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  1. Welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing some pictures of your O&R powered Toby Cart skateboard. We have come across the Halicki motorised skateboard before in this thread; But I hadn't spotted the name Toby Cart before, which is just visible in the first picture in the above linked thread. There are a couple of different motorised skateboards (including what looks like the Halicki/Toby Cart) in the July 1965 edition of Popular Mechanics magazine; Popular Mechanics July 1965 (Motorised Skateboards) It seems Henry Blight Halicki aka Toby Halicki had a few different names according to Wikipedia. The website below states that he invented the Toby Cart motorised skateboard aged 21, which would be somewhere around 1964-1965 and it was featured on several TV shows including; Johnny Carson's Tonight Show, The Lucy Show and The Monkees. http://ampoleagle.com/a-dunkirk-legend-in-the-making-p2615-146.htm From what I can see in addition to the missing tank & carb, you will also need a tank strap, the two carb/induction housing flange gaskets, an air filter, the other cylinder plate & a UY6 spark-plug. All of those parts are commonly missing from O&R engines, but they do turn up from time to time on eBay, or it may be easier and cheaper to buy a donor engine. The carb will be one with a diaphragm primer button & needle valve on top. The Model J engine is one of versions that had a reduction gearbox (900rpm output, 6.9921 to 1 gear ratio), they also seem to turn occasionally on eBay. In my collection I have a barely used JI that I imported from the US and a rough JIII that I found in the UK (which I intend to get running again at some point). David
  2. As far I know I have never seen an exploded view or parts list for any version of the Amp Champ, should I add a wanted section to the manuals thread? This is the only advert I have seen for the Amp-Champ (apart from the magazine articles), I can't remember where on the web the picture came from. David
  3. Yes there is a UK 230V version of the Tiny Tiger, I have one rebranded as the Tiny Tor, it has a different stator winding with thinner wire & more turns to give 230V, the output frequency range will be the same as the US version it has the same number of magnets on the rotor. I don't have any bikes myself, do you have any problems with Ethanol gas/fuel and your vintage/classic bikes? I only ask as others on here have asked if it should be used with O&R's in the past, the last thread mentioning this is this one (post #6 onwards); I have heard of the Gannet engine before, three have sold in the last 3 months in the UK (none of which were air-cooled), wow they are expensive compared to O&R's. David
  4. Thanks for adding shipping to the UK, I think the high cost is due to using Priority International, is the shipping calculated by ebay? Recently Webhead found he couldn't use the USPS online shipping service for First Class International for a couple of small parts I ordered, he sorted that by going to the Post Office. We don't get to many requests in the UK for parts, I have some reproduction carb diaphragms from Wallfish to help UK and European collectors. Sadly 'ListerDiesel" aka Peter Forbes passed away in March last year, he was the admin for "stationary-engine.net" aka Fozzers forum, the forum is currently offline, I have no idea if it will ever reappear. I hadn't seen the other links from "Mike in NC" on smokestak, thanks for posting about that. I have an original of the 1971 master price list, it doesn't tell you which engines the parts are used on and it's not much use for later parts after 1971. My later master service manual is missing the master parts price list. I will add links to the manuals thread for those. David P.S. Bonnie, the flywheels you have on ebay are both for the Series 13B engine, they are listed on the parts diagrams for 13B-401/406 and 13B-413 to 416, they are described as; 400565 flywheel (includes starter springs, dogs and retainers) 400566 flywheel with pins only?
  5. If I had more time I probably would start a book. I have a parts diagram from 1963 on the way from Australia to fill a gap in my information, I do hope one day to find some of the obsolete early service bulletins that aren't included in the master service folder, as well as later stuff from 1975 to 1978 (the end of AEP). David
  6. I don't know why ebay decided it was a good idea to block all international communication either, the screenshot was taken about 5 hours ago. Are you OK selling any of your O&R parts overseas? it doesn't have to be through ebay either. Do you have any original documentation to sell? Do you have any history of which service place they came from? Okay here is what I found for the parts, looking through a lot of different engine diagrams; From 13B-300 and later parts lists (Sept 1973 onwards), not used on earlier engines. 400376 gasket & O ring kit for the engine 400377 gasket & O ring kit for the cylinder only Used on Compact I,II,III & 13A engines & 13B engines before 1973. 5-14 exhaust collector gasket (lower) CNew is right, the last one is used on the late (approx 1978) AEP Groomer string trimmers fitted with the Tillotson carb & many other Tillotson carbs (not just for the O&R/AEP), still available in Tillotson carb kits, no complete trimmers have yet been found as far as we know. 201009 carb flange gasket (for Tillotson) David
  7. The market is also going to be limited to people that are near enough to collect it from Salinas in California. David
  8. Best to paint it, or you will be polishing it continuously to keep it clean, the paint should help prevent corrosion too. Do you have any before pictures? David
  9. That seller has had a few parts that interested me in the past, that I couldn't contact them about. And more recently I tried to give them some helpful info about the engine type those flywheels fit, but was also unable to contact them, not sure if they don't allow any questions or have just blocked international communication (which is unfortunately very common on ePay these days). David
  10. There is no feedback between the generator and engine, I seem to recall the generator output frequency is around double that of a mains wall outlet. Be very careful not to damage your generator, I have one here that failed at max RPM when the governor vane fell out of the carb butterfly, the output voltage is now half what it should be. Also overloading these generators can also ruin them. On all the Tiny Tigers the carb needle valve adjustment was set after the engine had warmed up, with a full load of approx 300 Watts of traditional incandescent lamps (250W to 350W). Later engines also have the governor control lever (quadrant control) for adjusting the governor vane spring pressure for required engine speed. The later manual gives information to set this to the lowest setting appropriate for the intended duty/load, it gives governor lever positions of vertical for normal loads and fully towards the muffler for heavy loads. Also for battery charging the governor control lever is used to control the charge rate. I intend to scan the Tiny Tiger manual & add it the the manuals 'sticky' thread when I have some free time. David
  11. Must be this one; https://www.ebay.com/itm/202651831428 David
  12. TinyTiger hasn't been on the forum since December last year, it may be best to send a PM to find out if it sold or not. David
  13. I would suggest you add some pictures of the parts you can't identify. Also have you had a look through the information in the manuals sticky thread? David
  14. This may be of interest on here, a vintage model plane with an early Ohlsson & Rice 3/4HP engine, the wingspan is 7ft, the engine is SN 007860 dating from around 1961. The only replacement parts I can see are magneto coil and a complete later carb primer assembly & needle valve, the original side mounted needle valve has been blocked off. As it has been converted to RC control with a servo & cable for the carb throttle control, the redundant governor vane has been removed too. Model plane on eBay.com David
  15. Looks very nice too, was the engine built from scratch, or from a kit? I have an Original brochure/leaflet for the Sea Queen (with O&R engine & Octura accessories), it needs to scanning & adding to the manuals sticky thread when I have time. David
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