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  1. A hello to all, this being my first post .. I’d be grateful if someone could steer me in the right direction regards locating some information. This particular Ransomes/Steiner 220 is Kubato diesel powered. I’m particularly after engine and charging electrical systems data, indeed as much details as possible to get this machine back into a functioning condition .. Thanks
  2. Hoggy

    Ransomes Turf Trak 2/Steiner 220

    Thanks for that, I will try downloading a diagram and look for the regulator tomorrow
  3. Hoggy

    Ransomes Turf Trak 2/Steiner 220

    Hi ... Its the two wheeled drive version (Kuboto diesel engine) . The alternator isn't producing any electrical output, suspect it may need a repair or an exchange unit? ... haven't got a wiring diagram to test the circuit and components within the charging system prior to laying out on an alternator repair or replacement. I'm hoping to sort this problem out and give it a service. I've been asked to mow a fishery this coming spring/summer ..... the lakes are about 6 acres so the perimeter is a fair old size. I'm not familiar with this type of machine. I just want to get the Ransomes /Steiner 220 up and running reliably then I will have an opportunity of some part time work this spring/summer. ... Cheers