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smart&brown model M

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Don't be fooled by the paint. Just a quick tart-up by the last owner. Needs removing and re-doing. Undecided on whether to break one for parts. I am making one good one but there will be enough left to make a second working lathe. Otherwise

some change gears, drawbar would be available. What are you particularly after?


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im looking for a decent condition cross slide screw as mine is a bit worn(the acme thread looks like standard allthread/threaded rod) and maybe the original coolant pump if its there.

those change gears and drawbar sound good too tho:D

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I may keep the spare top slide as an alternate because its actually the standard type for the model A, which has less travel but has longer gibs for better rigidity. If I do, the cross slide may become available as the spare lathe would then become unusable.

Imperial Acme is a silly price in Europe and cheaper to buy in the US in spite of postage costs. But why not make it? Even unhardened would last a good length of time if you made it from EN8 and kept it well lubricated. (I'm planning on machining the top slide acme for the standard top slide which is well worn).

I only have one coolant pump and reservoir but the reservoir is little more than a cast iron box and it would be easy to fabricate from welded - say 1/8 - sheet steel.


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