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  1. Very cool, nice find - looks like new!
  2. Someone out there has a huge stash of these knobs from the recent eBay parts lots That sold. I’m trying to find someone local with a lathe to see what it would cost to turn a couple. If I had a lathe I’d do it...
  3. Thanks David, awesome find! I’ll let the owner know of this issue of Mechanix Illustrated.
  4. This one isn’t mine, sadly. I was contacted for a carburetor diaphragm and gasket. I requested permission to post these photos as I thought you all would enjoy this one. I’ve not seen this winch before, how about anyone else? Looks to be made by Irvington out of Portland, OR.
  5. Finally all back together. I don’t have a natural wood knob so I have a black one on there temporarily. It has really strong compression now and spark but I haven’t tried to run it yet.
  6. Overall it’s in pretty nice condition. I am going to need to come up with a solution for the induction case seal, it was deteriorated.
  7. Very nice, cool to see an O&R bit in this magazine - nicely done pmackellow!
  8. I’d like to read that- what issue?
  9. Ha, I haven’t tested it yet other than I did verify spark and it’s nice and strong so I’m confident the engine will run. I just wanted to put a fresh new spark plug in it and didn’t have one handy.
  10. I really like how these early models were designed. I’ve got it all torn down now.
  11. The Champion UY6 is the correct spark plug.
  12. Interesting... thanks! By the way that primer button is different- never seen one like that.
  13. Yep, I need all the help I can get
  14. I’m calling this one done for now until I can get the fuel mix and chain oil decals replicated. The recoil decal is on now and I flipped the chain.
  15. Ha, nice catch. I wasn’t even really paying attention (obviously) when I was putting the chain on yesterday. I was more focused on not damaging the fresh paint... I’ll get that flipped around today, thanks! I tried reaching out to the guy that makes the replica O&R decals but I haven’t heard back yet. I may try Titch as well. The tank decals should be much easier to replicate since they don’t require a bunch of artwork which is where things start to get expensive. I still have the original decals but they wouldn’t look good if I tried to reattach.
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