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Nice little Drill Project

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Hello John,

                    Sorry for the slow response.

The spindle is in 2 pieces, the lower length 7. 1/2" (190mm) x 3/4" dia (19.05mm).

The upper section 7. 5/8" ( 193mm) and is 3/8" dia. this upper piece is press fitted into the lower section and pinned with a 1/8" dia dowel.

So it would need to be longer to account for the fit overlap if you're making one.

The milled keyway, as mentioned was reduced to about 3. 1/2" (89mm) to allow for increased bearing surface in the lower bearing (body casting).

The thrust bearing has 2 sections of 1'" dia (25.4mm) x 3/16" (4.75mm) with races machined in both to accommodate 5/32" ball bearings, then hardened/tempered

I believe the original chucks were knurled for hand tightening, but mine had been changed/bodged.

The colour was made up/matched by myself using good quality enamels.

Hope this helps.


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Ok, yours is probably a bit older than mine. It has the square headed lock screw on the base collar to retain the column.

There's probably one holding the handwheel on as well. Mine are hex socket grub screws. they are all whitworth form threads.

I see you have the upper 3/8" dia spindle section !. It may be worth measuring it and compare it to my given dimension, There should be about 1 1/4" of 3/8" whitworth thread at the top and the nut should be of the Locking type (like an old version of nylock)

I'll check my scrap bin again, as it was the top section of the `spindle' that I cut off and used.

There is also the stop collar missing which measures 43.4mm x 42.32mm diameter and 3/4" bore, it also acts as a weight to assist feed rate.

It all looks salvageable, even welding up the drill holes in the base.


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