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  1. Awesome- glad you were able to free that thing, what a pain!
  2. CNew

    tiny tiger

    Ha, yeah I saw that - still seems just a tad too high... but way better than $610!
  3. Perfect, thank you sir - that’s exactly what I needed!
  4. I thought I remembered seeing in the recoil rebuild instructions or somewhere the correct length of the pull rope but now I can’t seem to find it. Does anyone know what the length is suppose to be?
  5. Man, what a pain! Im guessing the tool steel is too hard to drill a hole in it.
  6. Wow, you’ve really jumped in there and gone to town on this one. Fun to see this thing coming apart and all the things you’re discovering. Thanks for all the pictures! Bummer on that hex getting jammed in there, I don’t think I have any helpful suggestions just yet... hmmm
  7. Exactly what I was thinking and hopefully I’ll be that next guy - if I can ever find one of these...
  8. Very cool, that’s going to be a great project! Take lots of photos for documentation along the way...
  9. Keep me posted on what y’all end up doing on the generator... I might throw my hat in the ring too
  10. I think in this case the original decal is the way to go, it’s not damaged that badly and it maintains some of the original elements and character of the unit. Looks cool! I claim Vulture #2, JustO&R can be Vulture #1... I feel like I just entered a warped version of a Dr Seuss classic...
  11. Yes birds of prey, I like that - my parents actually do Falconry of all things...
  12. You’ve got that right
  13. Interesting, EDM would be good for that. Might start to get a little pricey...
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