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  1. Fuel tap was pressed together, definitely not serviceable, but obvious why it was leaking 😱
  2. If that's the only bit that's meant to contact I'll build it up with weld and face it off, assuming I can get that part off the shaft. But it was getting some drive from that so should be salvageable. Hopefully
  3. Can't see anything to suggest it's anything other than their own, although the rest of the electrics seem to be bosch. My assumption is that all 4 raised rings on the sprung plate on the pulley side should come into contact with the concave plate on the engine side. That looks like it's had some repair work in the past, and doesn't seem keen to shift, so next assumption is that it's been bent with pullers during a previous extraction attempt and needs straightening. I can't see any other obvious means of adjustment other than shimming
  4. Hi all, Firstly, my fuel tap is leaking quite badly, assuming internal o-rings are gubbed, but it doesn't seem to want to come to bits, anybody know if it will, and if so, how? Secondly, getting very little drive from the magnetic clutch on the front PTO for the cutting deck. Have taken the pulleys off and there's obvious wear around the outer edge of the engine side plate, and it's noticeably concave, should this be flat??
  5. Sturge