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  1. If you've seen my latest video you will see about 10 complete news sets of tires on my various tractors that I have purchased in the last 1-4 years, I have another 10 with all new tires on them as well. Many of the rear tires were 200 a set (times that by 20), Almost all of these were purchased on eBay, but it came with another price. As time went by more and more tire sellers were just plain and simple con men, right now I wouldn't buy a tire or tube on eBay for anything. My last attempt was the worst. All I wanted was a set of 5.30-12 trailer tires. I bought the tires on the 3rd of July, delivery was supposed by on the 9th (later changed to the 11th. On the 18th the tires had never moved from their original arrival at a FedEX drop off (later found the notification was a scam too). Neither I nor eBay could get the seller to respond or refund my money. It took eBay 10 days after my request for a refund to issue that refund in order to be fair to the seller (thief). I left the worst feedback I have ever left for any seller and that's when I found out how the big tire scam works. I saw another set for a similar price and when I hit buy it now, I was unable to bid, the buyer had blocked me. This was NOT the same name of seller that I had done business with earlier, or so I thought. I did the same thing, tried to buy it now on another seller, same thing happened two more times. I had the scammer figured out. Apparently this same seller has dozens of names on eBay and when I left negative feedback he banned me from bidding on any of his names. Wow, that was great news for me anyway. eBay has to know that this seller has multiple names and I'm sure the number of positive reviews are false or fake. eBay is complicit with thieves, because they make money from them. So I decided to buy locally even if it was more. I made four calls to local tire dealers and found a set ten miles from my house mounted and balanced for 10.00 less than anything on eBay or Amazon. BTW, one of my biggest issues with tire sellers is the banding or squishing of the tires for shipping. You can almost never get the tires to seal unless you use a tube, kind of defeats the purpose of a tubeless tire.
  2. I got about half the bunch out, 5 new batteries, 6 gallons of engine oil. 8 new air and fuel filters.
  3. Try putting the seals in the freezer for an hour before installation
  4. You might look at this catalog, I haven't found any seal of any type that is .036 ID all are .031 or .040 https://www.skf.com/binary/21-318140/810-701_CRSeals_Handbook_FULL_Apr-2018_rv1.pdf
  5. Sorry, but 5/8" and .625 ID are the smallest seals I have cross referenced. I'll try and find smaller seals
  6. I still have 3 saws in the mail, will arrive soon, I'm near close to 50 saws in just over two years. All these are auto oiler direct drive models with manual override made between 1965 and 1985.
  7. If you can use a micrometer and give me the sizes of the seals and type/number of lips, I may be able to cross reference it to a stock seal.
  8. You may have an air leak in the crankshaft seals, common issue on these old saws and why many get tossed, no seals available for many of these old saws. Air leaks in the carb or crank seals are often the cause of this issue. You can use a leak tester like the mity mite 8500 to determine whether you have a leak in the carb, by blocking the intake off with a plate and also making a plate with a stem to test crankcase pressure. I have diagrams on these testing plates if you need them. I also have a large database for new replacement seals by size and cross referenced to new part numbers.
  9. I have the wisconsin manuals and part numbers, don't think the TRA-12D and S12D are the same, but it could be. I'll post the part numbers for the S12D. The company that sell wisconsin parts is called Teledyne The piston is part number DB-231, it is available (supposedly) in .010 and .030 oversize. The ring set (3 rings) is part number DR-58, supposedly available in .010, .020, and .030 over size. The top compression ring is part number DC-340. The 2nd scraper ring is part number DC-339. The 3rd oil ring (bottom) is part number DC-338. The piston pin is part number DE-79
  10. Happy Birthday Nigel, be a good lad now, don't get into any trouble, lol
  11. Using modern 2 stroke oil you can safely run them at 40:1 or even 50:1. I use Amsoil Saber at 50:1 in old saws(1965-1975) and 100:1 in my new big Husqvarna strimmer for the last year or so. Amcoil maybe the best two stroke oil out there. Very nice shape.
  12. Being from the USA I agree it may have been built for a large retailer like Montgomery Wards, JCPenney, Sears, or any number of other retailers. Often times these variants were spec'd differently for overseas markets
  13. Someone has indeed put an electronic chip in it (Nova 2 ?) they are notorious for lasting for as little as 5 minutes to several weeks. Remove it and replace with points and condenser. I have the timing specs if you need them
  14. Happy Birthday Chris, what is it, your 40th
  15. Thanks for posting these pictures Norm, they are a real treasure
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