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  1. As usual - rather splendid work Richard!
  2. Good pics Norm, shame I missed you!
  3. late to the party, we've welded two of these successfully... there are all just tacked! presumably to break the fork instead of something else when you swing on it!
  4. the more I see, the more I'm astounded! such awesome engineering!
  5. wow - that is amazing work Richard!
  6. Ewan doesn't get on here much like me - we are in so many groups and forums is impossible to keep up! He's currently in the process of building a 1984 range rover - almost from scratch as the titanic probably has less rust!!!!
  7. quick video - it sounds good inside, but theres a lot of squeaks and rattles.... it sounds really good on the outside
  8. late to the show - happy Birthday old boy!
  9. Need to get the kids to film me could do! what width do you want Norm?
  10. After building a few monster tractors - I got bored and went big... 6 litre, 6 cylinder, straight pipe and a turbo... 😁
  11. Been a while since I updated things... firstly new rubber! after getting the wheels powder coated I stuck a new set of 6-12 on. I couldn’t find another Dunlop ag tyre. Ewan fixed the hood... made a smart job, where it had been butchered then this happened. I made a three point for the back. then this 😀 the IH club helped me get the original number plate. Registered in Carlisle in 1964. I painted a plate in scale with the tractor. Not legal, but I’m hardly likely to drive it on the road... Still need to sort a trip darn south to see Chris and pick up that engine. Then I can think about adding hydraulic lift 😁 in the meantime I’m planning a pto on the back...
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