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  1. Interesting that you say it's ATCO. I never knew they produced such an item !. I see the tank is an adapted standard ATCO. Could do with a few more pics of the engine. May be the Mk1 79cc version?. Is it water-cooled?. Looks direct drive with only 2 blades on the propellor. Carb looks like a V508c/1. Can't remember if the needle taper/jet size is the same on both versions. Villiers Midget MK2/3 Manual is in the Downloads section (on the header line in Home page). if it is the 79cc version, I should be able to obtain some info, but not immediately.
  2. No problem, If one of the old ones are repairable, PM me a photo of it's condition. If it's possible to fix, you're able to send it to me and cover the postage, I'll see what I can do. ...............bit slow.... Wristpin beat me to it.
  3. Hope the reliability endures in the new one Norm and gives you many miles trouble free
  4. If you have no luck Ray, and your examples are not able to bve refurbished (mechanically), then a new replacement is available if you're desperate, but looking at about £30 delivered !. Regards Richard
  5. Hi Stewart, Welcome, Not too familiar with that model in U.S. Although there are quite a few around in the UK. A quick search of the make revealed a Website Farmcollector.com which has an example (amongst many) of your version. I'm sure is much knowledge and info available from those owner/members. Good quality, looking and efficient machines. Like to know how you get on. Regards
  6. Hi Ray, Just checked Jacks small engines online with your engine type number -LINK- And the Parts Manual (1979) I have for that engine model It shows the Gasket Set part number to be 299577 ?. My old 'Osprey' thread is in the 'Other Garden Machines' Forum section if it is any help for reference. - OSPREY- Regards
  7. I have to admit, I do like these little O&R engines and the tooling they design for them to power. Not a fan of Chainsaws, but I like my little 71 Baird Poulan. Your project subject looks interesting. Is the saw chain 1/4" pitch and the blade 12" ?. Also looks to have a manual oil pump?. Regards
  8. No shame in going Yellow Mark!. Always liked these myself. Hope all's well. I think the giveaway in finding the right spec of K241 is the effort someone has gone to in shoehorning and chopping out to fit that engine. The correct spec is K241-a (not 241s) spec should be 46700d and used the delco remy starter gen. Then again I'm no expert, but the mating of the engine to the drive is the relevant bit. I suppose it depends if you're planning to put it back to close original?. Good to see some more build projects on here though. I'll check in more often. Regards.
  9. Excellent work Ewan, well done !.
  10. Superb job on that Nigel . Even more of an acheivement when it looks like it still has a V70 Techy with a series 1 Lauson carb! and you get it running sweetly.
  11. Hi all, thanks for the positive responses. Certainly a different way of working when producing scale models without plans or castings etc. Everything takes longer and a lot of thinking. Managed to reach a point of trial fitting the spray bar parts today which I've been working on for a while- I stripped the chrome off of a 60s car aerial section which was the right size in hard straight brass (5/32" or <4mm). I failed with reproducing the flanged connecting pipe, as it should be straight and I had to 'dog leg' it to line up. Probably as a result from having to work from a basic drawing for sizes of a similar make of cart. Still, it's a reasonable representation until I can get to M.E.R.L to inspect the company's original drawings. The retaining brackets were an excercise in miniature milling and retained with 12ba coach bolts/nuts- Time to start drilling loads of tiny holes............I may be some time !. Regards
  12. Very nice (jigsaw) project you have there Nigel !. I'm impressed that your Blaster/Powder Coat man takes the trouble to wrap/protect all the parts for return.
  13. You/Mark were my next port of call as a suggestion to Angus, as I remember the project Ewan .
  14. Maybe worth checking again with Nigel. Looks the same size as fitted to H50/60,V70 etc (31715) - . I had to obtain missing parts from the states 9 years ago for this derelict H60 Rotavator as no availability in UK (used or new)- Nigel's V70 Lawn Ranger... looks pretty close without checking parts lists - Good luck with sorting it.
  15. Thanks Norm, Nigel. Soldered the 2 halves of the tank together, but left the end plates for now, as need access. Much of the work over the last 6 weeks has been doing fiddly parts. Because this project is all 'Scratch Built'', I want to keep the parts as scale size to the original. The water outlet/valve is an example and is a simple 'Bottle' style valve running in guides. The joint faces are metal to metal (no seals)- The faces that contact the inside/outside of the tank are contoured to a close fit. The weighted lever sits 'over centre' when closed, which applies pressure on the Spring Stainless rod and so on the valve face/seat to improve the water tight seal. Another view to show the valve/seat and the fabricated outlet with correctly bolted (12BA) flange. This will lead to a Sprinkler Bar as per original- Hardwood support legs finished to size. A range of steel coach bolts with square/hex nuts, and an alternative flanged outlet elbow for supply to the Traction Engine tank. The ball on the end of the pump handle is 1/16" (1.6mm) diameter- Hose hooks are 0.010" (.25mm) shim steel annealed for drilling and bending, then re hardened and tempered to spring grade. Screws are 14BA- Finally got the wheels done last night and are retained by blind 'Top Hat' caps with a cross pin, as per the full size. Pins are 3/64" (1.25mm) - Going to be a shame to cover this in paint
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