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  2. Happy birthday chaps Have a good one !
  3. Happy Birthday to you and Jake, Ewan. Have a good day.
  4. I started on the blades this week check them to see how balanced I had them just need to file some of one of them the other to seem ok VID_20191017_202811.mp4
  5. Yesterday
  6. Thanks Wallfish. I think we paid a little over a hundred for this engine and only bought a fuel line and diaphragm for the carb. May cut our loses and sell as is or part out. Did make a great conversation piece at the shows.
  7. Stormin

    1962 Bolens 600

    That's the best. Keeps your hands soft and smooth. Gets the grease and oil off as well. Just make sure you wipe the bottle before you put it back.
  8. I am looking for a set of front wheel weights as well as a set of Bolens embossed rear wheel weights if anyone got any for sale or know of a set. Message me or leave a response below. Thanks. Andrew
  9. Joseph. I just hope it is not Fairy's washing up liquid!!!
  10. Nice find someday hope to run up one. Ive never seen one for sale.
  11. After a catastrophic failure like that, my advice is to find another engine. To me it would be more dependable than repairing that one. The only thing you need on a different engine is the PTO crankshaft side needs to be tapered and have a threaded hole for the generator bolt. You will see engines with a shaft which have a longer round shaft with a flat side on them but if it has a bolt in it, that shaft comes off the tapered shaft you want. There's one on epay now but the guy wants like $199 for it. Nice engine but you can find one less expensive or buy that one and sell the extra parts. That gas tank alone might sell for $25 - $40 depending on bad someone wants it. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-O-R-Ohlsson-Rice-Compact-Engine-w-Gas-Tank/323901552141?hash=item4b6a09760d:g:dN4AAOSwMH9dbAsu Look at the shaft, remove that bolt and that shaft extension comes off the tapered crank end like you need for attaching a TT generator head. If you search Orline on there, there are a couple of rods and bearings which might fit your engine but David @factory can help you with what fits better than I can. You'll probably need a new piston and head, all the gaskets and seals, rod and bearings. By the time you pay for all of that you could probably find a donor engine, change the diaphragm and be up and running for the same amount or less. Plus not worry about if that case piston head and other parts are any good,. Just my opinion. Once you tear it down and have a good look see inside you can make a decision on the best approach. I might have the parts you need to do it.
  12. Last week
  13. I think the needles are in the crankcase. Did not see evidence of them when I removed the cylinder head. I think this will be a winter teardown project. I appreciate all the information you have provided. Will follow up with you on what I find after the teardown.
  14. Some of the ultrasonic cleaner are costly I thing my was about 200.00 for mine. I have got some for my customers that are not that bad most People don' t use them every day like I do. I found this one on ebay very close to the one Ihave https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Stainless-Steel-2-Liter-Industry-Heat-Ultrasonic-Cleaner-Heater-w-Timer/163752662356?hash=item26206b5554:g:ygUAAOSwCRRdEs2M
  15. Ouch, that doesn't look good, are the rollers from the bearing still inside the bottom of the crankcase or had someone removed them? Either way the surface of the crank pin will probably have damage too. If the bearing did fail and flung out all the rollers then there could be damage to the crankcase too. Have a look at the Tiny Tiger guide & instructions I linked in the earlier post for information on separating the generator from the engine, then you will be able to dismantle the engine further. A few years ago I acquired a dismantled Tiny Tiger that had suffered a catastrophic bearing failure, there were lots of dents inside the crankcase from the bearing rollers and it was also cracked as a result. It required a donor engine block (with tapered output shaft) to rebuild, you should be able to find an incomplete engine for not too much money to use as a donor if needed. I think the shipping to the UK was more than the cost of the donor engine. Here are some pictures of that Tiny Tiger, first picture as bought, second the donor engine, third the completed restoration. David
  16. Yes, I'm in the U.S. Engine had run good until that point. No filter media in air filter. Will need to further disassemble to view connecting rod at wrist pin. Before we jumped into that was hoping there were parts available to rebuild vs scrapping.
  17. Another one from Machinery Decals
  18. Just added some videos of where I am at now. Still need to make the blades and attach to motors and more to do on the electronics
  19. VID_20191013_135114.mp4 Added some more of the electrics last week and ran some more tests VID_20191015_205255.mp4 VID_20191015_205255.mp4 VID_20191015_205255.mp4
  20. Looks a good little ultrasonic machine, but it's not the $65/75 cheap type found on ebay, apparently it's $220 or $500 for a larger one; https://tinytach.com/ultrasonic-cleaners I do miss not having access to one, the machine at work was massive by comparison, from memory it was something like 5 to10 litres of cleaning solution diluted in water per wash tank. Perhaps a different chemical was used as it was mostly used for cleaning electro-mechanical & electronic assemblies. Apparently someone at the previous site it was used at, put a car engine block through it, though we found the robot wouldn't lift a 90kg electronic assembly (a forklift had to be used as there was no overhead cranes in the area). Very small parts had to be contained to prevent them getting lost and yes we de-greased items first to increase the life of the cleaning solution, so cleaning before being cleaned makes perfect sense to me. David
  21. Last one I had that speed up & shutdown was due to the governor mechanism not working. Your engine sounds worse as the piston has got damaged, it will need a complete engine stripdown & clean to make sure no bits of metal are left inside, anything missed could cause similar damage at 6300rpm. Please post some pictures so we can correctly identify both the engine type and the parts needed, are you in the US? Note that earlier engines don't have any needle rollers for the con-rod little end bearing, example below; Also did you clean out any old crumbly filter foam from the carb air filter before it was run? David
  22. That looks in very nice condition, they don't turn up very often (maybe no-one can identify them once the decals wear off or get damaged), I'm still looking for one too, not seen another in the UK apart from the one Paul rebuilt with the compressor from an electric Speedy Sprayer (made by WR Brown). https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=ASYDAAAAMBAJ&lpg=PP1&lr&pg=PA217#v=onepage&q&f=false The Orline advert shows it with a sprayer (part of an accessory kit comprising of a spray gun, hose & tire chuck). The instructions and parts diagram for this compressor can be found in the manuals sticky thread. David
  23. Yes that's the one Paul, the other is still awaiting restoration, thanks for the reminder about the decals. Speaking of decals here are a couple of pictures I took of the Aquabug decals to help Paul, they should be useful if other people need to have some made too. David
  24. This one ? Decals from Titch at Machinery Decals Paul
  25. Thats nice ! I bought just the engine and base in the UK some time ago and was lucky to find the correct compressor in the US, so completing the set... Paul
  26. The chainsaw pictured in post #3 was one of a pair I imported (they were sold together & it worked out quite well with the shipping), Paul now has that one, neither of them had any decals. David
  27. Wow- that’s a steal! Good for you grabbing an awesome deal like that. The last one I saw went for over $300!
  28. Yes it's a chip-a-saw got it off ebay last year hope I didn't out bid you. $37.50 no one bid on it was missing the recoil but I though that was a good price. ( was in a strange place on ebay) it's been nice the last two week I finally have time to work on this things.
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