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  1. Following your project with interest as I too have acquired a round hood WH Suburban recently.
  2. Great video and you are, ahem, ploughing ahead......
  3. Glad to see that the Allen scythe is in action. If you are thinking of replacing the engine, let me know please!
  4. Hello, I would be interested in your engine but I don't have a Villiers here. I will message you via this forum. Thanks
  5. Thanks Nigel. Cheers
  6. Happy Birthday Ewan; hope all's well with you.
  7. I am on the hunt for a Kohler K91 and Petrol tank for my Wheel Horse Suburban if anyone knows of one going spare? Thanks Andrew
  8. Happy belated birthday Norm; hope your steak supper was delicious. Cheers
  9. I bet it was nice to get out for a change of scenery! Roll on 2021 and TF and RPT.
  10. Triumph66

    John Deere 110

    That looks largely complete from that one photograph Tom. Very nice.
  11. Another great job created by you Chris. Again stunningly good!
  12. That's a stunning line up of round hood WHs Chris. Love it!
  13. Thanks everyone for their best wishes last week! Much appreciated!
  14. Triumph66

    Bolens H16

    Bumped up for Phil's attention.
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