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  1. Happy Birthday Harry hope you have a great day matey
  2. I’ve cut down a bit from 29 to 12, much more manageable 20 wheels to piss on, they didn’t know where to start.
  3. From the left, 1956, 1958, 1960, 1968, 1969. Having a sort out in the shed , silly not to take some photos
  4. My display at a club weekend, it was only for members but very enjoyable and chilled out with friends.
  5. Bill and Ben came out from lockdown finally to get ready for a working weekend with the club, it was only a small meeting for members only but very enjoyable to get away from the house and catch up with friends.
  6. the showman


    I seem to remember on some early gearbox’s are filled with grease and sealed at the factory, hence no drain or fill plug
  7. Happy Birthday Nigel, hope you’ve had a good day.
  8. Happy Birthday Mark, hope you have a great day matey,
  9. Thanks everyone for your kind wishes.
  10. Think your right as some of the bearings are unavailable now.
  11. At least it stops people looking up my drive and they open nicely
  12. Next job on Pams list is the driveway gates, they were rotted out and I ended up having to make new frames as well.
  13. Looks a nice replacement Norm, be interesting to see how it tows your trailer loaded with tractors
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