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  1. I did wonder if you were thinking of your truck when you did the title
  2. Ian

    Winter Project

    Those two should keep you busy for a while Chris I'm with Paul.. Why not build a tricycle and a 8" 4 wheeler.... Like you I'm not keen on the original very small wheels..
  3. I'm guessing from the "Ford" bit in the title your going to paint it blue mate?
  4. Hi Norm, not sure on the size, I will have to have a measure though the odd shape will make it intersting to work out. I should point out that a small part of this will be a shed for all that garden stuff, so I will be losing a bit of space..... But it will keep my Wife happy, so worth it Thanks mate, I hope to be in long before silly season, but that depends on the weather and how much energy I have! Hi Alan, yeah you can't beat a wooden shack, without heating they feel much warmer than a brick/concrete garage.. A few more photo's coming. A small update.. The next bit of frame has gone up, the opening with the two planks fixed accross is where the shed (not workshop) door will go.. well, it will once I've cut a couple of inches off the base and fixed the rotten door bottom. The last remaining open bit of the small end wall has been clad filling in that gap, but I've not taken a pic of that. Rob roughly putting the next door post in place to have a look.. Speaking of doors... Here are the two workshop doors roughly in place.. One door isn't quite wide enough, and as there isn't a long enough bit of wall to get the doors side by side without loosing a window, round the corner they have to go It's amazing what you can get find after a quick chat with the local builder who happened to be walking past.. On the off chance your reading this Sam, thanks for the window This window will go in the back wall at the top to let the sun and heat in.. Free light and warmth.. Worth the agro of taking the wall panel out to fit the window..
  5. Back wall and small end wall up.. Rob is enjoying a much deserved mug of coffee.. If your reading this Rob, thanks for all your help mate As you will of noticed on the inside the workshop looks a mish-mash of panels.. But on the outside it looks a lot more presentable The next "bit of fun"! is to sort the wall closest to the house out.. 4 different angled walls, 1 window, 1 single door and 1 double door will make the next stage rather interesting! Wish us luck
  6. Hi Norm, I don't actually like woodwork, so no I'm not enjoying this build too much.. The weather hasn't helped, Rob and I can only get bit's done when it's not pissisting it down! Yeah it was a bit of a wide load for your trailer When the weather was nasty I've been spending time at the workshop getting things dismantled and packed into boxes. It's nice to have some space to do this now all the wood has been moved A few mostly empty shelves and things like the bench grinder and storage unit unbolted from the bench/wall. The lathe bench is very empty, taking the lathe off makes it a tad lighter to move. The lathe is on the big bench along with a few packed boxes. And all the Volvo running gear neatly plonked in one spot.. This all changed Saturday, when most of it was put on a pallet ready for a trip to Yorkshire tomorrow. Sooo.. Back to the garden and the workshop and panels are slowly going up. This is one end wall made from 1 shed side panel, the frame from the back wall of the demo-cabin and a lot of tongue and groove. Leaning against the wall are one end panel for the small end of the workshop/shed and one of the back wall panels which is made from cabin floor frame and a shed rear panel. And ready to go up is the other rear wall panel. This was made using the cabin side wall frame and a side panel from a shed.. You can see where it's been extended in height by 3 boards and lengthened a bit as well. What is a bit hard to see in the above piccy is the boarded up window opening. This will get a window put in it at some point, some extra light in the workshop is always a handy thing
  7. Shed No 3 I actually had already in the garden, but it was showing it's age with a rotten back panel, and load of rot else where.. Still, a lot of usasble panels on it As it tradition, no photo's of it complete, but here's most of it leaning against the bungalow. Under the shed was this mess, the concrete post did come in handy for resting pallets on though Pallets???? Yep the base of the new workshop will be pallets with a layer of OSB Board. Lyla in pallet watch The weather has been against us with this build, lot's of rain most of the time it felt! Eventually the cabin frame came down, here it is along with the posh door that needs some rot sorting out. Best get it all home then.. And before you ask... No I didn't transport this lot on the roof of a car Loads more to follow, but not tonight.. I need to relax with a cider
