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  1. If you are using a PC with Windows then this thread may help: Not sure about adding pictures using Android devices as I don't like using the small screen for the web and I can't help with Apple "I" thingies as I don't have any. David
  2. At least try cleaning it first, I've had some where dirt was keeping those plastic reeds open and some that never seem to want to sit flat no matter what I do. Sometimes a parts engine can provide a replacement, note that there are differences depending on the bearing/shaft size fitted (you probably know this by now). David
  3. Well that's a new low for those, I hadn't seen one sell for less than $51 before (and that wasn't new condition either), it goes to show some sellers don't bother to research the value of what they are listing. David
  4. I'm sure I've posted this somewhere on the forum before, here is the parts list for the Orline Utility Pump with O&R Type 217 engine; David
  5. Is that the one on ePay that had no pictures, did it really only make $28? Absolute steal if you got it for that price. David
  6. Welcome Mike, there are several different O&R pumps that all seem to use the pump & impeller, I have three different ones here & only one where the impeller is intact, I should really get some measurements from it. This is the impeller remains from my Petro Chug-A-Pump with some measurements (pictures taken years ago). David
  7. The same thing happened here, I made a test stand and it's had an engine displayed on it for many years now. David
  8. The French have a lot to do with why almost all spark-plugs are Metric. https://web.archive.org/web/20120320135004/http://www.asecc.com/data/plughistory.html David
  9. Metric bearings on an American tool, that seems a bit odd to me. David
  10. I've seen three pan head screws* fitted to several Model J engines and my Model F engine, they are shorter so they don't stick out above the four mounting points, for when the gearbox is attached to a metal plate. *Part no #26-47, three fitted according to the parts list. David
  11. Well it can't be earlier than August 1960 as the gearbox models weren't available then (plus no mention of Ultra before Compact anywhere), I suspect the original purchaser/owner re-packed it with that newspaper. All the paperwork should have dates in the bottom left corner too, like this from the August 1961 engine price list. David
  12. They seem to turn up fairly often, I have saved pictures of at least 50 of them, there are two here as well neither are in great condition. David
  13. The converted mower is looking very nice now it's finished, did the blade fit the O&R or did it require modification? David
  14. Anyone buy this really nice early Model J with the original box? https://www.ebay.com/itm/203038832058 I rarely look at US listings these days as they sell before I get a chance can see them, but do occasionally check the completed and find all the interesting stuff. David
  15. Welcome Phil, there is lots of information on these engines, a carb repair guide and lots of other tools that are powered by O&R engines here; https://myoldmachine.com/forum/74-ohlsson-and-rice/ I recommend either starting a new thread in the O&R section or asking on a similar thread, if you need any help or assistance with your restoration. David
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