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  1. Yesterday
  2. Has anyone come across any other photos of a military version of his pump?
  3. Wow, nice find Paul! That was a steal at that price.
  4. Hi.... I've recently bought a couple of howard rotavators. One being a howard gem with a kohler k301t engine. Unfortunately it has no spark and after testing with a multimeter the coil is dead. I've tryed looking for a replacement on Internet but can't seem to find one. Can anyone point me in the right direction at all? It's a tecumseh coil so I'm presuming this is the original? Thanks in advance Matt
  5. Won this on ebay, arrived during this week Its a shorter blade length than the two I already have so £12.50 well spent !
  6. Last week
  7. Does anyone know of a source of parts for these. In particular, 21” wing unit bottom blades. Neither Central Spares / Spaldings, nor Garfitts do them any more.
  8. Many Happy Returns Ian. Hope you and family are keeping safe and well, Have a great day, 🍺🍺🍾🍾🎂🍩
  9. Here are a few photos of the 3point “Kit of parts” removed from the tractor. Winch now has a synthetic cable fitted, due to breaking the original, (my fault entirely, a design feature omission! ). A couple of pic’s show where the hydraulic oil tank, (original idea), would have been fitted.
  10. I have a Mowett Mustang 60s late I believe! Still runs great and mows! 7hp I am interested in selling it! What’s it worth?
  11. David, This is fantastic! Thank you for taking the time to take all the detailed measurements and photos of the handle.
  12. Some more pictures of the handle, outside diameter is approx 10", the height from the flat section is approx 9½" and the tube is approx ½" diameter. The flat section is approx 1, 15/16" by 1, 11/16" with a hole to suit the switch fitted, I suspect my switch has been replaced judging by how chewed up the nut is. David
  13. Hi Norm/All, Well I made the pins from a larger size. I had to reduce them and 'draw down' the eye part to under 1/16"dia, which is still out of scale, but much closer and still manageable to fit/remove. Well over the last few days, I've made a bit of progress with painting and assembly. Got past the difficult bit of fitting the horn plates, shafts and the Backhead fittings with minimal need for paint touch ups. Bit difficult to get enough light into the dark areas of black painted bits- The fitting of the Tender to the horn plates went ok and has 8 x 8ba bolts/nuts on each side, plus 4 x 7ba for the axle bearings. Original design was just the 4 bearing bolts and a single bolt/nut at the top each side. Quite pleased with the colour and should look plain, but smart when finished. I even made the steps with a 'raised' pattern chequer plate, rather than just saw cuts. The bright handle fitting serves to bolt the coal bunker plate to the tender side - The oil boxes all have filter screens inside to keep the moving bits clean. I think I will dull off the duck boarding a bit, as it looks a bit 'orange boxy' yellow to me. Regards.
  14. What number is a waste of time? Yours could be $350 and below while mine is anything over $125. There's a guy on Epay with a circular saw priced at $1000 which is completely ridiculous, but obviously he believes it's made of gold. So one never actually knows where that line is. I don't put much value in a running engine because I can always rebuild it and get it running, while someone else may not have the skills to do that so running is the important thing. Why not just say what you want for it and save everyone's time to begin with since you already know what you don't want to except? Yes it's not very common but it's also not complete. It could be less likely to find those missing parts than it would be to find a complete machine. Maybe ebay is the best way to determine it's value?
  15. Just wanted to wish my M.O.M family a Happy Easter today, God Bless!
  16. Earlier
  17. I have a lot of these machines I’ve been collecting them for years now they aren’t hugely valuable but very unique
  18. Thanks David, yes thats what I thought as regards shipping Pity though...
  19. The prices for a trio of the engines from these trimmers on ePay a few years ago were between $55 and $90, none of them were runners and one had been bodged by a reseller with an incorrect 13A starter. They were apparently returns that came from the factory when it closed down, according to the original seller. Paul, I guess if UPS was involved then shipping would be a no no, as they are way too expensive for international shipping. David
  20. Brian I would absolutely love this but I'm in the UK so I assume shipping would be a no no... Hope one of your fellow US collectors snaps it up Paul
  21. Nice find Ben, your old one is still in safe hands
  22. Hi everyone long time no see! just thought I’d post regarding my latest find completely original and unmolested😀 unusually it has solid front tyres ??
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