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  1. BSA power unit

    Hi, thanks for the reply. The rewind starter, cowling and fly wheel shall be coming off this weekend hopefully, and we shall see..... cheers Kevin
  2. BSA power unit

    Hi, many thanks for replying. A few things are starting to become clear now. The engine seems to be painted red and green, which would make sense if it was fitted to a Ransome and had been painted in their colours. On the bottom of the block I also came across the numbers F15 /06/05 12142. I'm still struggling in a couple of areas though: Which BSA engine is it equivalent too? I have downloaded a Villiers manual and it quotes the capactiy as 147cc The engine has compression, but no spark. I can't find an ignition or kill switch, so presuming that its been removed. everything else looks like its there. The oil looks ok after all this time, but will get changed, but the crankshaft seal looks like it has perished. once again, many thanks Kevin
  3. BSA power unit

    Hello, I have just purchased a BSA just like this one. Am really struggling to identify it and was wondering if you had identified yours. Any help much appreciated! best wishes Kevin
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