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  1. A Very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year to all at M. O. M.👍🎁🎉💃🕺🏼🍾
  2. Many Happy Returns Paul,🎁 Have a great day,🎉🎂🎈💃🕺🏼🍺🍾 and many more 👍
  3. Many Happy Returns Norm Have a great day mate💃🕺🏼🍺🍺🍺🍾🎂🎈🎉. Strange thing, over here 🇬🇧you’re a year younger than you are on Red Square?🇺🇸 Must be the different time zones🤔
  4. Many Happy Returns 🎁🎁 have a great day💃🕺🏼🎂🍾🍺🎈🎉 and many more
  5. Many Happy Returns Nigel, 🎁 Hope you have a great day 🎂🍾🍺🕺🏼💃🎉🎈 And many more of them. 👍👍 Doug.
  6. Many Happy Returns Mark 🎁 Have a great day, 🎂🎉🎈🍾🍺🕺🏼💃 and many more 👍
  7. Many Happy Returns Chris,🎁🎂 Have a great day mate, 🍺🍾🎉💃🕺🏼🎈, and may you have many, many more! 👍👍👍 Doug.
  8. Many Happy Returns 👍 Have a Great Day,🎂🍾🍺🎁🎉💃🕺🏼And many more🎂 Doug.
  9. Many Happy Returns Titch, 👍Hope you have a great day, 🎂🎁🍺🍺🕺🏼💃🍾🎉. And many more! Doug.
  10. Many Happy Returns Ian, 👍🎂🎁🍺🍺, Have a great day mate, 🕺🏼💃🎉, and many more. Doug.
  11. Hi Norm, You may be able to zoom in on the data, if you like, just remind me of your address and I’ll send you the handbook. regards Doug.
  12. Thanks for the update Paul, we’re all rooting for him🤞🤞 Doug.
  13. God bless you Chris, take care and get well soon. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Doug.
  14. Happy new Year to You All. Take Care, Stay Safe! 👍 Doug.
  15. A Very Merry Christmas to everybody here on M.O,M. ⛄️🍊🍾🍺🥃 Doug.
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