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  3. Ime after a trailer like me this one anyone no of one thankyou have you still got it
  4. WTF - a carb on the shelf does me no good. Since my delving into macro photography consumes more cash than I had planned for - the last of the 937 carbs is still for sale. Payment via PayPal - 100 quid for a brand new carb plus 27 GBP for shipping - I will include 2 brand new manifold gaskets with the purchase. Should anyone require just the manifold gasket - I can get them over here in "Germania" for cheap - identical gaskets were used for a complete different application. We´re talking 2 quid per gasket plus shipping fee via registered letter. Should anyone have some interesting analog/manual lenses mit M42 thread to trade - do not be bashful to send me a personal message. I`m sure that we can work out a deal. C ya skookum
  5. Hi Nigel, Good to hear from you and hope all's well. Quite enjoy doing the beating of copper. Just about ready to stitch the cowl/plates together with rivets now that I've nearly sorted the Plug access hole- Meanwhile, I had to come up with a fixing point I'd mentioned to secure the lower part of the cowl. Decided on a split housing so that it can be easily assembled/removed. Machined 2 blocks of Duralumin to identical size, then drilled/tapped to bolt them together. Excellent machining qualities of this metal made it a rather enjoyable job- I was then able to machine the inner diameters to fit the flange it clamps to and clears the crank bearing and shaft by a few thousands of an inch (0.05mm). It will also have a greased felt wiper washer inside to prevent dirt/water ingress- This now gives me a platform to fix the cowl and hold it securely- Have lots of swarf to clean off the machines now!. Regards
  6. I am working on a chain saw and had to take the handle apart to fix the throttle cable. I can't figure where the spring on the throttle cable is supposed to hook to. I figure one end goes around the cable on the trigger and there is another end of the spring is bent at a right angle and has a long straight end but where does that go thanks.
  7. That is an interesting pattern. The condition of the piston and rings look new. Maybe the pattern is as you suggest and it’s just some early wear-in, barely looks used. A light honing is probably a safe bet.
  8. That Jaeger winch sounds pretty cool! I’m anxious to get this one running just to see how the mechanism works.
  9. I love the gear reduction feeding a gear reduction. I have a much larger Jaeger double drum winch with a 31horsepower Wisconsin inline 4 cylinder engine that works in a similar fashion, only It is like 300x the size. Yours looks much more manageable. I cannot wait to see this thing work. I hope you have something you can winch with it. Chris
  10. CNew, I ended up buying the O&R 20 crankcase off of ebay. I am not sure what to think as of right now. There is some very odd wear patterns in the plated cylinder. I am wondering if this engine has only a few minutes of run time on it, as the rings seem to have been jumping in the cylinder. I will put the cylinder in my Sunnen honing machine and see what a few revolutions do with the junior hone, carbide stones and flood cooling. The piston looks phenomenal. I hope to use the best parts possible to fix the 20A powered sprayer I have. Chris
  11. I used to do a bit of copper bashing using old hot water cylinders as source material, I made a few buckets and bits and bobs, it’s not as easy as it looks but once again your work is top notch 👍
  12. On the gasket that goes over the read valve which is supposed to seal the cover can you use a o ring instead?
  13. Bashing copper seems to be going ok so far. Part way through doming the top to fit the cylinder head. This is to utilise the 1/4"bsf threaded hole in the top to secure it- There will also be a fixing that uses the flange of the crankcase at the shaft bearing output side - Fuel tank caps will be more difficult to form
  14. I just rubbed it on the stone with my finger tip.
  15. When you use a sharpening stone to make it thinner how do you hold the key.
  16. Right hand. You can see it's longer left hand front leg.
  17. I am replaceing a coil on a ohlsson engine but how do you feed the wire around the cylinder to put it on the stud thanks.
  18. Is that a lefthand haggis or a righthand? Which way was it running around the hill?
  19. Yes Norm, very handy and will have a fair bit of work for them on this. Not made great progress, but have machine cut/threads on several short rods and finshed the 8 brass nuts from the 1inch A/F (25.4mm) Hex stubs which are shown in the very first image on this. Threaded 1/2" BSF and single chamfer . These represent pre-war A/F (across flats) dimension of the 9/16' Whitworth fixings- Starting on the copper beating now the cushion is filled with sand. Regards
  20. Indeed, it’s been really challenging lately.
  21. Exactly- this is the one. Seller was great to work with!
  22. For those who do not believe they exist.
  23. I had a friend help me pack the needle bearings on the connecting rod where it goes on the crankshaft and that was not easy. I wish there was a easier way to position them on the connecting rod.
  24. Super nice score!!! Is that the same one from the beginning of this thread? Customer for a diaphragm decided to sell?
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