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  1. Yes i use lubriplate for my model t ford engines. We just unsrewed the ‘jug’ head and seen where to bearings used to be. Do you have a picture of what my bearing should look like. What holds them in and why did mine fall out. i wish there are manuals on these little engines on the interweb. i did send factory a note, but he has not got back to me again thanks for you help, Peter
  2. thank you wallfish for replying. The bearing(cage) is completely missing. I dumped out a few bearing, but had not found the cage yet. I just wanted to know if parts are available, before I break the engine down any further.
  3. Im new to this i have a model 115 tiny tiger 300. That needs a connecting rod bearing. Serial # 025344 can i get parts and if so Are there instructions on replacing it ? thank you in advance
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