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  1. There is a picture of another (later ?) version of the Irvington winch in the 1967 Mechanix Illustrated magazine you bought a while ago, it's the article that mentions the Mt Everest expedition, I hope to find some archive pictures one day that show & confirm which O&R powered winch they used. Looking at the Irvington winch I can imagine that some of them have probably had the name wiped off making them hard to identify & find, the label looks to be the type that the print easily disappears from if you accidentality use the wrong cleaner. David P.S. "Irvington" added to title to make it easier for people find this post when searching for information on the web.
  2. That looks in nice condition, looks barely used, you seem to be missing a screw for the cooling baffle. We need to find someone that can make a few replicas of the lacquered pull knob. David
  3. Nice to see, but when did the Tarpen engine change from a Mini-Engine to a Little Engine, did the magazine editor change it? David
  4. Looks in nice condition, hopefully it will be a straightforward rebuild, I still haven't got round to trying those new seals in my early engine, work keeps getting in the way. David
  5. The modern versions of the Champion spark-plugs used for the O&R's tend to not have the removable screw fixing for the HT lead that the originals did, they should really give them a different part number as they aren't the same. I first found this with the CJ8 used for the later engines with the 14mm hole in the cylinder, only bought NOS of the other types after that. David
  6. Here is another pump that your engine could have been part of, there is no branding on this one (if it had a decal it's long gone). The engine SN of this one is #005790. David
  7. That doesn't look too bad, did you find something for the two tank decals? I have seen a few others on chainsaw forums, there are probably a few unidentifiable ones out there too given how easy the decals get damaged. Whether other collectors would want to restore them to new condition & replace the decal, I just don't know. David
  8. I have the Petro drill, pump & chainsaw, probably won't find the mini-bike though, too expensive usually. David
  9. Yes it's my Petro Chug-A-Pump, some more pictures of the wreck I started with in this thread; I really need to update that thread, too late tonight though. David
  10. Is guess it's your choice, either the modify the Mono decal you have, fit a standard O&R one, or wait until Titch has time to make these again. David
  11. OK, do you know anyone with a wood turning lathe? Any condenser from an O&R would work, if an early style one had failed in service it would have been replaced with the later one. I've used modern parts too; The rest of the pump is the same as the Comet, Orline, Petro etc with the small rotary vane type pump, the type with the rubber impeller that always seems to be knackered. Petro version shown below; David
  12. How much is a single decal? Could you not get a batch made and sell the others to people that need them? David
  13. That's one of the first 6000ish engines, it's possible it might not have a Model stamped into it, it's certainly not a Model J as it has the remains of the pump it was once part of. The capacitor would have been the slightly larger diameter one. The starter pull would have been the lacquered/varnished wood type, could you not try stripping the paint of a later one? David
  14. This is the correct starter knob for your engine; https://www.ebay.com/itm/254667514687 David
  15. I've got to say that is a vast improvement on the paint finish it had before. David
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