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  1. Ford now complete now cab is fitted. Funny how they keep getting bigger..lol
  2. After many years i have finally done it I have bought a proper tractor to play with..lol mid way through a restoration . Cab is underway now.
  3. clutch plate from a hillman Imp is the same as well
  4. Fantastic looking bit of equipment. Only wish i lived a bit closer to join in your gathering of Gutbrods
  5. I agree. I am currently mole draining my paddock and was interested weather it would help any further and yes it did. just waiting for it to dry again so the top dose not smear and once complete i will drain the tyres and remove the wheel weights for another day. video-1588582014.mp4
  6. Just water ballasted the rear tyres and added another 35kg each side . I wouldn,t of beleaved that I could get that much weight out of just water ballasting.
  7. Good effort. You made a great job of those. I just bought mine and painted them. Square shank bolts on order to fit neatly
  8. Very neat fit on the Black horse. Mine are getting a clean up and a coat of paint.
  9. Might of over done it ! wheel weights from a Massey Harris Pony . Rear weights weigh 45kg each
  10. Got mine delivered from Ebay
  11. Big job on! farmer Friend let us have a play to set up and test plough. Only another 30 acres to go! Oh and he has now told me that it has only been cultivated twice in 5 years as it is the heaviest wettest field on the farm. video-1587900855.mp4
  12. 21hp 4 wheel drive . front and rear lift linkage hydro drive with a cruise control! 3 cylinder kubota engine . Bl##dy annoying seat switch which kills engine every time you move in the seat . If it was mine that would have to go. lol.
  13. Had a bigger job on today helping an elderly friend . Digging a 1/8 acre walled garden and around 1/4 acre ex veg patch. Gutbrod working had with help from a McCormick G25
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