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  1. Many Happy Returns 🎁🎁 have a great day💃🕺🏼🎂🍾🍺🎈🎉 and many more
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  5. Many Happy Returns 👍 Have a Great Day,🎂🍾🍺🎁🎉💃🕺🏼And many more🎂 Doug.
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  8. Hi Norm, You may be able to zoom in on the data, if you like, just remind me of your address and I’ll send you the handbook. regards Doug.
  9. Thanks for the update Paul, we’re all rooting for him🤞🤞 Doug.
  10. God bless you Chris, take care and get well soon. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Doug.
  11. Happy new Year to You All. Take Care, Stay Safe! 👍 Doug.
  12. A Very Merry Christmas to everybody here on M.O,M. ⛄️🍊🍾🍺🥃 Doug.
  13. Many Happy Returns, Have a Great Day, 🕺🏼💃🥃🥃🎂🍾🍾🍺🍺 Doug.
  14. If you have a ‘High Speed’ mixture adjusting screw on your carb, the later ‘Walbro’ carbs did not, you can adjust the mixture at max speed to suit, (see relevant manual). This is similar to (re-jetting) a fixed jet carb, to compensate for fitting a different air filter or free flow exhaust system to your car, for example. A lean mixture can result in overheating and burnt/melted pistons. Insufficient oil content can result in seizures, especially when throttle closed after a high speed/high load run. (Shutting off oil supply). This happened not infrequently with 2stroke racing motorcycles which had a fuel/oil mix lubrication system. It’s probably safer to stick with the manufacture’s recommendations regarding ratios. Consider car engine oil, modern engine components are machined to much tighter tolerances than years ago. Use an oil formulated for an older engine type, (Usually a high viscosity), in a newer engine with hydraulic tappets etc and you will almost certainly destroy it in a short time. The same the other way round, (a modern ‘thin’ oil) in an older engine, which requires a higher viscosity due to greater machining clearances. Whether synthetic 2stroke oil is really suitable for older engines, who knows? Not to mention the different types of additives in oils, (or lack thereof) nowadays! Doug.
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