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  1. I thought of putting a seat on there . Do you think they would let me off with that .lol
  2. A little ride around in the sunshine . I didn;t get to drive I couldn,t get my son off the seat ..lol 3 acres of finish topping with a 5 foot topper also rebulit.
  3. Cheep enough to have a go but balancing may be a issue . I think I would have a go
  4. Cracking looking machine . Should keep you out of trouble for a while
  5. Just a quick update. I have been doing some work with the Kubota and I have been watching the temperature gauge. First thing is I have fitted a variable speed switch to slow down the speed of the pump as I found it was over cooling the engine. The I was struggling to get heat in the engine at all . Running the pump at quarter speed and it seems to work very well. I have not put it under heavy load yet but it seems to be very efficient. I will keep you updated when I do some more testing, ( when the ground drys up ).
  6. Yes thanks for that. I have not permanently changed anything. It was always a small fear that I could make it worse not better so it can always go back to standard. I have a good datum for load and temperature . I will quickly know if it has been an improvement or a failure. Later machines all have a pumped system which says alot to me
  7. If anyone knows the early kubotas they have what is called a Syphon Cooling system. This means as the engine heats up , Hot water rises to the top and the cooler water after the radiator sinks causing a circulation of water. I have fitted a coolant gauge and can see the temp in the top hose. This works but i think it can be improved upon. I have sourced a 12v electric water pump and plumbed it in replacement of the bottom hose. Currently I have run the engine and watched the temperature rise without the pump running. Turn the pump on and the temperature instantly falls . I have got a variable switch to adjust the pump speed if it over cools the engine . I will have to wait until i can run it hard under load to give a full test and report.
  8. The Farmers boy serial number 1178 , plough
  9. Came across this machine languishing in a shed and was wondering what people thought? Is it desirable and is it worst anything . Not my usual type of machine but it has been dry stored and will be a runner.
  10. Not really the right time of year but i wanted to test the newly built engine under load so strapped on the newly welded finishing mower and dropped it in. Chopping brush in a neighbors field . Home made over head bar works well and somewhere to hang work lights . I wouldn,t call it a roll bar but it could only help. video-1547221781.mp4
  11. 4x4forks

    Trojan mk1

    fantastic job .looks Great!
  12. Note to self Do a job properly! Found a damp patch under the tractor this morning. It could only be coming from one place. The core plug behind the flywheel. Up Side is I have got this splitting the tractor in half down to a quick job now.
  13. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!!!!! Picked up my injectors after being overhauled with genuine Nozzles. less than 24hrs from drop off to collection Fantastic service. Fitted , bleed and fired up first time . No smoke and runs like a new engine . It runs smoother and cooler now . I think washing out the block helped. Having a temp gauge now gives faith in what is happening. I will in time fit an oil pressure gauge. Now need a few fields to plough to bed it all in.
  14. After a bit of running It still smokes badly on cylinder one. on start up also dosn,t sound as it is running on all three until it starts to warm up then all is fine . I have removed the injectors and had them tested today . I have replaced all three injector needles with items new from ebay. On testing all the spray pattens on the injectors are appalling . so New genuine needles on order and set up. Hope this will make things a bit less smokey.
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