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  1. Triumph66

    Christmas workshop projects

    Great video Joseph. The Westie come up very well; only another 50 or so garden tractors to clean ...... Just a bit concerned about the tramp who muscled in on the video. I guess you gave him a brown paper bag with a cheap bottle of whiskey to quench his thirst to make him go away?
  2. Triumph66

    Newby Hall 2019 Tractor Fest.

    I have never been but might consider it if I am around. I hear that it is a very good show. Is there a working area?
  3. Triumph66

    Christmas workshop projects

    Great video again. I see that Iain's aerial photography technique been vastly improved since he did his practice at Gatwick a few weeks ago I do like the camera shot underneath; very cool . I assume the purple strap was there in case it needed towing by a Bolens TF?! Great looking tractor btw.
  4. Triumph66


    Happy New Year too. Roll on the steam/ tractor shows season !
  5. Triumph66

    Rural Past Times, August 11/12

    Great stuff! Looking forward to going again! Cheers Chris.
  6. Triumph66

    Rural Past Times, August 11/12

    Chris; any update where the new RPT Rally site will be for 2019? Cheers Andrew
  7. Triumph66

    Christmas workshop projects

    Correction! What about the Bolens?!
  8. Triumph66

    Christmas workshop projects

    The paintwork come up well with the T cut Good video yet again
  9. Triumph66

    Last match of the year

    Yes well done George. The Gutbrod is an impressive ploughing machine.
  10. Triumph66

    Christmas workshop projects

    Alan, Calvin might be a tipsy from his glasses of Christmas sherries to be of any help...... just thinking of the brambles event at RPT back in August...
  11. Triumph66

    Merry Christmas.

    Yes a very Happy Christmas to all on here! Best Wishes Andrew
  12. Triumph66

    Trojan mk1

    That's very tidy Nigel. Another one saved.
  13. Triumph66

    Biddenden tractorfest 2018

    Another great video Joseph and Iain.
  14. Triumph66

    JP Push Lawn Mowers

    I am interested in any vintage JP Lawn Mowers especially the Major and early Minor MK1 models. Preferably complete with grass box. Please message me or post below. Thanks Andrew