knurled screw. I am also confused, because my unit does not seem to have any off switch, to stop the spark. Additionally, I am curious as to what the single point is for on an engine like this is for. On all the modern engines that I have worked on, there are no points. I have attached some pictures too for you to look at. By the way, I have not attempted to start it yet, as I am somewhat unsure of what fuel ratio it needs.
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    Unusual design!. it's based on the Archemedian principle. A bit of searchng Hose manufacturers may well produce what you need. One point about these is that with rubber involved, there needs to be a method of priming with water etc prior to starting up from a dry condition. As for makers info, It may be worth enquiring with the company. Yes, it look's like they are still in business. Here's a link to their 'Timeline' on their website- MONO PUMPS Ltd Good luck. Regards
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    It runs
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    Trying to sell Unknown model O&R

    New member @Sinclair is from Australia. You can try contacting him through Private Message. Click on the little envelope icon on the top right corner. The small water pump is missing.
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    Bits for my next Project

    Bootifull Richard, just Bootifull.
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    guess it would help to put the gas tank on. ooops! Good thing I looked at the pic on the screen
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    Anglo Traction

    Hayter Osprey

    Just for everyone's information. I have uploaded the available manual in PDF form for the Hayter Osprey and 21 machines. It's in the orange header line marked DOWNLOADS. Engine data will need to be obtained from the B&S website. Regards
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