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O&R compact

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Hi guys,

i got no spark at all, what sort of gap should I have and anything else that might cause no spark. Also need a diaphragm for the carb. It’s a 3/4 hp compact.


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The gap between the coil and the flywheel should be .010", you can use a piece of card of the appropriate thickness to keep the coil in place against the flywheel magnets while the screws are being tightened, if adjustment is needed.


First thing to check if there is no spark would be the points that are housed behind the flywheel, these could need cleaning and the gap checking (usually .020" but listed as .015" on the decal on earlier engines), if there is still no spark then you could check the wiring and the coil secondary winding resistance if you have a multimeter, though it's rare for the coil to go bad.


I recommended you have a read of the carb rebuild thread if you haven't already, Webhead on here sells new carb diaphragms (also Wallfish has them too). And finally if you have the original air filter assembly don't forget to clean out the old crumbly filter foam from it.



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All sorted, I gave the points a clean and it had a cough and splitter and run for a few seconds. Just need a diaphragm and a fuel tank. Might make a stainless steel tank up at work. I’m hoping the tank was just a standard tank of sorts with a breather and outlet. Thanks for the help David.

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