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  2. Hey Wallfish did you ever create the engine assembly thread? I just picked up one of the Tiny Tiger 300's, I've taken apart the engine and carb and reassembled and I still can't get it to turn over. I'm wondering what I did wrong. Does the carb prime with the button? Mine does not. The carb gasket could also be a little loose on my setup.
  3. Thanks, Only use Tesco Momentum Ron99 that's E5 I think Yes it's the 504 with 8hp Briggs and stratton engine. Will have to look for a guide on how to do the valves, guessing won't be too much hassle to do :-) Checked the clearence of the ignition coil and that was way out so adjusted that It's a good little mower :-) gave the grass it's final cut on Sunday with no issues :-)
  4. That looks as if it will clean up well. I used a similar machine made by Stihl as a starter motor for my Ransomes Crawlers. It worked well on machines with a decompressor and on those without as long as you turned the flywheel to past compression it would usually spin them over.
  5. I was wondering John if will the mustang ohlsson chain saw flywheel fit a tiny tiger engine?
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  7. The generator is quite noisy and I heard you can put more than 1 mufferler on them. I did it years ago but forgot what parts I need. I know 2 mufflers and a longer hook. Isn't there some kind of adapter I forgot thanks.
  8. I received it....Thank you....Put it on my " I Owe You" list. Just don't send the Godfather to collect it.... Thanks again...!!
  9. Hello All, i got an ice Auge driller for less money (25€) here in Germany. I like this little old machines much. My old o&r Drillgine gone broken some years ago… I didn’t found much informations about this tool online. Does anybody has a manual? First thing I have to do, is to clean it. Than I have to change the old fuel line. Maybe after these things I will mix fuel and try to start it 😄 to bore a hole into wood… greetings from Germany Jens
  10. I have a generator with fuel tank on the bottom and it is clogged. I am going to try carb cleaner and air to free it but what is inside a metal pipe or flexible fuel line. The other generator I have some one put a rubber fuel line inside the tank.
  11. Last week
  12. That’s a Magnetron ( electronic, no points) coil. Setting the air gap by the book - turn the flywheel to move the magnets away from the coil.Loosen the coil bolts and pull it away from the flywheel, tighten one. Turn the flywheel so that the magnets are under the coil armature legs. Insert your non magnetic gauge between the coil legs and the flywheel. Loosen th holding bolt so that the magnets pull the coil to the flywheel. Tighten both bolts and rotate the flywheel while pulling the gauge out. The gauge. I remember that instruction sheet supplied with new genuine coils can be used as a gauge. I use a strip of plastic cut from a milk carton.
  13. On E10 fuel that’s been around a while? Fresh E5 for all my kit and a dash of BS Fuel Fresh in the can before visiting the pump. Aerosol spray of GT85 in my favourite general rescue spray. Your machine looked like a Lawnflite 504/505 , so if on its original engine it could be a bit overdue for a valve job when you’ve got nothing better to do.
  14. Yes, clean the post and the copper points spring for that connection. All wire connections too. It's not common for a coil to fail unless damaged but it's possible. Condenser is a possibility. I also tap the nut on the shaft to remove flywheels
  15. Sorted for the grand total of £4 Sprayed carb cleaner in the inlet while turning it over and it fired up and spluttered for a while spluttering moisture out the exhaust. I'm guessing it was maybe just damp and condensation inside the engine? Fires up nice now :-)
  16. Ohlsson and Rice outboard motor for sale guys if anyone’s interested I’ve bought something else more suitable I think and more powerful too,she’s had the new diaphragm and gaskets in the carb but the needle and seat wasn’t sealing causing a leak obviously but if you switch the position of the gasket that may solve that issue I’ve just lost interest in it now,price is £150 Ono needs to go I’ve no use for it now. Solihull West Midlands
  17. My Lawnflite 504 worked fine in October but went to start it at end of November and it just keeps turning over. Occasionally it will almost fire up (Bit like trying to start a classic car that doesn't want to fire up) and I will get a puff of smoke from the exhaust. It's getting a spark and also tried 2 other plugs. Fuel is flowing fine, filter isn't blocked. Float is working as it should Poked some carb cleaner needels in the carb holes and all seemed clean It's getting fuel Took the airfilter off to make sure it's not blocked and when it turns over I can see fuel vapour puffing out It's like it's on the edge of firing up Would cold start spray work? Also read that carb cleaner can be used as an alternative? Any other ideas or is it just the weather making it hard to start? Thanks
  18. Thanks Anglo Traction, that is so very kind. It was a great help and I have found the right manual, which is brilliant. I have ordered 2 new springs. Thanks again. I thought I would have a look at the magneto. Which leads me to my next question, maybe someone could help. this is a pic of the current magneto. It looks like, to me that it maybe an electronic ignition. How can I tell if that is correct. Many thanks in advance. Have great weekend.
  19. No I did not, but I will try both of your suggestions. I really appreciate your help.
  20. There are a couple used coils and condensers on eBay right now. when you checked the spark after cleaning and setting gaps did you put the starter housing back on and pull the rope or did you just turn the flywheel by hand to check for spark? I’ve had engines where if I used the starter rope it helped turn the flywheel fast enough to get spark whereas if I just tried to spin the flywheel by hand nothing would happen. also, when you cleaned the points did you clean the little posts they fit on? I’ve had cases where the slightest corrosion or oil on the little posts messed up the spark.
  21. Thank you. I was able to get it off with a puller after modifying the puller. The reason I had it apart was it had no spark. I filed the points, set them at .020 and the magneto to flywheel gap was correct at. 010. I still have no spark. Are there coils and condensers available anywhere? Thank you for your help.
  22. i usually just loosen the flywheel nut and unscrew it until it’s about flush with the end of the threaded shaft. Then give it a sharp tap with the end of a wrench (or very small hammer) and it always pops right off. The rapid shock from the impact is what loosens it from the tapered shaft. You really don’t have to hit it very hard, more of a firm tap.
  23. I got my generator running but the flywheel nut keeps comming loost.
  24. Wallfish, What is the safest way to remove the flywheel and not damage it? I have a Tiny Tiger generator with no spark and I need to figure out why, thanks!
  25. Hello Steve, Your engine is a 1987 model. A bit past my B&S workshop manual date of 1982, but I've added a link here- B&S 132922 (and hope it works ok) It provides you with a Parts List for that model. Can't see a spring amongst the relevant items. Hopefully,, Wristpin will be along at some point and enlighten us. Rgds Edit - Sorry can't get link to work to your engine, but suggest you follow B&S site directions to your model number
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