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  1. De' Ja' Vu

    Nice work Chris. I sure do miss wrenching on tractors , but I’m glad that I can still enjoy watching others.

    and to all !
  3. My friend has some old Homelite saws and I know one of them is #1 real old #2 it's big. I even want to say it has a 36" bar and it screams when it wants to run. Another thing he has is a hydraulic driven two man chainsaw . I think it's a Von Ruden . It's all self contained as one unit . There's a pump that hooks up to a pto and tank that sits on the ground or mounted. Two hoses go to the saw . The teeth on the saw if I remember correctly are like a 1/2" wide and the bar is 48" . Definitely something you'd not want to getaway from you . I found a blurry pic of one in use and a smaller saw with tank pictured .
  4. Massey Ferguson Freebie

    I like it even if Norm thinks it's ugly...
  5. This is a small company producing motorcycles but offers its engine as as standalone unit ready to run. How about one of these in your Mini's or whatever else you can think of (a light weight boy racer) ! Check them out https://motusmotorcycles.com/americanv4 Expensive...YES around $15000 for a crate engine and bikes are $36,000-40,000 U.S. I think , but listen to that American 180HP , pushrod , E.F.I. , V4 engine . Music to my ears . I believe it has a 9 inch bolt circle on the flywheel end to make adapting to almost any transmission easy . Wonder if they ever thought about running the Isle of Man TT ? It already holds the record for fastest production bike at the Utah Salt flats !
  6. Smallholders show 2017

    Thanks for sharing pics Chris ! Be sure to go over to RS and see my 520 photos.
  7. RJ plowing the garden

    Hello from the USA ! I bleed orange but don't own one AC . My grandpa and father owned a AC ag tractor dealership and somehow I started collecting Wheel Horses . I currently have 10 in the stable along with 2 1964 Simplicity's and a Massey Ferguson 12 . This is my son back in October 2015 on my RJ58 . The front weight is off an early Simplicity if you're wondering . It's amazing what these little tractor with a 4hp kohler can do! http://youtu.be/pSnWliSydIU
  8. RJ plowing the garden

    Couple more short videos ! https://youtu.be/7BJbjzxGZYU https://youtu.be/QflBJUw0tZs
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