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Clive Cassar

Howard Gem Rotavator Sachs Diesel Air-cooled engine

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Hi  everyone,

I'm new to this forum and seeking some assistance with my Howard Gem restoration Project.

I own a Howard Gem with a Sachs diesel air-cooled engine, and I am currently in the process of restoring it.

unfortunately, the bonnet is missing and I 'm in need of a replacement.

Upon researching I've discovered that there are two versions of the bonnet of the Howard Gem- one is squarish, and the other one is more rounded. It seems like mine is the rounded one.

I was wondering if any one in this community has information on where I can purchase a replacement bonnet.

If you have any leads, recommendations, or if you come across a reliable source for Howard Gem Bonnets or any other parts, I would greatly appreciate your guidance.


Thank you in advance for your assistance, and I'm looking forward to being a part of this community!


Best regards, 


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Hi Clive, Welcome to the forum. I don’t know whereabouts you are in the country, but the agricultural/ machinery auctioneers, “ Cheffins “ at Sutton nr Ely in Cambridgeshire have a machinery auction around the beginning of every month, and a “Vintage” auction three times a year. Have a look on their website, there are Howard Gem rotavators  regularly offered in various states of repair. They have a catalogue online, usually about a couple of weeks before each sale. I’m sure there are also other auction houses, etc around the country if you look hard enough!


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