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  1. Thanks for adding the manual, I'm sure the information will be very useful to anyone that has the Wards Model 10 digger (earth/ice auger), also nice to see Montgomery Ward couldn't spell Ohlsson & Rice (Ohllson & Rice) either. David
  2. It made approx $233 the first time it sold & $225 from the second seller (a couple of months later), add the shipping costs to that. David
  3. Cox (an O&R competitor) made both model engines & the Series 140 engine found on that chainsaw (Beaver), they also sold a bike kit (Bronco), more info here (scroll over half way down); https://www.mh-aerotools.de/airfoils/cox_specials.htm Roper acquired the rights to the Cox Series 140 engine and re-branded the engines & tools. David
  4. There are a pair of O&R chainsaws in this estate clearance auction in New Castle, IN , maybe of interest here and keep a watch for future auctions at the same location as this is the 5th sale they've had ; https://harmeyerauction.hibid.com/lot/63695100/chain-saws--6-in-lot-/?cpage=4&q=&ref=catalog Previously sold Tiny Tiger large tank version for only $38. https://harmeyerauction.hibid.com/lot/58406769/tiny-tiger-generator-in-wood-box/?cpage=3&q=&ref=catalog Cutaway engine for the bargain price of $62. https://harmeyerauction.hibid.com/lot/62247722/ohlsson-and-rice/ David
  5. Nothing unusual I can see with the recoil, it's a Series 13B engine, the chain cover & air filter are different to the Orline versions. David
  6. Found this by accident searching for other chainsaws. Indian branded O&R powered chainsaw on flickr at a show in Milang in Australia; David
  7. Australian Mobilco chainsaw with the TAS motor, could it be a licensed copy of the Petro Chug-A-Saw? http://chainsawphotos.blogspot.com/2005/09/mobilco-vintage-chain-saw.html Note: there are some differences, such as the chain oiler being part of the handle and the handle also has Mobilco cast into it instead of Petro. David
  8. Stupid question, do any of those match properly the size of the original fuel line for O&R's? It's not normally a problem, but with at least one tool the new stuff is too big (externally) to fit the hole in the side of the tank. David
  9. Look familiar? Can't help thinking the tank needs rotating 90 degrees if it's permanently attached to a truck as shown above, also notice who sold it. David P.S. There are about 12 editions of Desert magazine from between 1961 & 1963 with O&R powered products, I need to get links added to the sticky thread as PDF's are available for all of them.
  10. He was complaining how expensive it was in the video, not sure about that as there is cheap tubing on ePay, but not necessarily available in the size you want. David
  11. Well I seem to have two sets of pictures for this winch (it got sold twice on ePay), spot the difference!! I wonder what happened to the small chain guard? And what happened to the decal? David P.S. it made slightly less the second time it sold.
  12. Another early TAS chainsaw (model P73) complete with the original advert, on French chainsaw website; http://collectionneur-tronconneuse.fr/p73#more-92 David
  13. I had seen that one before but don't think I posted it, there is a decal (BHV Bazar) on the other side of it that could be the model/brand/shop that sold it? http://collectionneur-tronconneuse.fr/compact-3#more-1085 I assume you had a look at the Butterfly chainsaw too. http://collectionneur-tronconneuse.fr/p73#more-92 David
  14. Laser cut!!! , I had to square up that thick off-cut of steel for my test/display stand by hand using a hacksaw & file. David
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