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  1. Sorry I'm a bit late in replying to all who sent their greetings, I'm still suffering with sciatica. The physio told me to go to the gym and go swimming, I've never been to a gym, and the last time I went swimming was in the 80's after playing football! I'm still off work, don't know if I'll be going back or not. He also said, "Don't be afraid to pick things up" , so I'll be off to Aldi on the 30th, they'll have the weights in again that I used for wheel weights on my C121, I think I'll add another 20 kg's each side, that will be 110 kg's total.
  2. Great workmanship and thought going into this project Ian, grand job. I hate to say this but, in the photo of your driveshaft, it looks like the shaft yokes are out of phase. All shafts I've had dealings with, (apart from steering shafts installed at high angles, which don't spin at high speed), always have the shaft inner yokes in line to aid in cancelling out vibrations, not a problem if the whole assembly runs in a dead straight line, but when angles are involved? Not a criticism , just an observation . You don't want that coming adrift at any speed close to your leg The ideal perhaps, would be a pair of CV joints, if there's room.
  3. Many Happy Returns Paul. Have a great day
  4. Hi Everyone I don't know if any one has seen this advertised for tomorrow, just outside Downham Market on the A10. agricultural gear etc, + around 20 Wheelhorses inc 512D, law ranger, snowploughs, grader, cultivator, tiller, or 2 WH 4wheel cart, plough. Speedex GT, Saxon garden tractor tipping trailer, and lots more. online catalogue available. p.s. There's even a B700 for Nigel
  5. If you're going to use those steering shafts for drive shafts, how about balance? Those clamping thingy's look a bit offset.
  6. Many happy returns Ewan, Have a great day
  7. Many Happy Returns. Hope you have a grand day, and many more
  8. Many Happy Returns Iain, have a great day
  9. The other bidder would have got the Cub for £20.00, but nasty me ran him up to £300.00!
  10. B7200 at the sale today, too many people watching for me have taken the engine out Cub Cadet 108 also, no reserve, started at £20.00 gear drive, looked to have disc turning brakes fitted. Only 2 bidders.
  11. One for sale in London on a certain auction site, £320.00. (Cylinder head).
  12. Google " Belzona", good stuff, but quite expensive.
  13. Probably the reason for the wooden core plug Norm, save money on antifreeze, when it freezes the ice pushes the plug out easier than it would a metal one, and doesn't crack the casting Knowing some of the farmers around here, that seems perfectly plausible. They drain the coolant,(water) out of the combines, irrigator pump engines etc, for the winter, and then wonder why they need new water pumps the following year You also need to use the right type of wood to ensure the coefficient of expansion matches that of the casting
  14. Many Happy Returns Norm. May you have many, many more
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