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  1. What O&R engine or tool are you trying to fix? Can you start a new thread and add some photos?
  2. Bases turned out really nice! The green one almost looks laser cut.
  3. maybe some day I’ll see some
  4. What are these hens teeth you refer to?
  5. Awesome- that’s the same bluing I have. Looks great!
  6. That did “turn” out nice. I agree, the rings are a nice flare but not needed.
  7. I’ve thought about trying that as well. I recently bought some bluing solution for a ball peen hammer restoration. Seems like it would look good.
  8. That’s really cool that you have the Octura valve! I’ve never seen one of those before.
  9. Band strap turned out great! You’re cruising through these engines. Not sure I’ve seen that particular TT, very cool!
  10. Band strap turned out great! You’re cruising through these engines.
  11. Are you taking about the metal strap that goes around the generator or the rubber handle/cushion? What tool would have used a 1600 rpm gearbox?
  12. I gotta figure out what project to start next, got the O&R itch again!
  13. I agree, the outboards look way better without the plastic cover!
  14. I’ve never had one of the outboards opened up, not sure which crank setup that is. I do have a partial outboard, I’ll have to see if it is all put together at the crank end or if that’s pulled apart. I’ll try to take dig it out later this evening.
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