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  1. I've one sandblasted, painted and new decals sitting here. You can make me an offer... I'm in North Yorkshire.
  2. Hey Doug, good to have you back - nice work! Sorry to hear you've been having a rough time
  3. if you are stuck removing them... here is the easy way, though this one needed 6 tons and a lot of heat!
  4. yours looks like mk3, we've done quite a few sets of 8hp 28" Assume it has lights on the dash? - hard to tell from the pic...
  5. I suspect hubs will be your first challenge, just popped one on a C-121, 5 mins of heat and 6 tons of pressure to budge it!
  6. reading the brochure... Only 3 models on Mk2 . W8R, W8E and W11E - all 36" deck. So when did 28 and 32" decks become options? Mk1 or Mk3?
  7. whatever the issue, you need to strip it. It could be a selector fork worn or bent...
  8. fab stuff, so can we say mk1 had flat footrests and central gear select before moving to column change and sloping footrests? I note the main dash decal stayed the same for quite a while, but the ignition, lights and warning decals changed a few times?
  9. looks like a good project - we've a basket case in for work at the moment - a W11 paleface.
  10. looking good - currently got two Westwoods - T1600 and W11. Trying to pull more of the history of the early models together on them if anyone know more. Looks like early models are 1980'ish with gear change in the usual place and steel grills? Anyone got any old brochures on the early models?
  11. Not that the GT14 needs it, but this will end up on the front of bendy - when I finish the hitch arms that I've been making for 2 years Here you go - the old 5 gallon water tank from the loft - filled with concrete... perfect 100lb weight that once painted red will look factory. best get that front hitch sorted...
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