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  1. Did you get the parts from Meetens Ewan?
  2. Following this with interest as my Bolens Ride a Matic got a Kholer in it too.
  3. I am hoping my Bolens 650 will be at RPT this year. If not, I will bring my 600 yet again.....
  4. That finger bar looks easier to set up on the Gutbrod than the Haban one for the Bolens.
  5. Sorry to hear that Norm; you will be sorely missed by us all.
  6. Great photos and look like a very well attended show too with some quality exhibits.
  7. Good progress you are making Norm.
  8. Just posted my application form this evening. Looking forward to it!
  9. I will be taking my 650 if all goes well. If not the 600 or 1050. Form will be posted shortly.
  10. You are doing a tidy job so far. No idea how to dismantle it either but do you need to if it's causing some grief?
  11. That looks like a sturdy creation there. Very neat.
  12. Tidy job What's your next project?.....
  13. Thanks for posting; always good to see interesting garden tractors.
  14. Two new enthusiasts of garden tractors Norman !
  15. Alan, I, too, spotted the elusive Iain. Trying to muscle in on Joseph's video. Good of Joseph to let him to do something to help while he does all the technical stuff......
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