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  1. OK, I have the AEP parts list for engines 20A1000 to 1009 (but the columns for 1003 & 1004 are blank). Types 1001 & 1005 also have the carb supplied by the product manufacturer and types 1000, 1005 & 1006 do not have the compression release valve either. SN #511xxxx will date to November 1975, so definitely an AEP engine. David
  2. Oh well, I'm sure they will find us next time they search for one. I'm curious, does the engine have an O&R/AEP engine type/SN plate on it anywhere, presumably covered in paint if it does? There are two possible locations I know of for the type/SN plate, on the frame near the spark-plug lead or hidden on the back. David
  3. I did notice a couple of forums with the Clinton K-150, all without pictures and none had worked out it was fitted with an O&R/AEP engine. It a shame I can't help them out on the forum you found, they want $40-$50 a year to access the forum (no free option that I could see ). David P.S. Added Clinton K-150 to the title.
  4. Back when you got the Little Wonder hedge trimmer I thought you were looking into designing & making a replacement with 3D printing? David
  5. I can't say for certain, but I can't see it making much difference for an O&R. It will reduce valve seat wear in older 4-stroke engines and of course there are engines that pre-date leaded fuels too, did they have to regrind valve seats more often? One of the aviation forums I found did mention how to test a sample of fuel for ethanol using water; https://forums.flyer.co.uk/viewtopic.php?p=1596038#p1596038 David
  6. There is only one page showing the LMB carbs, I guess it shouldn't be too hard to clean and replace the gaskets & O ring mentioned, as always take lots of pictures to help with reassembly. David
  7. Is it like any of the carbs listed in the "Carburetor identification" guide here?; http://www.clintonengines.us/Tech_Data.html Or the "Carburetor overhaul" guide on this page?; http://www.clintonengines.us/Maintenance_Overhaul.html I suspect the manual you have found will have the correct information for servicing the carb. David
  8. Sounds like your nearly finished, I had fun getting my first starter spring back in too. Yes we recommend a 32:1 oil/fuel mix with non synthetic (mineral) 2-stroke oil, so far only one forum member has said that the synthetic oil they tried caused problems with an O&R. @usedtoolman recommended using avgas as it supposedly doesn't contain the ethanol that is added to regular auto gas. It may run hotter but I can't see it being a major problem as nitro/glow fuel was used in the model helicopters & some model boats. The LL seems to be low lead, I've never tried it myself as I'm not near any airports. Some premium gas in the UK is supposed to have no or lower ethanol, finding a station that sells it is the problem and the people behind the counter don't always know what they are selling. David EDIT: Here is an old post with a link that may help with finding ethanol free gas in the US & Canada I've noticed in the last couple of months the pump nozzles at large petrol stations in the UK are now labelled E5 for ethanol tainted petrol/gas (or B7 for biodiesel), apparently this labelling become mandatory on Sept 1st in the UK, so it should help us avoid that stuff for our old engines. David
  9. I hadn't noticed till I downloaded the brochure, it is a very high quality scan. It also confirms that Clinton didn't use the standard Walbro carb for the 20A. David
  10. Wow that was a good find, has it got a AEP label on it or did Clinton hide the fact they outsourced the engine to someone else? If these were produced from 1975 to 1978 then the engine will be an AEP one. How much was it then, you could PM if you don't want to say here? Much better picture of the Clinton K-150 Outboard in the 1975 brochure here; http://www.clintonengines.us/Outboards.html Looks like the camo paint hasn't adhered very well in places, are you able to clean it off to restore the original finish? David
  11. The manual for the Little Wonder Power-Head & attachments can be found here, need to move them to the sticky thread. David
  12. It should be fine to use the diaphragm gasket, there is nothing in any service bulletins about the change, one of many small changes/improvements they did over the years. The rubber material used for the earlier check valve was the same as used for the diaphragm, I've had one that wouldn't stay flat and another missing the little valve part, they changed to using a better material later on but never changed the part number. David
  13. Was it a Series 20A engine then or a Tanaka engine? David
  14. The OP hasn't logged in since September 2018, I was emailing about these but stopped getting replies after the 20th Sept 2018, I hope he's OK. David
  15. Another nice find, it's a re-brand of the Little Wonder Power-Head with Cultivator attachment, they also made a Snow-Blower attachment, I have neither of these. I nearly bought one of the Derby Tiller versions a few years back, but the guy never got back to me on the international shipping so it never happened. I'm guessing not many survive as they probably got chucked out when the blades got broken or worn out. David
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