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  3. I bought 2 cans of this for my engine at my local AutoZone the other day..... This is all for now, stay tuned for more soon.....
  4. I've known holes like that be brazed. A fabrication shop may do it for you. BUT! And it's a big but, wash the tank out thoroughly with water then run compressed air through it for a while. JB weld could also be an option.
  5. Well folks, I got some good but bad news, my gas tank got sandblasted the other day and it has a small hole in it. It can easily be repaired but it was something that I didn't expect. I will try repairing it myself, if not bring it to someone if need be.....
  6. I have a Model 300 Tiny Tiger that was brand new in a box and has never run. It was my grandfather’s, and I wanted to see it run. I tried to start it 20 years ago with no luck. I found this site, and with all the tutorials and helpful information, I fixed the broken recoil pull start, replaced the fuel lines, disassembled, cleaned and reassembled the carb. I for the carb to pull gas and it started and ran like a champ! Thanks to all the helpful info posted to this site! IMG_1078.MOV
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  8. Nice van. Fully equipped for over nighting etc I assume?
  9. Some recent finds including Wolf Lawn Edger, two types of Wolf Millers or cultivators, Myson Bucket Sprayer
  10. Flip the petal over. I've pulled on the starter cord too many times to no avail, on an engine with a broken or leaky reed valve. I'm a little smarter now!
  11. It is always really hard finding a color that is a close match. I am having the same issue with my Wheel Horses. The color on the plastic cap is always very different from the color sprayed on metal.
  12. Well I got an "update" on the tractor if you call it that. I went to my local tractor supply before I went to work one day to start thinking about paint and see if there was some yellow paint I could use for cheaper, instead of that special $40 a can paint that I used on my other tractor that would be a VERY close match to the original color. I also went in for a new belt to put on the shroud and starter generator. I took the top of my battery box off my other Craftsman to compare paint, and I ended up buying 1 spray can of Majic Cub Cadet yellow because when I looked and compared it with my battery box it looked nearly identical. I also asked the cashier when I bought it what he thought and he said it is the closest I will get to my battery box, well I got it home sprayed it on a little piece of paper and this is how it came out...... These pictures above and below are from tractor supply, notice how it looks VERY similar in the below picture but maybe its the lighting in the camera. It looked the exact same in the light in the store too so I took a gamble and unfortunately lost....... On another note, we have a couple other cans of yellow paint at home so I figured I would try one of those too on a piece of paper. When I sprayed it unfortunately it came out too light so It looks like I'm gonna have to go with my special $40.00 a can again..... This is all for now, more to come soon.....
  13. Responding to my post above..... I also have this picture of the engine looking inside the carburetor, I think I see oil there so I think I found my problem of where the ATF and kerosene went..... Now this is all for now, more to come soon......
  14. 3 out of 5 of the parts are all painted, I got 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of white VHT paint on them.....
  15. I also took a couple parts off the engine and a part off the shroud to put them in the parts washer and to sandblast them...... In the parts washer...... All washed and sandblasted, now they are ready for primer and paint.....
  16. I'm back with some updates on the tractor. I cleaned up the head, the top of the piston, and the valves the best I could with a brass brush. Here are some pictures, the first picture is when I was cleaning the head. I sprayed some PB blaster on it and used the brush on it...... All cleaned up now, is the condition of the head "normal" so to speak in the first picture with those tiny looking crack things?....... Here is a picture of the rest of the engine, this is the best I can get it clean unless someone has a tip to make it cleaner than this any help is appreciated. I am thinking of maybe replacing the piston head right now anyway, but there again why fix somethin' that ain't broke and replace something when it doesn't need it so i'm not sure yet. The piston wall is pretty smooth with minor small scratches......
  17. Thank you for the compliment. These tractors are around, I know of 3 others but I wanna say the 6 horsepower is more common than the 10 horsepower so there could be more out there that I don't know about. I wanna say this tractor has been sitting for maybe 5 years but I think more outside. Since I got my 10 horsepower I looked up more information about it on VintageSearsGardenTractors and while searching for information on there I saw the 6 horsepower version and wanted one, then I saw this tractor on the other tractor forum and I wanted it bad to go with my 10 horsepower so needless to say I am VERY happy I got it.
  18. Thank you for the compliment, my plan is to do this tractor even better than my other Craftsman! I won 4th place out of 5 with my other one last year at the local fair. Long story short, there is a girl with a wheel horse that is nicer than my other Craftsman and she won 1st place the past 2 years in a row so I wanna make this "new" Craftsman as good as hers if not better and try to snag that first place.
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  20. Nice! At least it's not green.
  21. After many years i have finally done it I have bought a proper tractor to play with..lol mid way through a restoration . Cab is underway now.
  22. Well I thought I would revive this topic, I ended up buying this from Harry ( I was robbed ) after it sat for 4 years in a container, it took me 3 days to get it running after changing all fuel pipes and wiring flushing tanks etc, when it did finally go it started revving and kept revving faster and faster until I could not stop it, my mate hid behind a digger as I jammed a lever on the governer to try and stop it which it didn’t ,then real disaster happend the governer snapped off, I ended up pulling the fuel line off and it stopped, now I have a major problem of getting the governer out of the engine, 🙄
  23. hope he recovers quick and won't have many complications. Prayers sent!
  24. Really hoping he pulls through this and able to get back on the W Horses very soon. please pass on my best wishes to him/family.
  25. Sure sorry to hear you are going through those health issues Chris. Hope you get well soon mate. Our thoughts and prayers are sent to you and your family.
  26. God bless you Chris, take care and get well soon. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Doug.
  27. That drill is cool! Hilarious that minibike
  28. Some of mine in action. Post'm up if you have any in action!
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