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  1. 4x4forks

    Trojan mk1

    fantastic job .looks Great!
  2. 4x4forks

    Poor Starting. Give up and start again

    Note to self Do a job properly! Found a damp patch under the tractor this morning. It could only be coming from one place. The core plug behind the flywheel. Up Side is I have got this splitting the tractor in half down to a quick job now.
  3. 4x4forks

    Poor Starting. Give up and start again

    WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!!!!! Picked up my injectors after being overhauled with genuine Nozzles. less than 24hrs from drop off to collection Fantastic service. Fitted , bleed and fired up first time . No smoke and runs like a new engine . It runs smoother and cooler now . I think washing out the block helped. Having a temp gauge now gives faith in what is happening. I will in time fit an oil pressure gauge. Now need a few fields to plough to bed it all in.
  4. 4x4forks

    Poor Starting. Give up and start again

    After a bit of running It still smokes badly on cylinder one. on start up also dosn,t sound as it is running on all three until it starts to warm up then all is fine . I have removed the injectors and had them tested today . I have replaced all three injector needles with items new from ebay. On testing all the spray pattens on the injectors are appalling . so New genuine needles on order and set up. Hope this will make things a bit less smokey.
  5. 4x4forks

    topper mower

    Cheers Useful Information.
  6. 4x4forks

    topper mower

    Hi all I am looking for a mower ,topper flail for a small kubota tractor cat 1 linkage 4ft to 6ft . Not a million miles from the Buckinghamshire area. Picture for reference only.
  7. 4x4forks

    Poor Starting. Give up and start again

    Well she drives again. It Appears I have a poor injector. Number one is smoke on start up but clears after a short time . Going to get them properly checked and overhauled but it will run and starts loads better than it did.
  8. 4x4forks

    Poor Starting. Give up and start again

    After tea I opted to drop the rad on and give it another run . With a few more revs and heat in the engine she ran up clean and smooth. I will see what its like cold in the morning and refit the front axle.
  9. 4x4forks

    Poor Starting. Give up and start again

    Shes a runner !!!!!! Number one is smokey .I think possible injector problem. I will swop over cylinders and see if smoke moves.
  10. 4x4forks

    Poor Starting. Give up and start again

    crank in with new main bearings . Pistons and rods in all new bearings . flywheel fitted. I will hang it back on the engine now as it is still lift able at this stage
  11. 4x4forks

    Poor Starting. Give up and start again

    Block is back with new liners . Apparently it took all a 10 ton press could do with a hot block and frozen liners. once in then machined to correct size for standard rings. Quick coat of fresh paint and now start to replace all bearings.
  12. The Kubota B6100 Story go's on. The three cylinder D650 engine has had a few issues in this tractor but once it gets running it was fine and had loads of power. Howevery starting has been an issue loads of smoke and loads of heat plugs. I overhauled the diesel injectors and this had no improvement. I relented and purchased a diesel compression tester. At very best i was getting around 220psi on the best cylinder. The book states it should be up around 400 to 460 psi. OPPS !! After researching the costs I could purchase the parts from ether Kubota or a chines copy company. I was advised to go genuine. I turns out that I have a very early engine 000236. As the bits are on order the clean up begins. I am going to have new liners pressed in and all new bearings ,seals and gaskets. Will update as the build go's on
  13. 4x4forks

    Homemade WH deck

    Very solid looking bit of kit
  14. 4x4forks

    Gutbrod 1032

    I have had several 1032 gutbrods and everyone has been different. Either they have been painted or paint has faded with age. . I would go with the shade that takes you fancy.. Just a note the amount of orange and white panels has also varied. Not sure if this was factory or changes over the years. Good luck
  15. 4x4forks

    Kubota B6100

    What price education!