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  1. Bearing for ohlsonn 1hp

    Dear, Sorry for the delay in the return, but with the end of year period things get a little complicated for me. It would be possible for you to send me the bearings you have and the diaphragm. It would help me greatly in restoring this engine. If there is any cost, let me know how I can send it to you. Right now, I appreciate the help.
  2. Bearing for ohlsonn 1hp

    I'd appreciate it if you can help me. I live in Brazil and here people do not have the culture to keep things old. I really wish I could get this engine running. hugs
  3. Bearing for ohlsonn 1hp

    Hi David I try to send a PM to Webhead but receive this message "Webhead cannot receive messages." Alberto
  4. Bearing for ohlsonn 1hp

    David, excuse me, but how i can send a PM to Webhead? hugs Alberto
  5. Bearing for ohlsonn 1hp

    Good evening, I'd like to replace the bearings that are broken or parched. I have doubts about which engine model is correct, so follow some photos. I also need the carburetor diaphragm. Thank´s.
  6. Bearing for ohlsonn 1hp

    Dear Would anyone know for what bearings could replace the originals of the ohlsson 1hp? Hugs
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