  8. Hi all, as most of you will know I'm moving on to pastures er.. smaller, which means a new workshop in my garden. This is really a tale of 2 sheds and a demo-cabin as you will see.. As this is a budget build I needed to find/use as much recycled wood as possible, which is where shed No 1 comes in. A big thank you to my Wife's daughter Lisa for letting me have a shed that wasn't going to be used.. No photo's of it before it was taken down, but here's one showing how it arrived at my place This is where the demo-cabin comes into things. There used to be a company trading at the end of the nursery (when my current workshop is) that sold posh wooden cabins.. To show their wares they had a demo cabin built that had different cladding on each side ond inside! Companys come and go, and this one went leaving the demo cabin behind for at least 5 years, maybe longer.... HHmm... Look at all that usable wood thinks me... One chat later and I had bought it for the amazing price of £50 Of course no photo's of the cabin before Rob and I started taking it apart, but here's a couple of the naked frame. The only problem using used materials is they tend to have lot's of nails/screws/big staples holding them together which means a lot of the timber came off looking like this! All the wood and tools were transported about the site on this trolley thingy. Having taken the timber off it needed to be stored somewhere.. yep the workshop! This will give you a clue as to the vast amount of wood came off the cabin and this is only the ouside, inside and roof cladding! The cabin also coame with this funky double glazed window that opens both ways!
  9. Stop that Chris, your bring me to tears! Yes it was a big decision, but in the end I just had to listen to my knees and hips, and then admit they were right.. They just can't do it any more.. Yep, we have certainly had some great fun over the years Ta for the offer of help and/or a chat, I need to get skype sorted... (Jot's it down on todays "To Do" list) I was down your way Monday, time was very short or I'd of sent you a text to put the kettle on.. Next time though.. You both look after yourselves, catch up with you soon. Thanks Norm, yesterday was a bit of a milestone health wise for my Wife when her Oncologist said, "I hope we never meet again"... Ahhh yes, I remember you thrashing Wh Not around the track out the back of the nursery, great times.. I always enjoy watching others enjoy my builds Ta for the best wishes mate, it would be cool to catch up at some point if your down this way Thanks Paul, feel free to pop in when your in Hawkhurst.. I will still be here, just the other side of the main road Thanks Alan, sometimes life throws curved balls at you, the only option is just to get on with it. Thanks for following my posts over the years, there will be plenty more posts to come once the new workshop is up and running. Ta for the best wishes, I shall pass them on to Mandy Thank you Sir... You need to make the decision that's best for you be it physically and/or mentally... I'm really struggling with the physical side of things, but mentally I need something to do to keep the ol brain cells active.. Option 1.. Scale down the things I can build to a size my body can physically cope with to keep the brain active.. Option 2.. Sell everything, spend the rest of my life watching re-runs of Jeremy Kyle and dribbling a lot as the intelligence is slowly sucked out of me!!! No contest really HI mate, yeah it's been a mad few years with plenty of mad builds, but your right, I have become a bit of an old fart over many months.. You slowing down!!! Your collecting stuff to fill up my workshop before I've even left it yet Hi Richard, it's a shame on the dowsize, but at least I will have a lot less distance to walk to the toilet I remember that chat well the last time we met! Don't worry, my chin will stay up Thanks dude, I'm not sure about the "sizable legacy" bit, I've just been doing what I like doing and posting it up. I'm not moving on, more like moving a mile & half closer to home Hi mate, yeah some good times were had.. How can we forget the GT-14 bar The leg end lives on?? What me foot? Let me know when your down this way.... Curry and chips ok with you? Hi Andrew, that's a bit of a late thank you! It was a pleasure to have you visit the shack, I will have a shack to visit, it will just be quite a bit small.. same old friendly coffee service though.. Thanks Guy's, sorry you will miss the WH builds, but I hope you enjoy my new smaller builds, going places I've never gone before.. Here's a link to what sort of thing I will be doing. Smaller Project Link Wow, thanks for all the great replys guy's, sorry it's taken a while to reply back, it's just taken all morning to reply to your replys I wonder if the name "UkShedBloke" is available on YouTube
