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  1. I think I have one kicking about will have a look on monday
  2. nigel

    Mk1 Trojan

    Yes mk1 running boards arnt original Nor is the exhaust
  3. Can you tell which ones bill and which ones Ben ? Chris 😂
  4. Looking good Norm, good call on powder coating the frame 👍🏻👍👍🏿< ime not racist,
  5. Happy birthday Andrew 🎂🎂
  6. nigel

    John Deere 110

    Nice to here from you Tom, Harrys got one
  7. I put this up for sale the other day, a bloke from the far end of Cumbria bought it , then he had a 14 hour road trip to pick it up.🙄
  8. So your not going to powder coat it then Norm
  9. nigel

    SWM 125

    Powdercoat then lacquer
  10. nigel

    SWM 125

    Nice project though Norm, I did an old beamish Suzuki once but had to drastically change the gearing for the road Rims and spokes look ok
  11. nigel

    SWM 125

    That’s a nice find Norm👍🏻 Are you going to restore it, 2 stroke ? Has it a rotax engine in it
  12. That is luverly I hate to think of the cost though Tomo What paint have you used ?
  13. I meant the cylinder fins 🙄
  14. It wraps round the head fins
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