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  2. Machinery decals . Com phone 07966394019 talk to titch
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  4. Hi, First of all, welcome all I live in Poland and rebuild the Westwood "baby" gazelle W8 - 1993. I need stickers. I wrote an e-mail from restorationdecals.co.uk, but I don't have any feedback. You don't know if the stickers are still available? Greetings Tomas
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  6. Picked up my first find since the move. Looks to be in pretty good shape.
  7. Unfortunately no but I wish I did- it would be a super cool item!
  8. Lovely old D7, complete with headache bar !!

    1. Oldfolk


      thanks Wristpin, it was my dad's it is a 3t series. I have a 4t in the shop and a fiat too that runs

  9. looking very good a bit of a deviation from your Gutbrods I might find time to dig out some of my machines you might remember
  10. Do you have one? that's awesome. That would be more the a good find. Ive never seen one before.
  11. I did a complete rebuild on one several years ago for the original owner; rebore, all new cables, new axle and bearings, the lot. He died a couple of years later and I suspect that all his old, well maintained kit was scrapped - a great shame.
  12. I can take the burner off of the tank no problem. The wick is dry as a bone obviously, it's just shifting it via the up and down mechanism without causing any more damage. I tried to turn the wheel with pliers, silly me ? Sorry can't do pictures.
  13. Wick is usually raised and lowered by a wheel that grips the wick. The top section of the burner should lift off of the fuel tank to expose it and replace the wixk when necessary. A picture would help?. A bit older than your heater, but relevant -
  14. Just purchased a new old stock heater, probably about 40 years old, never been fired. It is the sort with the round wick. The mechanism that turns the wick up and down is wrung ( I think ). The wick is far too high, can I have some tips on how to manipulate the wick back down. No fuel has been put in the appliance yet. I appreciate that this is not the right forum, but there is a wealth of information amongst the members. Thank you.
  15. No i didn’t, all the rod-ends i have are right hand thread and I don’t have a left hand thread die.
  16. Last week
  17. looks great when your ready to get it out of your way let me know
  18. So have you done a right and a left hand thread on these chris
  19. Hi all . Today Saturday we put the Engine back on my Monro tiller Series 2 , followed by the newly refurbished hubs and also new tyres and tubes . A good degrease was needed to remove years of grime and dirt , which revealed the machines lovely original colour and even some of the transfers All round this machine is turning out to be a little cracker
  20. Cleaned up and back together.
  21. Here are a couple photos of the Nobco Power Beam brochure
  22. Early update as I’m going out tonight, I managed to get the other 2 track-rods done this afternoon so another tick of the list.
  23. Brilliant workmanship as usual Chris and cracking on with your projects as well.
  24. 8105491F-C6A8-4D68-97F2-D7876685DCCE.mov First leveling some dirt at my son’s new house. next three splitting some wood from a oak tree that blew down last spring with the 580K backhoe and the home made wood splitter on back of my John Deere 720 diesel
  25. Don’t really need a combine but would love to have the Perkins diesel but me thinks shipping may be a killer lol
  26. Cleared everything in Safari on my iPad, user name now displayed instead of email address, no problem logging on now. Strange it only affected R.S and not M.O.M?
  27. I cut the threads by hand Alan, I’m not that advanced with my lathe work yet.
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