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  3. That yellow box looks like an electronic ignition module to me. Apart from that I can't help. Sorry! Alain (Headexam} may know as he has a considerable chainsaw collection.
  4. How many times have you been up to Newby Hall, Nigel? ONCE if I remember correctly. Now how many times have I made the 380 mile drive south? 4? 5? I know Chris. Also yours and Pam's hospitality. Plus the rest of the usual group.
  5. Sorry to see your not coming down this year, you’re gonna miss a good show
  6. I bought another Danarm 55 MK2 chainsaw at the weekend & have a starting issue that I believe is electrical or timing. It has fuel & when you pull it over reasonably quickly it has a spark. It does however snatch back when you pull it over & takes forever to start. I am thinking that the timing is advanced more than it should be. My other saw has condenser & points & has a spark at low revs as they do with points. This one has points, but where the condenser is on the other saw, this one has this small yellow box. Has anyone seen this before & can throw some light on this problem please.
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  8. Yes Rolloman nice quiet runner is that my feet in photo 3 ?
  9. Hi All here is the latest machine to come to Scotland my Birthday Present to myself hope you like I just love it It starts so easy and runs as sweet as a nut
  10. Mowerman44


    o&r ohlsson & rice little wonder petrol hedge trimmer restoration
  11. I found a possible source for small U cup seals so I took a gamble and ordered a couple different sizes. I’ll let you know once they arrive and I have a chance to see if they fit.
  12. A bit of background... about 5 years ago my Uncle passed away and left me the contents of his garage. Now bear in mind that he had lived in the same house for about 60 years and in my Dad's words 'Never tripped over owt'. Due to time and space constraints I had to be selective about what I saved. To give you some idea, I did about 4 runs to the tip with my Cortina estate loaded to the gunwales and when my mate collected the scrap to weigh in the back end of his truck was on the bumpstops. I ebayed some things and saved some bits for myself, including these 2... Rotary Hoes 5 ton jack, now a garden ornament. 'Mastabar'(?) guillotine, I assume this would be for cutting soft metal sheet?
  13. Thats a beast Dave I like that ! Charlie Moore is your man for info on that
  14. Barfoprd Powerscythe unloaded pulley tensioners freed off cutter fitted JUST tyres and engine to sort
  15. I’m with you, the U cup is probably needed for properly managing the case pressure, shaft friction, etc. The o-ring approach might work for very short runs but would likely wear out fast or cause other problems unless you could get just the right balance of exact dimensions so as not to be too compressive on the shaft and against the inner wall of the groove.
  16. If an alternative replacement U-cup seal in this particular weird size range for O&R continues to be non-existent Post the size of the seal for easier searching. That X style appears like it would be better than a simple O ring but... It's my thought the U cup style was used because the case pressure will tighten the seal from that case pressure pushing inside the U of the cup
  17. Just looked at the rebuild thread again, thanks! Hmmm, you’d think someone would make little seals like this for chainsaws or something... more searching I guess. I still wonder if a X-profile o-ring might be an option. I don’t know enough about how the seal functions but I’m guessing that since it’s a pressurized system it’s best to have the U-cup rather than a more compressive type seal like an o-ring or the x-profile o-ring.
  18. Check out the engine rebuild thread, there's a pic of that seal. It's also a U cup
  19. I finally got this engine all put back together yesterday. I didn’t attempt to replace any of the shaft seals with o-rings just yet. I thought I would first see if the old seals had a little life left in them. Well, I got the engine to run for 1-2 seconds at a time, basically it will fire off the little bit of gas from priming the carb. Does this sound indicative of a seal leak or a fuel problem? I completely rebuilt the carb and cleaned the fuel tank and also added an in-line fuel filter (I do that on pretty much all my engines now) so I think the fuel system is working properly. By the way, the little “Crap Trap filters by Sullivan No 187 are great). As soon as I got the engine all back together I remembered the engine/shaft seal leak tests from previous threads. I was kicking myself for forgetting to try those techniques before buttening it all up. But, I guess I’ll get a second chance now If an alternative replacement U-cup seal in this particular weird size range for O&R continues to be non-existent, what are your thoughts on a X-profile o-ring? I was wondering if this style o-ring might offer sort of an in-between solution of a U-cup and a standard O-ring. I haven’t ever actually pulled one of the induction shaft seals out of the little groove. Is it also a U-cup style or something completely different? It doesn’t look like a U-cup to me but without actually getting it out it’s hard to tell. Does anyone have a NOS seal that can post some close up photos? Given their scarcity I don’t want to accidentally damage one pulling it out just to study it
  20. Another fine mess you got me into Stanley. I went to collect a Barford Power Scythe from north of the border and ended up with this lot which went to a gentleman in Edinburgh. A quick look at my Barford Powerscythe, needs new tyres, engine turns, coil dead (but saying that it is a Villiers ) very good cutter bar good project
  21. Sorry to hear that Norm; you will be sorely missed by us all.
  22. Wow - that’s a nice tidy set up for spare parts That’s a great little cabinet of drawers. Nothing like NOS parts... Ha! I like the photo of the cat!
  23. The parts from Bonnie arrived yesterday, as the '1000 engine rally' I was due to go to this weekend was cancelled (due to the field becoming waterlogged following heavy rain for most of this week), I had some time today to sort the parts into a spare drawer unit I got from work. About half way through I went searching in the shed for a full width drawer for the above unit, I came back to find the parcel being CAT-scanned. David
  24. Gas will clean most parts, just avoid getting it on those later plastic sticker decals. David
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