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  2. nigel

    SWM 125

    Nice project though Norm, I did an old beamish Suzuki once but had to drastically change the gearing for the road Rims and spokes look ok
  3. Yesterday
  4. Rotax engine. 2 stroke, Nigel. Non runner. Engines free but no spark. I'm going to leave the engine for later. Long way to go yet.
  5. I thought it was closer to a hundred, you have to pay $10.00 for a diaphram, so $5.95 for a 3/32 ball, such is life
  6. That's what most of us do I think we all have a 50 year supply
  7. amazon has 100 3/32 chrome steel balls for $5.95
  8. Need to sell these old SEARS 50’s era power tools.
  9. Thanks for sharing! The fuel tanks don't hold much and empty fairly quick. 5 minutes would seem about right for it sucking in air bubbles from rocking and shaking.
  10. Alan

    SWM 125

    Thought you would be poking around the farm Norm. Doesn't look too bad apart from the front forks. Tractors not so easy to fall off though, especially at your age.
  11. nigel

    SWM 125

    That’s a nice find Norm👍🏻 Are you going to restore it, 2 stroke ? Has it a rotax engine in it
  12. Had a trip down to South Wales the last few days, to see Carol's new found sister and family. They are farmers and while being nosey looking through the buildings, I came across this 38yr old SWM 125 TL trials bike, where it had been for 20yrs. After a pressure wash it looked a lot better, but in desperate need of a LOT of T.L.C. Minus front wheel and handlebars it fitted nicely in the back of the car, so found it's way north to a new home.
  13. Very cool, always fun to see these in action even if they’re finicky! Thanks for adding the video for us.
  14. the motor type 127, there is number 2 on the internal of the housing, the tutorial with the paper assist insertion of the spring shows a number one. I notice the spring was upsidedown, comparing to the paper assist tutorial, and no ball. I think its a 5/32 ball,,change the valve diaphrams also?? if you have the parts bill and send tks art
  15. Here's a short video, ran ok (not so much for this clip) but then starved for fuel after maybe 5 minutes every time. Loosened the fuel cap, drained and cleaned the tank, opened up the carb.. seems very sensitive to fuel level/sloshing. Diaphragm maybe? Ran great while clamped to a 2x4 in a vise but as soon as it got near water.. or under a load... oh well.
  16. Last week
  17. Some carbs use 1/16” and some use 3/32”.
  18. need the ball for the carb, what size is it 3/32??
  19. David, That J-22 is super nice, wow! It looks like based on the orientation that it may have been set up for use on an outboard. I’ve seen several pictures, mainly from Australia, with some cool outboards using this style engine. There is a video on YouTube of one as well. I’ve also noticed that several of the screws don’t seem to be common metric threads. I’m missing some on mine and haven’t been able to find replacements, definitely not standard M4, M5 or M6 anyway...
  20. Here are some pictures of the only TAS Motor I have in my collection so far, it's a type J-22 engine, I keep looking for one of the older TAS engines to go with it but haven't had any luck yet. It also came with what maybe the original toolkit. David
  21. A bit later than planned . Here is my TAS Motor engine type J-22, I put a rule against it so you can see the size, I took a picture showing the crankcase screw as well. More pictures in the TAS thread; David
  22. I decided to tidy-up my Hayter 21 and am attaching a few photos of the exercise. I decided to use the Handle from an Osprey as I had this to hand and it appears more robust than the 21 handle.
  23. Many thanks for that. My problem is a lack of facilities. My normal workshop is out of commission at the moment. I will try and get the box off and have a look and then get back to you for some more advice. Colin
  24. Yes exactly, that’s the photo in the manual that always got me confused! I’ve always installed the bearings like you suggest, opposite the manual diagram.
  25. Yes it does Yes, starting to get tough to find the missing tools but there are several so the hunt continues...
  26. Looks very nice, does it have Paramount cast into the eccentric cover like the other two I've seen? Is it getting any harder to find tools you haven't got yet? David
  27. Looks good to me, the originals probably weren't anything special, I've seen very old beer cans etc. made in a similar way to the O&R tanks, trouble is people collect them too. I've been saving the steel cans that coffee comes in these days, they don't have the corrugated look of a soup/bean can. David
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