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  2. Love my Hummel DE52 walk-behind tractor from 1956! Reliable and sturdy, it gets the job done effortlessly. A classic gem for any farming enthusiast. Highly recommended! And don't forget to check out the Boom & Bucket attachment for added versatility.
  3. Last week
  4. I wish I had 10% of your talent Richard 👍
  5. As usual Richard Fabulous work.
  6. I've been designing/making several parts over the last month. decided to go for rope pull start on the engine, simpler job and I could use an old pulley that was used originally on the 'Yellow Mower Challenge ATCO' back in around 1959. The pulley is a 4" Picador with angled slots cut in and filed for the rope knotted end. I had to make the brass retaining bolt once I'd identified the flywheel nut thread form (9/16" x 20tpi BSC). It is fairly quick to remove to gain access to the ignition points/mag- The mahogany bumper blocks were added so as to allow a short overhang of the pulley/flywheel and puts the engine/mount centre line over the rear axle. The finished engine mount has some embelishments added in the form of brass straps- Working on the fuel tanks stand/mount presently and have finished bashing the copper to shape for the top of the main fuel tank- I have more work to do on it before soldering up and make the reserve tank. Reduction gear mounts next and the drive etc for the cooling fan. Regards
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  8. At about 7/ 800 rpm and complete with a headache bar !
  9. The older D7’s hold a place in my heart as I grew up on and learned to operate the cable D7 in the vid above and I still have it and run it a little each year just to keep it active. They have a sound all their own with the big 4 cylinder engine in a hard push.
  10. Old Cat machines hold a timeless charm and are a testament to enduring quality. Nostalgia aside, their durability remains unmatched. Do you have a favorite model or memory with them?
  11. Looking at the pics of your jet assembly I’ve only just noticed that it appears to be missing a dished washer that compresses and expands the black flexible washer to lock the whole thing in place. When I get a mo I will have a look at a couple of books to identify it by number.
  12. Starting with a new hydraulic hose was a wise choice to ensure everything ran smoothly. Cutting off the outside prongs and welding on some angle iron to reach under pallets is a clever modification.It's always impressive to see how folks like you can repurpose equipment to fit specific needs. The world of DIY engineering is full of creative solutions.If you ever find yourself needing more advice or ideas for your forklift project, or if you're still on the hunt for information, don't hesitate to check out ANGUS Lift Trucks. They might have some valuable insights to offer for your unique setup.
  13. Hi Wristpin Having collected the parts from a supplier in Cinderford I got diverted and acquired a petrol tank through eBay with the screw on jet assembly. I installed this and the mower has been running well this season. This seemed to be a much simpler process but I intend to fit the replacement plastic jet in readiness for the next grass growing season giving me another to fall back on. Again many thanks for your interest.
  14. Long time ago, but did you get the jet issue sorted out?
  15. S1g


    I'm sorry to hear that, I only met him once at Tractor world a few years ago. A very nice chap.
  16. To be honest the traffic to get in is what stopped me going to this show. Even at 8am the bypass gets gridlocked solid. Once in i agree with you,its an amazing show, takes hours just to see it all, but I can't stand the que to enter the site.
  17. Thanks Nigel for your reply I am tending to agree as the price of parts will probably make it uneconomical to rebuild!!
  18. I would try and find a good replacement I think it would work out a lot cheaper
  19. Hello everyone, The Briggs & Stratton 3.5hp engine on my old hayter is now sadly on its way out.It uses a fair bit of oil and its now starting to rattle at the bottom end if used for too long. The carb could probably do with replacing too. I don't if its worth stripping down and rebuilding the engine with new parts or getting a direct replacement? I would welcome any thoughts on which would be the best solution.
  20. I'm so sorry to hear about Stormin Norman's passing. He sounds like a great guy, and it's clear he'll be missed by many. My condolences.
  21. There is a bellows for a different make of scroll saw listed on ebay. I do not know if it is the same.
  22. I am renovating this lovely old saw, it is fitted with a bellows / air pump which blows saw dust away from the cutting area. the bellows have perished and no longer work. Has an anyone managed to source these bellows, thank you.
  23. Well done sir!. Look's like you have enough there to produce some good projects. The Myford254 is a good machine. Regards. Richard
  24. Got some new toys for my workshop today Richard
  25. You can’t retire Angus 🙄
  26. Hallo again all you tractor enthusiasts,

    Just to say that my  1957 Trojan 'Toraktor'  is still MISSING and another year has passed.

    I have been to many shows and given out several hundred  'STOLEN'  leaflets but it still hasn't turned up. 

    Just to remind you here's a pic so you know just what it is we are looking for.  It can easily be identified from my own personal modifications.

    According to the police the thieves had connections in Norfolk, Somerset and Cornwall.

    Many Thanks for any help. Tim Sargeant, Goudhurst, Kent. 01580 211376

    Toraktor Stolen.jpg

  27. Retiring for the second time !! Having a clear out ! Villiers 150 cc Lightweight. 3/4” straight crank with keyway. Ex Webb24, I believe . Had a full overhaul and a set of rings. £75 Briggs & Stratton. 3HP. Straight crank with keyway. Ex Ransomes Marquis. Electronic ignition Valve job, tank clean etc. £85 Villiers F12 Sloper. Ex Marquis . Valve job, carb clean , recoil overhauled etc. £75 All running and ready to use. Collect from near Ashford , Kent. TN20 2
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