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  1. Happy Birthday Matey, hope you have a great day.
  2. Happy Birthday Iain, hope you have a great day.
  3. Happy Birthday Norm, hope you have a great day mate.
  4. Sad news that the Kingsfold rally has been cancelled due to the weather and ground conditions.
  5. Happy Birthday Harry, have a great day.
  6. As the decals arrived yesterday Thought I’d stick them on, I’m not a lover of water slides but there the only ones available. Think it looks better with them on so job done.
  7. I’m so shocked and surprised to read this Ian i was almost in tears as i read this to Pam. Its a big decision to make and I’ve been close to it myself over the last few months as you know with Pams Health and family problems. I like to think we’ve had some fun over years and I’ve enjoyed your builds ( and driving them ) as well as the videos. If you need any help or just want to chat I’m only a phone call away and if your down my way you’re always welcome to coffee. Best wishes to you and your other half Mate and take care. Chris & Pam.
  8. Happy Birthday Doug, hope you have a great day matey.
  9. Many happy returns Joseph, hope you’re having a great day.
  10. As it’s a Wheelhorse tool bar i thought I’d make a cultivator from some junk I’ve got in the shed
  11. Just out of interest I thought I would weigh the ploughs, the Auto-cults is 26 kg, the Brinly is 32 kg and the depth wheel is 6 kg.
  12. At least it’s adjustable in every direction now, just need to try it
  13. In haste i made a quick hitch on Friday just to try it in the ground, it dug in well but had a lot of sideways movement so I decided to make a new one but only had the photos of above to go on. Just using some scrap bits of angle iron and a lump of plate, drill and welder this is what i came up with.
  14. Many happy returns Angus hope you have a great day,
  15. Sorry about my height Norm, next time I’ll stand on the bonnet and take them for you.
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