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  1. The OP hasn't visited since April 2022, if they don't see the reply, it might be worth trying a private message. David
  2. From a bit of searching on the web, this hedge cutter seems to be a TAS model THT-23S or similar, maybe this will help with finding more information. David
  3. That looks to be a replacement engine, the TT400 here has a Type 112, the wear & corrosion on this engine match the rest of it, the original list would confirm it. These earlier engines are the ones with the nylon bearings, it's possible the original engine self destructed in some way, or was too challenging for the last person to fix. Nice to finally see what the Octura rotary valve looks like. David
  4. The non-serviceable bit relates to a seal, the later type of seal that is bonded to metal ring, which can't be removed without destroying the feather valve assembly, due to the bearing being pressed in, blocking access. The service bulletin is S-E 093, which was added to this thread; They eventually made the same change to the induction housing too, must have increased profits on service parts, why change two cheap seals, when they could sell a complete new feather valve & induction housing. David
  5. The auction link in post #1 has a description of the reversing lever, I was thinking the same idea, the belt is loosen to slip and the flat part of the pulley is pushed towards the rubber tire on that large internal drive pulley. So we have several pictures showing the larger size double reduction gearbox, this narrows it down to Models F & J at 900 RPM or Models U & V at 1750 RPM, the model or type is on the opposite side to the serial number, exactly where no one would photo it. Models J & V have a clutch fitted. David
  6. That engine looks to have once been part of a hedge-trimmer. David
  7. No spare gearboxes here, they are quite hard to find, most engines (that aren't part of a tool) seem to have them removed over here, to use in RC applications. Also I don't actually know the correct engine model/type with gearbox that was fitted to this car, it's not listed in the O&R model index, ideally we would need several identifications to confirm the correct type, I'm not convinced the one I saved pictures of has it's original engine, it's too clean compared with the rest of the car. The last guy I helped with parts never replied, when I asked about the type/model. Another question I haven't got an answer for, what is hidden on the inside of that pulley? There has to be a reason why it's extended. David
  8. After comparing a lot of different part numbers, I've finally figured out the correct engine type, which is Type 13B340. The induction housing assembly was the part that changed, 13B340 used the older type A-13-18 that was used in most engines from the approx 1965 onwards. And 13B406 uses the newer type 400563 which has two extra screw holes, to directly fix the feather valve assembly to it. Take note of the different spacer used under the cylinder too, these are original. Scan of parts list/diagram to follow... David
  9. Thanks for that picture, the O&R branding should date the engine to Nov/Dec 1974 or earlier. There are two possibilities for the Chicken Power engine, with the threaded exhaust manifold, remote mounted fuel/gas tank and a silver painted /starter blower housing with toggle switch (the numbers in brackets are the release date from the O&R list); Type 13B-340 (7-1-74), this had a flexible exhaust pipe. Type 13B-406, this has a tube exhaust pipe. I'll have a closer look at the part number differences another day (the carb parts differ between the above two engine types). Other engines that it can't be are; Type 13A-181, older style engine with round starter mech. Type 13B-328 (8-29-73), has five cup exhaust muffler. Type 13B-341 (1-21-74), has five cup exhaust muffler, but could also be supplied with threaded adaptor. David
  10. Can you confirm if it has AEP or O&R on the decal at the top of the blower starter housing? I'll see what info I have on this one. David
  11. I'm fairly certain the kill switch is one made by Switchcraft, a special variant of the 951 (now 951X) with one side grounded. Usually it's just the plastic plunger that breaks off, might be worth checking the hidden part inside the handle & comparing sizes against this pdf; https://www.switchcraft.com/assets/1/24/951x_961x_cd.pdf?5535 David
  12. Yes it has the wider piston rings, it couldn't have anything else as they had discontinued the narrow rings and this was the replacement given in the 1975 parts price list. David
  13. A picture of the piston with rings part #400560 (picture saved from ePay many years ago), this was listed as the replacement when the narrow rings were discontinued. David
  14. The narrow piston rings are A-33-13 (also used on early 13B engines), when these became obsolete they used replacement piston & ring set 400560. And the wider rings used on later 13B engines are 200862. David
  15. Maybe post #9 here will help, I added a short guide to reassemble the 13B starter (note 20A engines are different, as they were made in both rotations). David
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