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  1. 4x4forks

    Kubota B6100

    What price education!
  2. 4x4forks

    My new Tractor

    How about MERKEL....lol
  3. 4x4forks

    Afternoon in the workshop!

    I need something to put a load on the engine of the new purchase , Kubota B6100 4x4 and I pulled a failed project from the weeds and had a look. I had made a plough from a I think , Anzarni plough body to fit my Gutbrod but i could never get it to work . The Kubota having a true 3 point linkage , was a much better mounting but it had to be made. for the plough. Its a bit rough and ready at the moment but enough to test and it works well. Now for some tidying up and a lick of paint. And yes i have replaced the bit dexion . lol
  4. 4x4forks

    My new Tractor

    Great looking bit of kit. Very envious of the plough. I saw a set of wheel weights on ebay that would fit nicely .
  5. 4x4forks

    Wheelhorse snowblower

    Looks like a nice little project to keep you warm this winter..lol
  6. 4x4forks

    B6100 Kubota Oil Pressure

    Got to keep them going, .plus a good learning experience.
  7. 4x4forks

    B6100 Kubota Oil Pressure

    Just an update if anyone is interested. SUCCESS!!!! Very happy engine oil pressure is back , Around 55psi high revs and hot. OIl light even stays off for a short time after engine turned off.
  8. 4x4forks

    B6100 Kubota Oil Pressure

    The story go,s on . After replacing the cylinder head and getting it running cleanly i noticed the oil pressure light on at idle. I tested the pressure with a gauge and found it near non existent at idle and only abut 14psi at full revs. After some internet searches on what the pressure should be , Around 24 to 37psi , I found that these engine suffer from the plug in the end of the camshaft coming out . The drilling is blanked off with a aluminium plug which come out with heat and time. I stripped out the front end of the tractor and got to the timing cover. After dropping the front of the chassis down . by undoing 7 of the 8 bolts ether side it swings down. Removing the timing cover there was a hole in the end of the cam. Making sure to clean up the swarf tapped the end of the cam, Put a steel thread in and welded it home .Will report on the effects after reassembly.
  9. 4x4forks

    Kubota B6100

    Head arrived today fully assembled. Good job i tested it before fitting . Non of the valves had been lapped in and all leaked . So stripped the head and lapped all valves . Fitted new head with genuine Kubota gasket and new head bolts. Attempted to start and after loads of smoke she fired up. Now she is running again I am fitting a Nippon Denso alternator rather than the poor old dynamo.
  10. 4x4forks

    Oh 'eck!

    funny when you start a simple job how these things escalate. 😂
  11. 4x4forks

    Kubota B6100

    still no engine yet. Waiting for the new cylinder head but had to make a start at new lights for the rear
  12. 4x4forks

    Scone rally Perth

    Some nice looking bits of equipment . Looks like a good day had by all
  13. 4x4forks

    Kubota B6100

    Crack Down into indirect injection port and also into exhaust port. Valve seat gone. valve gone and valve spring. Enough is Enough! Bit the bullet and ordered a new replacement complete.
  14. 4x4forks

    Kubota B6100

    Thanks for the link . Looks useful. Just done some testing on the cylinder head and it is cracked . Home made pressure testing
  15. 4x4forks

    Kubota B6100

    Have we got any information on a good supply of old kubota parts. I have picked up a B6100 tractor. I have found it had two broken head bolts which i have managed to remove. Blow torch and weld a nut on top. The head is pitted but not on the compression ring. I noticed that the exhaust valves appeared soft so removed the worst and cleaned it up. I found a crack in the valve seat leading to a small crack in the head. I am looking for a gasket set and a Cylinder head including valves and springs . I think i can get a head on ebay but short of the rest. Has anyone got any ideas for parts in the UK.