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  1. Harry Thompsett is thinking of selling.
  2. A good work out for the WH Chris.
  3. Triumph66

    G14 wont start

    Maybe check the points and condenser and the coil or module?
  4. I hope the chicks are still safe?
  5. Thanks chaps for the best wishes. Appreciate it
  6. Some really good display of garden machinery. I particularly like the Shay Rotoscythe mower.
  7. I thought it was Calvin I got to keep an eye on!
  8. The little Bolens didn't know it own strength.....
  9. That is one cool tractor Great find too. Will you be taking it to RPT?
  10. Triumph66


    Tidy job Norm.
  11. I got a Brinly cultivator which I bought from Harry which he's bringing up with him on the Saturday.
  12. A fabulous collection Alain. All used as intended.
  13. Did you get the parts from Meetens Ewan?
  14. Following this with interest as my Bolens Ride a Matic got a Kholer in it too.
  15. I am hoping my Bolens 650 will be at RPT this year. If not, I will bring my 600 yet again.....
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