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    O&R engine

    I'm in the process of fiber glassing the boat. bottom needs one more coat. Thanks for the reply Webhead.
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    O&R engine

    Howdy boys, New here. Received a O&R 1hp engine with a trade. It came in a 42" boat. The old style round nose Hydro. The engine turns over, delivers Spark and has good compression. I have nothing to compare it to in it's class so will say "Good". Haven't tried starting it but believe with, Fuel, Air and spark it should at least kickover. I have all the Boat mounting hardware and exhaust. I need the out drive to use the boat. I have an 90 size electric motor I plan to install. The Boat's that I've seen posted is different than this one. Just curious to see if anyone may know which hull it is. I'll have to take a few pics and transfer them to my computer.