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  1. Wiston

    See you there Chris.
  2. Wiston

    Is any one going to Wiston this year 2018 I have an entry form to enter my two WH and would like to add to a section if possible,, I will be tied up in the working section with another display. I have an 857 & 211-3 Thanks Terry
  3. Rod ends

    Thank you for your help.
  4. Rod ends

    Hi all Does anyone have a supplier in the UK for rod ends that go on the end of the tie rods please. Many thanks. (I hope I have put this in the correct section)

    Congratulations on the Christmas web sight. Merry Christmas to all, not too much work in the stable tending to the horses. Terry
  6. Apology

    Apology if I have upset some members with my for sale comment and high jacking their thread, it was not my intention. I am new to the forum and will do my best to be more careful in future.
  7. Angle iron

    Thanks Chris sorry cant make tomorrow, I will give you a shout when I get back, I am not desperate at the moment. Terry
  8. Angle iron

    Hi all First of all thank you all for a warm welcome to MOM. My question is can any body tell me the last model WH to have an angle iron chassis that I might pick up in the UK as apposed to a pressed steel one, ( I need one) Thanks
  9. Angle iron

    Chris I am going away on Sunday for a week or so perhaps I can contact you when I get back , Thanks
  10. Angle iron

    My idea is to get something that is beyond economical repair as a WH that I can play with and modify for my 10 year old grandsons to have some fun with ( maybe make it a tandem) Any idea would be appreciated.
  11. 857

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