  10. Hi all, I mentioned in my Hanging up my spurs thread that a certain something I had really enjoyed making had pointed me in a new direction (with the added bonus it can be done in a much smaller space (soon to be built)) to go. The said build as you will of guessed is a power crossfeed conversion on my lathe.. I didn't take any photo's along the way as it wasn't really a planned build, it just sort of happened slowly over time.. But here's a short video I made out it.. Some of you will remember the coolent system was basically a Ford P100 washer bottle with built in pump. Powered by this model railway controller. Well, the Ford pump eventually died and as luck would have it I had a twin pump washer bottle from a Volvo kicking about the place. Only one pump is running at the mo but it is now powered by a twin controller unit which will come in handy for powering the other pump.. Why two lots of coolent you ask? There are times mostly when drilling through a long length of bar, that the bar starts to get very hot.. So if I can cool the bar as well as the drill action end of things I might as well.. The Volvo washer bottle even has a "low level" warning thingy built in, so I might as well use it and wire in a warning light A few pics The new coolent bottle/pump. Not the best of photo's, the twin controller is next to the 80mph sign. You can see the old control unit which is now used for sideways action I have been thinking about making a milling plate thingy so I could also use my lathe as a mill, the face plate is only plonked in place to get my brain chewing ideas over.. If you take the lump of ally out the chuck and put in a milling bit you will get the idea of what I'm on about.. The lathe will give me "in & out" an "side to side", but how to do "up & down" and rotate would be nice... HHmmm..... Some thinking to be done.. But before any of that happens I need to think about repowering the lathe... For many many years the little Southbend was powered by this 3/4hp electric motor which I still have tucked away in a box. Then 2 - 3 years ago during a lathe bench rebuild it was repowered using this monster (in size) motor taken from a compost mixing/potting machine.. Short of power it's not! 2.2 kw = 2.9911hp so near a damit 3hp! So why am I thinking of repowering my lathe again? 3HP must be enough!! Well, there's two reasons... As all my tools and bit's will be moving to a much smaller space, the current motor on the lathe sticks out the back of the bench a fair way, so the lathe has to be quite a way out from a wall, which would waste space in a small place! Also the 3HP motor must use a fair amount of electricity, so something that uses less would be better.. Which is where this lump of metal and motor come in to things. Quite out of the blue I was offer a dyna-mix treadmill the other day, and having seen a few people on the Retro Rides Car Forum use the motors to power something I said yes. As you can see above the important end was soon chopped of and the rest scrapped.. Apart from the controls of course The motor is 1 1/4HP but as the original motor was only 3/4HP it should have enough uummpphh! So what's your thoughts on this repower chaps? Will the motor be up to the job? What will be nice if it works is speed control at the touch of a button.. I just need to think of a use for the incline motor.
  11. Yes you did read that right!. You may or may not of noticed I've not been on this fine forum in over 6 months.. One of those moments that makes you put life on hold happened. That moment was when my Wife was told she had breast cancer!! 6 months of tears, tests, scans, radiotherepy and sheer panic later she thankfully came out the otherside cancer free (not cured as there is no cure).. During that 6 months as you would expect I didn't spend much time in the workshop, and when I was there I wasn't really getting anything done... It's taken a while to admit defeat, but my body just can't cope with the pain that building "big" stuff creates.. I just can't do it anymore! The next step up painkiller wise would turn me into a zombie , somewhere I've been before and DON'T want to go again.. So, I've given notice at the workshop and have been gathering materials to build (with a lot of help) a small workshop in my garden to do "smaller" bits of engineering.. I will post a new thread about a small project that I managed to do that I enjoyed making so much it's kinda pointed me in the direction I should go... So yes, UkWheelHorseBloke is hanging up he's spurs, but he will still be making videos of the things I'm building
