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  2. "Here's a video of Joe's @Webhead son with a Chicken Power" Yeah, he's 19 now and going to college to be a mechanical engineer with a minor in engineering management! Proud of my boy, but they grow up too fast!
  3. Looking through all the info I have, the best estimate for date is that the engine was produced sometime in 1962. Hope this helps. By the way there are other tools with carbs that have no air cleaner fixing holes, the Aquabug is one. David
  4. The original Bike Motor Kit (below), Chicken Power and Pony Express were all advertised as being capable "of up to 18 mph". Above quote is from this thread: https://myoldmachine.com/topic/3757-chicken-power-bicycle-assist-engine-kit-silver-1973/ David
  5. Could it be for a Wright 100 blade saw (made by Poulan) or one of the re-brands? You can just about see the end of the blade shaft in one of the pictures here for the Dayton 2Z464 version, also it looks small enough in the video too, but 59cc is nearly double that of a O&R 20A (approx 32cc) though. https://www.thisoldchainsaw.com/2z464-dayton Wright 100 Blade Saw article from May 1969 in Popular Science magazine here; https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=GSoDAAAAMBAJ&lpg=PP1&pg=PA134#v=onepage&q&f=false David
  6. That was cool like to see them working again. how fast are the (about 15 mph ) ?
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  8. Here's a video of Joe's @Webhead son with a Chicken Power
  9. Not yet. I’ve seen a couple on Craigslist but they’re asking too much. Hopefully I can find one soon. It will be fun to install this thing and give it a go!
  10. Did you fine a bike to put this on yet ? That old Schwinn would be the best choice. I would like to see a video of you going down the road in it . that would be cool .
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  13. The first thing to establish is that the Hayter Osprey and Hayter 21 are two different machines . One, as may be expected has a 21" cut and the other 24. The 21 was 5hp and the Osprey usually 8hp. The back ends with the drive were the same and the transmission belt for the single speed machines was pt no 2349, M24/Z24.. The was a rare two speed version of the H21 that used a special belt 4031. The cutter belt for the 21 was 2348,A46 and for the Osprey 1540, B55 which also happens to be Countax / Westwood part 22940200..
  14. Thanks David, that’s great to know and kind of fun to have one of the last in production!
  15. David, Thank you for all the great info. As soon as I saw it I also immediately thought of the circular saw engine, especially with the little cover. I bet you’re right about the carburetor and air cleaner set up, that would certainly explain the situation. Also, the serial# is 021701 Clint
  16. Ah, maybe that tank would benefit from repainting, I was referring to the original paint on the starter housing being in good order. David
  17. The SN #803xxxx gives an engine production date of March 1978, so your Pony Express was made in the last year of AEP Ltd. (formerly known as O&R). David
  18. Interesting find and nice to have to history from the guy that made it into a weed wacker. I have pictures of three other engines exactly like the one fitted to your weed wacker (I can see Type 110 on one of them too), they also have no hole in carb for air filter, a full coil cover, a side needle valve in the carb and a push button stop switch (picture attached). The lack of fins on the crankcase is typical of 3/4HP Compact I engines. As for engine dating, I can only give an very rough estimate of early 1960's without knowing the serial number. I strongly suspect that these engines (Type 110) were intended as spares for the Comet C/Saw, have a look through the recent C/Saw thread and you will see how they used a short tube to connect the carb to the handle, which would have had the air cleaner foam inside. The coil covers used on the Comet tools have small piece cut out for the pump, a larger piece cut out for the chainsaw and a full cover for the C/Saw (your pictures confirm that last one). As far as I know the simplified cylinder side plates are only found on Comet engines too. David
  19. Been getting the log stocks up this afternoon. There was quite a pile requiring splitting. Number 3 grandson was going to split them during the school holidays. But he went and got himself a summer job at a local holiday camp. So all left to me, so I thought I'd better make a start. Finished cutting and stacking this lot of smaller stuff. Then I started on this lot. Half done when I took this photo. Several barrow loads later, lost count of how many. This 3ft wide x 8ft long x 4ft high cage ended up 3/4 full. It's really hard work splitting logs with a splitting mall. So.……. I got this log buster.
  20. That's a new and interesting application. Nice find!
  21. I picked up this cool unit yesterday. The guy I bought it from said he made a weed eater with it back in the 1970s. He said the handle was a simple 1/2” conduit that threads onto the base. After looking it over more the engine has some features that I don’t think I’ve seen before. The carburetor is kind of unusual and doesn’t have the little hole where the usual threaded hook screw attaches for the air cleaner. I’m not actually sure how an air cleaner would connect. It also has different style “fins” on the bottom. It’s marked Type 110. Let me know if anyone has more info that can help date the engine.
  22. Have you Googled Hayter Osprey 21? Or the Old Lawnmower Cub? You may find the info you need there.
  23. Hi all any one know the two belt sizes for a Hayter osprey 21 i have no info any help appreciated john
  24. I’ve just clicked on the links and they show different sets of photos ???
  25. Thanks Chris. Looks like you had a good turnout. Just one point. Those three links show all the same photos.
  26. https://www.facebook.com/groups/396946423685661/permalink/2430386190341664/ I didn’t take any photos as I was too busy but Steve D did and I hoping this will worK https://www.facebook.com/groups/396946423685661/permalink/2430388677008082?sfns=mo https://www.facebook.com/groups/396946423685661/permalink/2430384340341849?sfns=mo
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    o&r ohlsson & rice little wonder petrol hedge trimmer restoration
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