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  1. If you decide you want to part with the Mity Moe please let me know. I might even have another O&R that could be used for a boat if that’s your main goal. Maybe we could work something out.

  2. CNew


       Happy New Year!

    I wanted to touch base after the holidays regarding your O&R parts. Please let me know what price you’re thinking.  I may try to get out to Boston on business travel in the next few weeks and it would be great to possibly incorporate this deal as part of the trip. 


    Also, we’re you ever able to locate your little outboard motor? That’s one that’s been on my wish list!




    1. neons


      Hello Clint ,

      I am 1 hour from the Boston area. I can't put a price on the load of parts. I have the outboard and a complete hedge trimmer. The outboard appears frozen but complete. It is an Aqua Bug. I see the pull recoil, carburetor, and motor fins look like O&R to me. The hedge trimmer also complete. I have not checked if it is frozen either. I do have another complete hedge trimmer some where out there also. The outboard like my generator can get good prices to the right collector. There can't be too many of these around. Make an opening offer  as a starter point. The PM is slow in notifying me. I actually never received a couple messages. I may post some updated pictures when I get around to it.


  3. Hell Snowman,

       I’m guessing the O&R outboard is long gone by now?



  4. CNew


         You look to be roughly 1hr from Boston, is that correct?



  5. CNew

    Hello Neons,

       I hope you had a Merry Christmas!  I’m not sure if this is coming through as a PM or not but that is my hope.  I’m still looking into how I might work something out for shipping/pick-up on your O&R parts. It’s killing me to know you have this great stuff and that I’m not local to you to come pick it up.  I’ll keep in touch as I figure something out. You mentioned a three digit price, can you let me know what would be acceptable?





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