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  1. Meon Valley Gardens

  2. Briggs & Stratton Running Issues

    Hi Sten, Cheers, i'll check both of these things when i get home tonight, let you know how i get on. Regards, Rob
  3. Briggs & Stratton Running Issues

    Hi All, I've just seviced the little Soverign lawn mower that i use on the allotment. It hasn't been used for a while before i seviced it. I finally got it running, replaced the diaphram, cleaned the filter, changed the oil, emptied out the old fuel, filled up with new fuel, all the rest was ok, already had a new spark plug, not much else i can do. Well finally got it going but it is running high and low, i've got a 30 second film i can send you so you can hear it (file size to big to put on here). Does anyone know what else i can do to make it run smoothly? Best Regards, Rob
  4. Briggs & Stratton Starting Problems

    Hi Anglo Traction, Thanks for your support with this issue, now my engines works perfectly and starts everytime The problem was that in the past someone had oiled/greased the bearings on the inside of the clutch assembly. This is how i fixed the issue. 1. Fig. 1 shows the assembled engine. Fig.1 2. Fig. 2 remove the ouside casing by removing the 3 bolts (1 on the top of the casing, 1 bottom right and 1 bottom left). Fig.2 3. Fig. 3 remove the mesh cover by removing the 2 small bolts. Fig. 3 4. Fig 4 remove the cluch plate. Tip: Place small container under the clutch plate to catch any falling bearings Fig. 4 Clean bearing, spindle, clutch plate and housing. I used soft detergent to clean bearings, spindle and cluch plate. I used alcohol top clean out the housing. Once all parts are dry, reassemble. Whoopee, now my engine starts first time, everytime Sounds so good to turn the fly wheel and hear the bearings drop into place. Thanks again to Anglo Traction for his expert help and guidance. Regards, Rob Hi Anyone viewing this, Sorry got my picture muddled up. Sure you can work it out if not just message me and i will clarify any points. Regards, Rob
  5. Briggs & Stratton Starting Problems

    Hi All at My Old Machine, I bought an old Briggs & Stratton Rotovator and have had it now for over a year. When i bought it it started first time, now it only starts sometimes. When i pull the cord it catches some times but most of the time it doesn't. When it does catch it starts first time and runs well. It has been looked after well and been serviced every year since new. New plugs, gasket, oil, petrol etc. Also i don't know what model, make engine size etc. it is, so if anyone can help there that would be most appreciated. The seial number is 130232 0560-01 75100207 Picture's below. Best Regards, Rob
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