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  1. What will happen if the piston is frozen and they try to unscrew the head? I have an engine that has a frozen piston and I’ve had is soaking for a couple months now in Kroil and it’s not budging.
  2. So do you think standard chromed steel balls of these dimensions will work? These should be pretty easy to source (I would think).
  3. Thanks John - I’ll have a closer look at the ball valve and see if maybe the ball is worn or getting stuck. I used a new lever during the last rebuild so hopefully it’s engaging properly. Clint
  4. That foam is nasty! I just removed a similar mss from one of my air cleaners. Your post on the trimmer inspired me again and I was finally able to get my Orline trimmer running this weekend. I ended up having to swap carburetor diaphragm assemblies even though I rebuilt the original one that was on it twice. I’m going to have to open it up the diaphragm again and see what’s going on in there and causing it to malfunction. I know I put it back together correctly but it just doesn’t pump.
  5. Mine too, the plastic disc seemed to stay in place pretty well.
  6. Got it all back together and it seems to be working correctly, at least no broken springs yet. Thanks again David for all your help! David, I should have waited just a bit longer, your step by step pictures would have r ally simplified things. I think I more or less did your sequence. I attempted the paper thing and found I didn’t really need it. I’m sure I’ll have to take this or another 13B apart again so this procedure you’ve documented will be perfect! Thanks again for all your help! Clint
  7. I’m still tinkering with this 13B starter recoil. The 20A instructions are helpful but also a little confusing but I think I’ll figure it out. I’m thinking a couple of the steps don’t really apply since the rope spool is different and the way it all mounts to the blower cowl is different as well. Hopefully I don’t get the spring wrong and break it...
  8. Finally getting back to this 13B recoil spring. I’ve gotten as far as getting the spring wound and secured inside the housing. Next step will be to replace the pull rope since someone used an incorrect diameter rope and length. Then I’ll attempt the CCW spring winding and install procedure that David so kindly referenced in the 20A service manual.
  9. Wow - that’s impressive! I’d never heard of that trick before. I’ve seen 0000 steel wool but never aluminum foil. I know what I’m going to try on my next handle clean up job Clint
  10. Yes, the one For $149 is the one I was referencing - I indicated $193 because I was including the $43 shipping costs in the total.
  11. Thanks David, that’s good to know. I didn’t pick up on that bracket detail at first.
  12. I didn’t end up buying one of the forgets. I was on business travel yesterday and today and just missed out on a Petro Products Chug-A-Drill on eBay that ended up going for a total of $193. I hope someone on here was able to grab it.
  13. That’s a nice looking trimmer David, very cool find! I really like the color and the twist throttle is a neat touch! Clint
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