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  1. Another issue is claimed CFM from the manufacturer, don't believe any of the new ones. Try to find a 1960's or 1970s petrol station compressor, They are big and even if you have to build a doghouse for it outside its worth it and probably cheaper. You can get by with 10 CFM with a 80-100 gallon tank
  2. Place an inline dryer at 6-8 feet above the cabinet and remove moisture frequently. You really need a very large compressor to run one of these cabinets, 10-20 CFM is often the requirement
  3. HeadExam

    1962 Bolens 600

    Great job on the tractor and video Joseph. I'm inspired, I may make a video tomorrow on my Massey project.
  4. I keep looking for you, best bet is to put a advert on GTTalk and other forums and facebook pages
  5. Happy Birthday men, I sure at your age you are having a very good time
  6. Thanks all, I had a great day relaxing for once. I've been really busy with the farm, machines, and saws, lots of projects going on.
  7. HeadExam

    1962 Bolens 600

    Another great video Joseph. I'm looking forward to watching the progress
  8. Better late than never, I hope you had a wonderful birthday
  9. Have a great day Norm, are you old enough to tilt a pint yet? lol
  10. You look right at home and the Landy suits you well. It will take many many miles to remove the emmi-permanent smile and grin.
  11. You have left a sizable legacy here and should be proud of that, we all have to move on, it's a fact of life. Concentrate on the family and your health, Hoping that happiness will follow .
  12. I believe the belt is 1/2" x 59", at least that's the info I found. A rope used as a measuring guide may confirm that
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