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  1. the showman

    C-125 Rebuild.

    Good progress Norm, are you painting the front wheels silver or the back wheels white ?
  2. the showman

    C-125 Rebuild.

    Ive got a nice big gas blow heater if you want to borrow it.
  3. the showman

    C-125 Rebuild.

    Some good progress there Norm, looking good.
  4. the showman

    De' Ja' Vu

    Here's a reminder Norm for the axle seals
  5. the showman

    C-125 Rebuild.

    All that writing you didn't leave room for the photos.
  6. the showman

    C-125 Rebuild.

    I. Think you’re past the point of no return now mate.
  7. the showman

    Happy Birthday Koen.

    Happy birthday Koen, all the best for today matey.
  8. the showman

    C-125 Rebuild.

    Looking good so far, I like your gantry,
  9. the showman

    Kohler K241 10hp

    Kohler 10hp K241 rare AS model. Spec number 46695d , Serial number 7051812. Fuel tank needs cleaning out and missing straps also missing the air filter. Comes with exhaust and electric pto. Can be heard running. £100.
  10. the showman

    Kohler 12 hp

    Moved this into the shed , tidied up the wiring and changed the earth lead now it spins over and has a spark at the plug. I’ll put some fuel in it tomorrow and it should start.
  11. the showman

    Wheelhorse snowblower

    Bit late for sand blasting now I’ve painted it.
  12. the showman

    More Red Stuff.

    Gotta speculate to accumulate.
  13. the showman

    Newark Tractor and Heritage Show

    The Commmando 8 looks good
  14. the showman


    Good display Dave.
  15. the showman

    Wheelhorse snowblower

    Made some good progress today after getting it off the bench, i put it on a sack trolley and got it from the workshop to under the carport. It was quite easy to fit it into the quick hitch on the front of the Raider 12, the flag was easy to fit on the lift lever and all I had to do was put a 1/2" spacer on the lift rod to get a bit more height. The next hour was spent looking through all my belts and was lucky to find one that fitted. Bolted some more bits on so the parts box is almost empty and as darkness fell I fired the tractor up and ran the blower, spinning well and fast and the best bit the right way.