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  1. A bit late but, Many Happy Returns. 👍👍👍.
  2. Many Happy Returns Norm, (for yesterday ) Hope you had a great day
  3. Don’t forget with an unbraked trailer you can only tow up to half the weight of the towing vehicle up to the 750kg limit.
  4. Many Happy Returns Nigel, 🍺🥃🍺🥃 Stay Safe😷😷
  5. Many happy returns Chris, and STAY SAFE!!!
  6. ranger

    Only mad dogs.

    It’s a pity you can’t shred it and compress it into log sized bales for burning in the wood burner Norm. Nice tractor, needs a “three point” and a tiller though😉
  7. To get the Briggs 8 hp engine running I had to clean and reset the points, after refitting the flywheel and tightening the nut as best I could I tried to start it. The subsequent backfire sheared the alloy key. Whilst waiting for a couple of new ones to arrive,( eBay ), I set about making a "socket" to allow me to reach the 65 lbs ft required. A bit of time spent turning, milling and welding a piece of scrap & a nut resulted in the following, ( see pics ).
  8. The Hitches are too long when installed to allow the 3 point to operate. The clevis hitch can be left on the unit by pulling the pin, reversing the hitch and refitting the pin. I found it was quicker and easier to have two hitches, clevis and ball, and swop them over than keep fitting and removing the tow ball, now no tools needed! Besides, I need to use up all the "scrap" I collected before I retired. All of this, less nuts, bolts, winch, tow ball, lower lift arms, some pins and the paint were " liberated" from the scrap metal skip!
  9. Hi Norm, good to hear from you, I've not been able to do much over the last couple of years. The medication I was given for my bulged disc problem triggered ulcerative colitis, which really affected my life style. Eventually I was prescribed a course of steroids which so far appears to have worked. The problem is, steroids suppress the immune system which is not good considering the present crisis. I should now however have been off them for long enough for the adverse effects to have diminished. I seem to have done more during ' lockdown ' than I have over the last couple of years since I retired. Having a couple of acres of horse pastures to play in has certainly helped. The winch is one of the " cheepo " ones, around £40.00p. The cable tied on control handset is just temporary, if everything works out I will make a more suitable remote unit with solenoids etc. I need to carry out a small mod to the lower mounting channel to allow the winch cable to be run underneath if needed to winch the tractor forward.
  10. Finally got around to getting the "Roper 38" tiller working, modified the hitch pickup mountings to match the 3 point on my C121. My 3 point was originally going to be hydraulic, but getting the geometry right without the whole lot hanging too far back was awkward, due to the under seat fuel tank. So I used a winch instead. This is rated at 2000 lbs with a " snatch block " pulley mounted on the lift arm cross brace, the tiller weighs around 250lbs. I've taken a few photos, but only after everything was fitted.
  11. Cleared everything in Safari on my iPad, user name now displayed instead of email address, no problem logging on now. Strange it only affected R.S and not M.O.M?
  12. I've just realised, when I sign in to M.O.M the name in the box is my user name, no problem, on R.S it's my email address, problem. If I change from email to user name then I can sign in, but after signing out and trying again the text in the box reverts back to my email address. Doug.
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