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  1. Wow- that’s a steal! Good for you grabbing an awesome deal like that. The last one I saw went for over $300!
  2. Nice, that was my second guess. I’ve been dreaming about a Chip a Saw for a long time, especially after missing the last one that came up on eBay. Your’s looks to be in great shape!
  3. Wow-those are some nice finds! Is that a Meier chainsaw? The cutoff saw is pretty rare too!
  4. Nice find- I’ve been looking for one of those for a long time and never seen one come up, seem to be pretty rare.
  5. Agree 100%. Nothing worse than getting a damaged O&R tool due to poor packaging!
  6. Well then... we will just have to get some more diaphragms cut See- these guys are awesome!
  7. JustO&R, I have some diaphragm material. Maybe we can go in together and get a batch laser cut by Eric. It’ll have to be after my move but between us I think we could get 50 or so made.
  8. I’ll second that Just O&R! This group is awesome and Wallfish, Factory and Webhead are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I’m always learning and having fun! I might be able to help you with a diaphragm too but it’ll be a few weeks since all my stuff is packed up for a move across the country. Just keep us posted what you decide to do. The eBay option with meatballbutch is also a fair price for the gasket, diaphragm and little valve piece if you’re looking to get it quickly.
  9. FYI- here is part of what you need. This not the whole assembly but it is the adjustment needle itself. It’s missing the threaded section it screws into as well as the spring. https://www.ebay.com/itm/O-R-O-R-32MM-NEEDLE-PN-18-15/362575423239?hash=item546b2de707:g:b0YAAOSwHGFcgWUz:sc:USPSFirstClass!55347-4224!US!-1 yes, I was quite bummed when that thing got damaged and lost in the mail because they don’t come up for sale very often. I think I’ve seen 2 NOS adjustment needles come up on eBay over the last year and that was one of them...
  10. Yes, you’ll need the needle valve as well as the diaphragm and gasket. There is a great thread here on rebuilding the carburetor. Hopefully you aren’t missing any of the little pieces inside. Here is a link to the diaphragm from meatballbutch. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Ohlsson-Rice-Carburetor-Gasket-Kit/113909901615?hash=item1a858f292f:g:YgoAAOSwLApdkpGV I don’t know if any sources for parts other than keeping a watch on eBay. This forum is also great and everyone tries to help each other out whenever possible with spares. It’s funny and also sad- I bought a NOS needle valve a few months back on eBay but it ended up puncturing a hole in the envelope and getting lost during shipping. All I got was an empty damaged envelop. That was a royal bummer!
  11. Nice photo Neons, that’s a beautiful area! Yes. They’re a little finicky sometimes to dial in.
  12. The largest of the 4 Philips screws in the photo is the one that should be a brass needle valve. It’s the screw that is closest to the heat shield, kind of right near the arm-pit of the heat shield. You can kind of make out the needle valve in the photo that O&R posted.
  13. I’ve toyed around with the idea of getting an ultrasonic cleaner, maybe some day... I should be done with the live the first week of Nov. and then the hunt for more O&Rs can continue...
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