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  2. Alan

    Tot rod

    Not quite a Tot Rod but a Black Hood Wheel Horse look a like, sort of. Based on a Pride Celebrity scooter bought cheap as a non runner. Info said 6.25 MPH. Larger rear wheels make it faster. Steering wheel in place of the tiller with a dummy V twin engine to hide the scooter steering column. Chain and sprockets from column to wheel. 2 x 12 volt 75 amp battery's so should give a good run. Still needs decals. Only had short test run so far. Photo's of Grand daughter having a play. She loved it.
  3. nigel

    Tot rod

    Got a bit bored this week, I had an old disability scooter kicking about and found this old jeep on the dump, so I’ve cut 9 inches out of the chassis cut the jeep up abit, and I’ve got a start to an 8 mph tot rod
  4. Last week
  5. Hi, Based close to Thirsk N.Yorks. 'Locked down' and re-furbing/servicing Toro W/Horse 264-6 Mdl: 72062. Fitted Kohler CV14S Spec:1472. Crankshaft drive pulley gone AWOL 2months ago (long sad story!). Just a chance someone may know of such a thing? (Toro part No. is 93-0321) Dealers say none in UK, so may have to go over the pond for a fortune!
  6. Hi, I found this site while trying to get information on these 2 units that I recently acquired. There is a wealth of information here and I certainly appreciate learning about these small industrial OR engines as I've had no previous experience with them.... So I need your help. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated as I would like to get these running again. First up is the Tiny Tiger 300. Here is a picture: I was able to find a type number 111 and a serial number 026152. Can you provide an engine model and date of manufacture based on this information? The recoil starter handle/knob is missing. Does anyone have these for sale? Would the correct one be the early wood stained or painted black one? The recoil started works but does not engage the starter pawls on the flywheel. I have no experience with this so I need help. Here is a picture: I assume there is a spring of some sort missing. Is that correct or is there something else not installed correctly? There is a washer underneath each pawl. I would like to purchase carb kits for both this engine and the Drillgine. I assume the same kit works on both but not sure. The Drillgine is a newer 1969 vintage engine (I think) based on the serial number 936515. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks - Frank Z
  7. I sent you a separate note about the starting process and some of the things that these engines usually require to get them running again, hope it helps.
  8. I think you guys are awesome! I love how you rebuild! These days everything is disposable and not many could fix anything if if it was serviceable. I grew up in awe of people like you and my dad. When I grew up I wanted to fix things just like he could. I have gravitated toward those that could, and tried to learn as much as I could and now, for a girl, I’m pretty handy. Sometimes it’s lonely in a world full of people that look at you sideways because you want to repair an item instead of buying a replacement. Trouble is the really don’t make them like they used to. You can’t buy yesterday’s quality anymore. But this you know. I just wanted to let you know I think this site is pretty cool and filled with awesome folk. Thanks for being you and thanks for being here.
  9. Having trouble sending you a pm. I’m in concord California. I really don’t know enough to give a price. Haven’t figured out how to start it. Is there a lock that keeps it from starting?
  10. Ornum


    Based near Thirsk, so not far away.... Desperate for Toro drive pulley having exhausted UK suppliers, informed none in UK, joined 'RedSquare Wheel Horse Forum' hoping someone had part.... Message from 'Stormin' suggested/recommended getting in touch with yourselves, as nearby. Small world! Anyway, long story short. Locked down re Covid, re-furbing/servicing etc., our Toro WheelHorse 264-6 72062 fitted Kohler CV14S 1472 engine, Drive pulley (Toro part No. 93-0321) gone AWOL!! No idea! - Possibly gone with scrap is al I can now think, but been two months now! Getting a bit desperate now! Anyway, that's the tale, and just thought I'd share/explore anything I could, and see what happens... There'll be one lying somewhere. (I hope!)
  11. nigel

    Wanted Kohler K91

    Try Neil he did have some Andrew
  12. Happy Birthday Ewan; hope all's well with you.
  13. Happy Birthday matey, hope you have a great day.
  14. I am on the hunt for a Kohler K91 and Petrol tank for my Wheel Horse Suburban if anyone knows of one going spare? Thanks Andrew
  15. It's special because it's an O&R powered tool like the many others Where are you located and how much are you looking to sell for? I'm interested to upgrade mine. Some of the painted parts on there look better but some are worse. Send me a private message
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