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  1. I have seen similar looking decals on the Meier Line chainsaws, both a Mark I & Mark II version, but no Mark V yet. David
  2. The Krestronics and a few of the others from the 'unknown' thread have engines from the earliest batch of O&R's, so it's not surprizing that not much has survived. David
  3. I thought @usedtoolman might have machined a mould to make those spark-plug caps. If you need a later style cap then Tecumseh part no. #610118 is the same, just make sure it's an original one and not a later version (with same part no.) before buying, been there bought the wrong one got the t-shirt. David
  4. The frame for the Krestronics Charge-R-Lite was in the unknown applications thread, we still haven't seen a complete one. David
  5. That tank looks like new now, excellent repair. Are those modified spark-plug/screwdriver tools that come with engine powered garden tools? David
  6. There are a couple of generators from smaller companies that haven't turned up yet, the Krestronics Charge-R-Lite and the Nobco Power Beam, but this is neither of those, it could have had a band with the name & ratings like the TT generators. David
  7. Very nice , there is nothing wrong with using the replacement coil, that is exactly what would have been fitted if one had failed in the past. Did the replacement coil fit the starter housing OK? I found out that an older coil doesn't fit a newer housing. Did you get the original insulator cap for the spark-plug when you bought the engine? David
  8. If it is home-made then someone must have spent quite a while machining those housings, the engine (Model K) is the same as used on the Champ generators. Question is did anyone buy it? David
  9. Just had a quick look at completed listings on ePay.com and found this strange looking O&R generator. The labelling for the generator output looks a bit homemade, as well as having the switch to select between 115V & 12V (instead of having a separate low voltage connector), the generator housing looks nicely made. David
  10. According to the 1971 Series 13A price list (special types), engine Type 216 has a 1700 R.P.M. single reduction gearbox with centrifugal clutch. It looks very similar to the Type 195 (H-III) but with the fuel/gas tank fitted on the opposite side to normal (i.e. below the carb), the Type 216 uses fuel/gas tank part number #A-32-30 with bracket #97-12. David
  11. Nice find, looks in need of a good clean and as usual the starter mechanism needs repairing. Apart from the air cleaner assembly I can't see anything else missing in the above picture. David
  12. The engine with gearbox is a Type 216, as mentioned in the compressor parts list available in the sticky thread. The parts list/instructions can be found in the above post, as well as the manuals "sticky" thread. Does anyone have the missing page??? the compressor diaphragm replacement instruction ends abruptly with "When this valve becomes......", the pages are numbered 9 for the instructions & 11 for the parts list. David P.S. I've merged the two compressor threads
  13. I've corrected the ePay link as it wasn't working. That looked nice and a reasonable price too, but neither a 1HP or CIII engine , it's actually a 3/4HP Compact I engine. David
  14. Parts diagrams for the gear case models from 1964 have been cleaned up, turned into a PDF and added to the manuals 'sticky' thread. Note: there may be slightly different parts used in earlier or later gear-cases, for example alloy gears in earlier models, the flat 'D' shaft used for the later clutch (instead of tapered shaft) and updated bearings. I've only just noticed part of drawing for the clutch assembly has a bit of the print missing, I checked and the original (below) is the same. David
  15. That looks very nice now and it's great to see the original paintwork in such good condition too. David
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