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  1. late to the show - happy Birthday old boy!
  2. Need to get the kids to film me could do! what width do you want Norm?
  3. After building a few monster tractors - I got bored and went big... 6 litre, 6 cylinder, straight pipe and a turbo... 😁
  4. Been a while since I updated things... firstly new rubber! after getting the wheels powder coated I stuck a new set of 6-12 on. I couldn’t find another Dunlop ag tyre. Ewan fixed the hood... made a smart job, where it had been butchered then this happened. I made a three point for the back. then this 😀 the IH club helped me get the original number plate. Registered in Carlisle in 1964. I painted a plate in scale with the tractor. Not legal, but I’m hardly likely to drive it on the road... Still need to sort a trip darn south to see Chris and pick up that engine. Then I can think about adding hydraulic lift 😁 in the meantime I’m planning a pto on the back...
  5. they aren't that hard to fix, though that input shaft is the first thing you put in when you are re-assembling - so the last thing to come out happy to guide you and tell you what bearing and seal you need if you fancy a go... I've just rebuilt one two months ago. pulling the hubs is the hardest bit though... then a 9/16" spanner splits the case and it's easy after that.
  6. I've one sandblasted, painted and new decals sitting here. You can make me an offer... I'm in North Yorkshire.
  7. Hey Doug, good to have you back - nice work! Sorry to hear you've been having a rough time
  8. if you are stuck removing them... here is the easy way, though this one needed 6 tons and a lot of heat!
  9. yours looks like mk3, we've done quite a few sets of 8hp 28" Assume it has lights on the dash? - hard to tell from the pic...
  10. I suspect hubs will be your first challenge, just popped one on a C-121, 5 mins of heat and 6 tons of pressure to budge it!
  11. reading the brochure... Only 3 models on Mk2 . W8R, W8E and W11E - all 36" deck. So when did 28 and 32" decks become options? Mk1 or Mk3?
  12. whatever the issue, you need to strip it. It could be a selector fork worn or bent...
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