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  1. Thank you Wristpin. It is appreciated. I have both that exploded diagram and I have the forum post you mentioned on my bookmarks from previous searches on google. I have been researching this for a few months now and keep coming up with a blank. I have seen plenty on the Howard 350 but hardly anything constructive to do with the Howard 300 clutch system. Following further invistigations yesterday I sent of an email to http://www.howardregister.com but I have not yet had a reply. Again thank you for your post wristpin it is most appreciated. I will keep you all updated with my progress which might be a little slow as it depends on the weather. Edit: I forgot to add that whilst I was doing further research yesterday I read that the Howard 300 used a fibre thrust washer on the clutch so I did a little searching and found a picture of said fibre thrust washer on google images. The image lead me to a ebay listing so I contacted the Ebay seller and asked them if they will be having any in stock and where the thrust washer was situated. He replied saying that they will be some in stock maybe later this week and he included a picture of the item and the location of the fitting which raised another question. In the image there is a "Lollypop" looking item which is also missing from our clutch setup on the Howard 300. So I have sent him a reply questioning what that lollypop looking item is and if he has those in stock also. I will include an image bellow.
  2. Thank you Stormin for the welcome and the advice. I will look into what you have suggested.
  3. Hello I aquired a Howard 300 a little time back and it had been taken apart and put back together again. It seems as if there are some missing parts. One of the missing parts seems to be the Clutch brake as when the clutch leave is presses the cone moves but the main drive wheel does not stop. I have read that you can get a brake disk for these howard 300's but I do not know where they should go. I have never had a howard before and this is my first Howard 300 which came with the old Kohler K91 engine which we removed and replaced with a honda engine whilst we slowly refurbished the K91 which is still work in progress Any advice on where the brake disk would go with possibly a image or photo of the location whould be of HUGE help in getting the Howard 300 in full action again as it is only the clutch brake which is stopping me from using the machine. Thanks all in advance.
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