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  1. 4x4forks

    Brinly plough

    I have a old Brinly plough what do people think its worth. I know it took me ages to find one but now I have done bigger and reversable . video-1507319648.mp4
  2. Went out on saturday without my carer and ended up buying a reversible plough painted blue but Kubota and a 1.25m flail topper. Couple of winter projects. the tractor dose pull the plough nicely even though it looks a bit big. I am going to need a bigger barn soon.
  3. Well the hydraulics are working fine and i have made the snow plough attachment fit the front. It needs finishing as lots of metal cut with plasma needs grinding and then painting but the geometry works
  4. Sorry but you are incorrect. Everything works as it should. rear lnks and both spools work find full control no problems.
  5. Latest improvement to the Orange beast. Auxiliary Hydraulics. I wanted to make a hydraulic top link and a snow plough so I have made a tapping for the hydraulic line ,Made and mounted a bracket to mount the twin spool valves up out of the way . I am going to improve the pluming to keep it nearer the spool. Currently all fitted and not leaking.
  6. 4x4forks

    1962 Bolens 600

    Good luck.Looks like a nice project
  7. I would agree looks like a Brinly but not as it came out the factory . Mean modified over the years i would say.
  8. UP AND RUNNING! Bryco spot on company for gaskets and engine parts Mail order and quick. Heads checked , gaskets renewed . Rebuilt. Lawns mowed. Happy Wife. All in the world is well ...lol
  9. modified upto date head kits on the way. I believe the stress surfaces MUST be oil free.
  10. Hayter ride on started smoking and burning oil so did a bit of resurrect as it starts and runs great. After a watch of good old You tube, a simple examination of the spark plug diagnosed a blown head gasket which apparently these engine are prone for. Stripped it out this morning and there it was ,blown from the cylinder to the oil return to sump gallery. Kits to be order Monday morning
  11. I thought of putting a seat on there . Do you think they would let me off with that .lol
  12. A little ride around in the sunshine . I didn;t get to drive I couldn,t get my son off the seat ..lol 3 acres of finish topping with a 5 foot topper also rebulit.
  13. Cheep enough to have a go but balancing may be a issue . I think I would have a go
  14. Cracking looking machine . Should keep you out of trouble for a while
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