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  1. Triumph66

    Bolens H16

    Bumped up for Phil's attention.
  2. That 1962 RAM model is on my bucket list too.....
  3. Triumph66


    That's a neat fix.
  4. Very tidy. Be interesting to see how the soil look after you have rotovated it.
  5. Popped up to the yard today and had a quick root around on my MM. Mine is number 134
  6. Great collection of crawlers
  7. Thanks Paul. I got him down as one of my contact!
  8. I am looking for any Rotoscythe lawn mowers if anyone got one they want to sell or if you know of where some are. Please message me or leave a response below. Thanks Andrew
  9. I have one too in bits too but has been partially restored and just require putting back together..... I have several Briggs engines to make one good engine. Cannot recall the number on mine but will endeavour to find out. Keep us posted on its ressurection and more photos please!
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