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  1. Looking at the hood stand and noticed there’s a bush where the steering column go’s through made from plastic type stuff, i think it must of melted when I heated the wheel up. Had a look and found a load of bushes and luckily had some with a 3/4” hole in just to fat to fit. I’m not a machinist but thought I’d have a play, I found a bit of 3/4” bar and drilled a hole to hold the bush and clamped it in the lathe. After a play i got what I wanted, maybe not the right way to do it but very pleased with the end result and only used one bush. All fits with no play so might even do the other one.
  2. It’s only a light coat of primer to protect it while I’m assembling them
  3. No, I’m gonna hang them on the Christmas tree.
  4. Slow progress today, after a struggle to get the brake pulley off and then hours with a drill and an assortment of wire brushes to remove all the rust and paint. I finally got it done and gave it a coat of primer outside in the sunshine.
  5. Happy 50th birthday Steve, hope you have a great day.
  6. I must still have that wheel in the shed somewhere, don't think I've used it
  7. No mate, one is off the tractor at the beginning of the topic the other was from a blue tractor from eBay that i took apart years ago
  8. Today’s activity was to remove the steering wheels from the column, anyone that has removed steering wheels from wheelhorses will know the problems with the roll pin removal and the wheel so with lots of banging several sessions of heat and cursing they gave in.
  9. The oil seals turned up in the post yesterday, outstanding service from Bearing Boys again.
  10. Paid £30 for mine back in the summer
  11. Good progress in this cold weather mate.
  12. Must be the angle I took the photo
  13. Well I’ve sanded the few coats of paint and rust of the transmission now ive got the pulleys off and ordered a set of oil seals from Bearingboys, they are so helpful and should have them Tuesday or Wednesday. Ive put a few coats of primer on just to protect it while I’m putting them together.
  14. The bit sticking out to the left of the window, last photo
  15. Good progress Ian and handy to have somewhere to put your cup.
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