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  1. Engine type 115 was used on the Kenco water pump according to the list I have, also seen one fitted to a Kenco pump in a thread on here, older Tiny Tiger Model 300 usually have engine Type 111. David
  2. That is a Type 133 engine, they were supplied to the military as spares, for use on the military version of the Kenco pump; David
  3. Part #21 on that diagram is a screw, this is used on earlier engines with a tapered output shaft, later engines use a D shaped shaft for the clutch assembly. David
  4. They were actually made by the K & P Manufacturing Company, everything else is just a re-brand, aka badge-engineering. David
  5. Apologies for not getting back to you, been knackered with the heat, work & change of medication recently. The con-rod bearing, are you talking about the lower one for the crank pin? and if you are, does it have a slot in the bottom on the con-rod? this determines which type of bearing should be used. I have collected bearing info from the parts diagrams I have (1961/62/64 & up), need to check if I have more 1963 info, as they changed the bearing types from Oct 1963 to using steel cages, instead of the nylon plastic ones. David
  6. I've now got more information, engine type 13B329 in for an Orline chainsaw, release date was 7-18-73 according to the list. David
  7. Bienvenue sur le forum, les manuels du taille-haie Little Wonder alimenté par O&R se trouvent dans le fil ci-dessous ; Welcome to the forum, manuals for the O&R powered Little Wonder hedge trimmer, can be found in the thread below; Les PDF du manuel ne peuvent être téléchargés que si vous êtes connecté. The manual PDFs can only be downloaded if you are logged in. David
  8. The patent was filed by two people from Wrightsville Ga (Georgia), it seems a very specialist use, possibly they didn't sell many of them. And pine trees are mentioned in the patent too, this would fit with the JB tree shaped logo. Can anyone confirm the engine Type/Model used, I suspect it might be Type 97, this is listed as a "Chipper Saw" from Comet Industries, Type 97 is not mentioned in any of the Comet literature I've seen, could they have made it for JB Bennett? David
  9. If your in the UK/Europe I can help with the; idle screw & spring, and carb diaphragm & diaphragm cover gasket. Sorry I can't help with the air filter, they are often missing and everyone wants them. But if you have access to a lathe, you could make something to fit, example of one made by @Terry L here (post #9). David
  10. A bit of research which may or may not be related. I've found a reference to a J. B. Bennett Power Chipper, it's described as a mechanical gum harvester, developed by farmer Julian Bennett, the date of 1962 fits with the age of the engine. Link below from the web archive, as the original is offline ATM; http://web.archive.org/web/20210419002330/https://sclfind.libs.uga.edu/atfa/timeline/index.html And a patent for a power tree chipper, a portable unit powered with "one-half horse-power two cycle" engine, for chipping bark from trees to allow harvesting of sap or gum. Date the patent was applied for was also 1962, but the machine shown in the diagrams differs, also has a built in sprayer using the exhaust conduit and a fuel cut-off valve in the handle. https://worldwide.espacenet.com/publicationDetails/originalDocument?CC=US&NR=3121974A&KC=A&FT=D&ND=4&date=19640225&DB=&locale=en_EP# David
  11. The coil cover & cylinder cooling baffle/shield is very similar, to that used on the Comet tools range. To me the logo almost looks like a tree, with a bit missing. Edit: Is this another on the chainsaw collectors forum? it's quite an old post, described as being a J B Bennett product, no picture of the decal though. http://www.chainsawcollectors.se/phpbb3/viewtopic.php?p=7481&sid=aa179800760c2ce76999ac114cc7cf94#p7481 David
  12. Welcome to the forum, good to see you got the pictures working, the Type 160 engine was once part of a Little Wonder hedge trimmer, of course heavily modified to use for something such as a model plane, as you've already figured out. David
  13. There is no choice but to use the UY-6 (10mm) in older engines, unless the cylinder is replaced with the 14mm type used on all later engines. As for the CJ-8 & CJ-14 (both 14mm), they were both still listed in the 1971 master parts price list, but O&R did recommended to use the CJ-8 for chainsaw engines in a service bulletin. Note, some of the modern Champion spark plugs have a none removable solid top for the plug cap. Earlier coils require the type with a threaded top for the plug lead, unfortunately this means searching for old stock, some sellers use generic pictures so best to ask to confirm what they are selling. David
  14. I've got a couple of parts lists scanned, just need to get them edited & create a pdf. I've also got the operators book but this hasn't yet been scanned, the quality is about the same as the photocopy that I got on ebay some years ago (i.e. very poor). David
  15. It's one of those older style coils, where the plastic casing has reacted to an unknown chemical, we've seen they melted looking & gone sticky before. That one might be the worst we've seen though, as the top layer of windings are visible. I guess one day we'll probably get a post mentioning someone using the wrong chemical to clean it and it ending up like that. The 230V DC outlet was probably removed to prevent damage to appliances that require AC to operate, i.e those fitted with transformer. The AC outlet is on the other side. David
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