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  1. thanks guys! a weekend of eating and drinking - in between a spot of fencing...
  2. meadowfield

    Eye! Eye!

    Been using them on the tractors for years. If you look carefully Ewan has them on his cadet too!
  3. meadowfield

    Eye! Eye!

    did you look at the front of Dads and Ians?
  4. We had a flypast at this years tractorfest - still have goosebumps now!
  5. It might not fit on the trailer!
  6. Finally finished the tow hitch, the hydraulics and added some paint. volvo C30 tow eye heavy duty drawbar on bendy
  7. I was thinking of it... would like to get the hydraulics running though
  8. Looks good Norm
  9. Been a while since I posted a project, this has been in my head for years and I did the axles early last year... Left over axles make good bogies. Been stalled for a few months until a few weeks ago a tracked barrow skip turned up on that site. So so that set the juices flowing Building a frame Sprung drawbar
  10. does it run better and longer with the choke on, that's usually indicative of crap in the carb. Another favourite on briggs and kohler carbs is the float needle sticking so it might not be pulling enough or any fuel through.
  11. measure the width and pitch, it's almost certain to fall into a standard type i.e. 3/8, 1/2, 5/8" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roller_chain you can then cross reference to: https://www.usarollerchain.com/Metric-Roller-Chain-Chart-s/4870.htm then buy from https://www.engineersmate.com/products/BRITISH-STANDARD-ROLLER-CHAIN/C106058 or https://www.bearingboys.co.uk/British-Standard--1305-c that's where I'm buying it from at the moment... hope this helps, if you get stuck, ping me the width and pitch. mark
  12. Spent many happy years cutting the grass on a 25. Think we got it when I was about 8 and it ran faultlessly for another 8 until we upgraded. I think my brother bought one out of pure nostalgia a few years back
  13. Have a look at my Bendy build on the other channel... I build one from scratch
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