  12. Sorry to read about Lily Chris, I always had a bit of a soft spot for her and her fun ways..
  13. Thanks Richard, the tank isn't perfect but I'm quite happy with how it looks.. Not much to report, since the below pic's were taken the exhaust has been painted, wrapped to tray and keep the heat in.. Oh, and installed The final bit's of wiring have been done.. Clutch, rev counter, choke and throttle cables installed.. Rear drive shaft joints have been greased up and the gators fitted. A front gator was replaced as it had split.. One brake pipe moved as it was rubbing on a rear wheel! Jobs left to do.. Move a brake pipe as its hitting the exhaust! Make and install a chain guard so no body parts are sucked in and chewed up... Finish making a lid for the battery box.. Check oils. Fill the cooling system.. Put some petrol in the tank. Connect the battery.. Turn the key.. Hit the start button and see what happens.. If all goes well, then make a quick video followed by putting MadTrax up for sale... It's been a fun project, but the time has come to move on the the next mad project.... Oh, and the money from the sale wouldn't hurt Anyway, have some pic's The AA van wasn't anything to do with MadTrax, I just thought the yellow would make some nice contrast in the photo Oh.. I had to drop in the workshop Saturday only to find NIgel had given MadTrax the horn!!
  14. Morning all, a long overdue update for you all... I have been thinking about the suspension, but for a machine who's main roll in life will be to smoke the rear tyres/tires away, I'm not 100% sure it's going to be needed. with the low height I need there also wouldn't be any real suspension travel, maybe 2-3 inches! Also no suspension would make the build a tad easier!! My current thinking is something I saw on a racing mower which I am told works very well and saves a lot of back pain!! From the front it's hard to spot.. A bit of a give away at the back though Anyway, I'm not quite at that point in the build yet, but not the far off..... Yes work has finally started on Project Wheel-Vo I havn't quite finished my MadTrax quad build yet, but I had got to the point where I needed a few bits to finish it but no cash to buy them.. (Ordered this morning by the way) But MadTrax had reached the point where it could come off the bench... And as the bench was empty of course I needed something to put on it Engine, trans, a few wheels and the bonnet plonked in place.. Although the look is rather grin worthy, there are a few problems such as the bonnet is too short, too wide, and not long enough to not onlt fit over the engine but also cover the radiator, intercooler and tran oil cooler! Sooo best add 12 inches to the length and 4 inches to the width.. At this point I am not sorting the bodywork out, I just need to stretch things a little until Wheel-Vo looks right hence all the random bit of tube and box holding the bonet together.. The fender pan got a bit of a stretch as well.. "Now with an added Nigel" to help you work out the scale.. This is a good point to drop in a video as it kinda covers all of the above. What it doesn't cover is the fender pan getting lengthened a bit.. Seeing the fender pan just resting on the top of the tyres was bugging me, so to get it to stay in the right place and height it gained some legs.. Only one thing for it... Get the ladder out and climb aboard to see how it feels.. The view down the bigger bonnet from the seat is amazing.. You will see it in the next video.. Yes the seating postion looks a bit high, the middle of the fender pan will be chopped out and lowered to get the seat and my vast weight lower.. A couple more pic's without the fat bloke... And that's as far as the build has got, the next job is to copy the fender pans lead and makes some legs/stands to hold the engine/trans in the right place and screw it down to the bench. I still need to tweak the panels around a bit, but I'm not that far off of thinking about the chassis..
  15. Morning all, well the MadTrax build (or should I say rebuild) has been flying.. Not quite finished yet but not far off Lot's of parts have been painted and bolted back on to the frame.. A pile of painted parts.. The finish on the fuel tank isn't perfect, as is the way once the top coats go on you can see all the missed bits!! But overall I'm happy with it.. I needed to do a few bit's before the O/S footrest thingy could be bolted back on, one such bit the the 90'd drive in the photo. The big bolt sticking out the top is the breather.. The trouble is I'm running the unit upside down! So the big bolt was replaced with something smaller and oil tight.. To stop the drive from blowing oil out through any/all the gaskets I needed to put a breather back in.. This bolt on the bottom (although it's now the top) goes through the casing, so it was drilled and tapped to fit a grease nipple.. The nipple was drilled out to remove the little ball bearing and spring thus making it a breathing nipple?? Handy for putting a bit of pipe on Not much left to bolt now To finish off this update, here's the latest video.. enjoy
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