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  1. I believe the belt is 1/2" x 59", at least that's the info I found. A rope used as a measuring guide may confirm that
  2. Almost any rear GT weights will work on Wheel Horse 12" rims. Loading the tires s easier on the axles, though. I drill a second hole opposite of the valve stem and install a second valve stem. That way you can add fluid and allow air to escape, therefore making filling and draining much easier. Windshield wiper fluid works great, is cheap and doesn't freeze until very low temps.
  3. I caught another possum in the trap, (3) the buzzards were already flying overhead awaiting their meal. In my state we are allowed to carry a sidearm loaded on our person without any permit, and I do.
  4. This is for the R26 model 2-2641, should be nearly identical. The seller is a great guy. https://www.ebay.ca/itm/wheel-horse-tractor-r26-parts-manual-or-orig-owners-manual/272903403160?hash=item3f8a4f7698:g:l9IAAOSwdjdZ8qcz I included a parts list for the 2-2651, there were no drawings, your best bet is to buy the eBay manual and compare it to the parts list in the picture Tractor 1970 R-26 2-2651 RER TPL.pdf
  5. I finally caught one in a cage trap, even being careful the bullets do damage the cages slightly but not as bad as it does to the possum. I have a place in the back corner of the 20 acres were I serve up the carcasses for any and all that need a free meal. That makes one male in the cage and a female in the leg trap, but low and behold another one showed up on the camera along with two raccoons and four whitetail deer. The buck was a velvety 6 pointer.
  6. I've had great success with poison, but it doesn't work for possums or coons. I've tried the cage traps with poor results, bait gone and sometimes door tripped, but no critter. For the larger critters I use leg traps like the trappers use, and dispatch them with an antique spanish tool. I take them to the back of my 20 acres and let the buzzards dine.
  7. Happy Birthday Andrew, hope you get a good treat for your Birthday
  8. Oh trust me gents, I need a translator for my uneducated American brothers. Many can't spell or speak American English. I might be able to learn another language easier than understand the different dialects in the UK. I'm on the David Brown Tractor Facebook group and many members from Ireland and Scotland as well as many different local dialects. In all fairness I believe this last post was one of the very few that I didn't spell tire with a Y, but no way I can write in local UK dialects, and I realize you may not understand my posts in their entirety, but at least I produce complete words and sentences with better than average grammar (American). That is not common on the interwebs these days or in public for that matter.
  9. Yeah, but I bought them over here, we have a man on our money, so they're tires, lol
  10. I did report my findings to eBay, they said there was nothing against their rules for businesses of having multiple names. While on your side of the pond you may have policemen actually working fraud and theft, its not like that here. Most thefts are handled by police telling the victims to turn in the theft or scam into their insurance company. They wont even write a report anymore unless its someone important.
  11. If you've seen my latest video you will see about 10 complete news sets of tires on my various tractors that I have purchased in the last 1-4 years, I have another 10 with all new tires on them as well. Many of the rear tires were 200 a set (times that by 20), Almost all of these were purchased on eBay, but it came with another price. As time went by more and more tire sellers were just plain and simple con men, right now I wouldn't buy a tire or tube on eBay for anything. My last attempt was the worst. All I wanted was a set of 5.30-12 trailer tires. I bought the tires on the 3rd of July, delivery was supposed by on the 9th (later changed to the 11th. On the 18th the tires had never moved from their original arrival at a FedEX drop off (later found the notification was a scam too). Neither I nor eBay could get the seller to respond or refund my money. It took eBay 10 days after my request for a refund to issue that refund in order to be fair to the seller (thief). I left the worst feedback I have ever left for any seller and that's when I found out how the big tire scam works. I saw another set for a similar price and when I hit buy it now, I was unable to bid, the buyer had blocked me. This was NOT the same name of seller that I had done business with earlier, or so I thought. I did the same thing, tried to buy it now on another seller, same thing happened two more times. I had the scammer figured out. Apparently this same seller has dozens of names on eBay and when I left negative feedback he banned me from bidding on any of his names. Wow, that was great news for me anyway. eBay has to know that this seller has multiple names and I'm sure the number of positive reviews are false or fake. eBay is complicit with thieves, because they make money from them. So I decided to buy locally even if it was more. I made four calls to local tire dealers and found a set ten miles from my house mounted and balanced for 10.00 less than anything on eBay or Amazon. BTW, one of my biggest issues with tire sellers is the banding or squishing of the tires for shipping. You can almost never get the tires to seal unless you use a tube, kind of defeats the purpose of a tubeless tire.
  12. I got about half the bunch out, 5 new batteries, 6 gallons of engine oil. 8 new air and fuel filters.
  13. Try putting the seals in the freezer for an hour before installation
  14. You might look at this catalog, I haven't found any seal of any type that is .036 ID all are .031 or .040 https://www.skf.com/binary/21-318140/810-701_CRSeals_Handbook_FULL_Apr-2018_rv1.pdf
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