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  1. meadowfield

    Another Mountfield 25

    Spent many happy years cutting the grass on a 25. Think we got it when I was about 8 and it ran faultlessly for another 8 until we upgraded. I think my brother bought one out of pure nostalgia a few years back
  2. meadowfield

    Wheel horse D200 with homemade 3 point linkage

    Have a look at my Bendy build on the other channel... I build one from scratch
  3. meadowfield

    Newby Hall 2019 Tractor Fest.

    Trying to organise another wheel horse round up, but other than family and Norm I’ve had no interest. A few years ago I managed to get 36 together! Have wheel horses had their day? Do I call this the final meet?
  4. meadowfield


    Happy new year boys! And Nigel :p
  5. meadowfield

    8 speed wheel horse box help please

    it was marketing, before 74 they were 6 speed (with 2 reverse) after that they became 8 speed (inc 2 reverse)
  6. meadowfield

    8 speed wheel horse box help please

    6 and 8 speed are the same
  7. meadowfield

    8 speed wheel horse box help please

    shift boot is easy to get from the US pt no #3577 my first horse had a gearbox full of water, I stripped it - but it didn't need anything thats still running in my 4x4 horse
  8. meadowfield

    Happy Birthday Stormin

    happy belated birthday Norm!
  9. meadowfield

    help needed

    Pto switch, I've had a few fail now causing the 12v to the coil to drop.
  10. meadowfield

    Wheelhorse Rear Bracket

    https://youtu.be/rjckF0-VeGI they do exist, I've got a set that do holes in wood
  11. meadowfield

    international historical festival panningen

    great photos!
  12. meadowfield

    Now what to do with them?

    I wasn't out to cause controversy and agree that none are shift on the go. I've replaced the selector on on one and can see it was never designed to be pulled through the middle under load, it's just not berry enough! agree on the grease too, I'd rather have something that splashes around rather than is thrown to the extremities! Btw never seen a spicer one, always been foote or peerless...
  13. meadowfield

    Now what to do with them?

    those peerless boxes will generally allow shift on the go if the are the ones with a spring loaded key that runs through the gears. They are usually 5+reverse all in constant mesh and packed with sticky bentonite grease.
  14. meadowfield

    Happy Birthday Nigel.

    happy birthday old man
  15. meadowfield

    Removing a stuck main engine pulley shaft

    of the dozen or so Briggs verticals I have worked on they are all 1" straight shaft with an inch long key (not half moon) The flywheel end on the other hand is always a 1" tapered with short very soft key that is designed to shear when things go wrong (don't ask how I know)