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  1. Once finished they had the right shape i was looking for but very flimsy so I’m not going to use them. Luck I’ve got a plan B
  2. All the credit goes to my son Steve for the hood work, Don’t know what I would have done without him Made a start on the rear fenders, i cut the boot floor out of a Scenic that my son was scrapping. I thought I would get 4 fenders but not to be Took ages to clean them up and the tin isn’t very thick
  3. Coming together quickly and making good progress mate,
  4. Off to a good start Nigel, the chassis looks heavy duty for whatever engine your putting in it.
  5. Gonna be an interesting project mate, I’m going to be watching this.
  6. Yes and. He’s almost finished a Mk1 cortina
  7. Making progress with the bonnets.
  8. My new tyres arrived yesterday, very pleased with them almost the same size and a third of the price. As the rims are old i put new tubes in them as they were only £6 each. Now both the boys are on the floor and rolling.
  9. Happy Birthday Jonathan, hope the weather is good up there for you to have a great day.
  10. The rears are old and cracked, just gave them a coat of tyre black
  11. Had a good day in isolation, Fitted the starter cup and it fitted ok also refitted the retractable starter on the other engine. Ben got his belt guard modified and fitted along with the pulleys and drive belt finally got his 4 feet on the floor so he’s moved off the bench. As usual a few photos
  12. This arrived on Saturday, thanks to Paul mackellow for the heads-up. Also my new tubes for the rear wheels, just waiting for 2 new tyres to arrive.
  13. Fond memories especially when I found the others in that old caravan.
  14. Sorting out the front tyres from the back of the shed, I knew these would come in handy one day. No prizes for guessing where they came from, . The wheels that i made I decided to put nuts and bolts through them although I welded them it’s just a safety issue, also found some shiny capped nuts to add a bit of bling.
  15. Yes mate, I got Ford diamond white but added a bit more yellow to make it a bit more creamy
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