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  1. I always prefer the Round Hood Wheel Horses. It will be great to see these next year at a show Chris.
  2. Be interested to see the end results when you clean up something Joesph.
  3. Thanks Alain. Your photo made me very envious!
  4. I am looking for a set of front wheel weights as well as a set of Bolens embossed rear wheel weights if anyone got any for sale or know of a set. Message me or leave a response below. Thanks. Andrew
  5. Joseph. I just hope it is not Fairy's washing up liquid!!!
  6. Ian, sorry to read about this and I must thank you for your warm welcome to MOM a few years ago when I saw your WHs at the Shack. Best wishes to you both Andrew
  7. Bumped up for Gary's attention.
  8. Harry Thompsett is thinking of selling.
  9. A good work out for the WH Chris.
  10. Triumph66

    G14 wont start

    Maybe check the points and condenser and the coil or module?
  11. I hope the chicks are still safe?
  12. Thanks chaps for the best wishes. Appreciate it
  13. Some really good display of garden machinery. I particularly like the Shay Rotoscythe mower.
  14. I thought it was Calvin I got to keep an eye on!
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