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Can't attach any more pictures

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There is a limit for the total size your attachments can be.  For non-supporters this number is a total of 16MB for all your attachments.  Supporters do not have a limit!


The reason we place a limit on the attachment total size is because we are a member supported community.  The resources to keep this forum running are not free and to pay our bills we rely on supporters.  If we provided unlimited service to everyone, there is no incentive to support the forum and RedSquare would cease to exist which would be a loss for anyone who owns a Wheel Horse.


To get around this limitation you may (in order of preference)

  1. Become a supporter | Supporters have UNLIMITED attachment space
  2. Use your gallery | each member gets "extra" picture posting by the use of your photo gallery
  3. Host your pictures on a free site such as PhotoBucket (edit: do NOT use PhotoBucket, they charge for 3rd party hosting) | the disadvantage is if you move or remove your picture in that service, it leaves a broken image on the forum.
  4. Remove your attachments in your attachment screen | removing your pictures leaves a hole in the post which they are contained in which in most cases ruins the intent of that post.  This is handy however if you accidentally uploaded a picture which can be removed with no consequence. 

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