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  1. Your a clever sod Richard
  2. I can get my free bus pass now 😂
  3. Well I got ian to lathe me up another governer rod, and it was a bastard to fit but we got there in the end, we got it running properly and I rode it around at rural pastimes ,it ran ok, I have now sold it on and it’s gone west to wales, I know the new owner has spent many hours working on it since and hopefully he will be posting here at some point
  4. Give me a private message, cos ime in cranbrook aswell and ile pop along and have a look
  5. Where abouts in kent are you ?
  6. I used to do a bit of copper bashing using old hot water cylinders as source material, I made a few buckets and bits and bobs, it’s not as easy as it looks but once again your work is top notch 👍
  7. nigel

    Another horse.

    I might have a steering wheel of a comando 8 kicking about somewhere Norm
  8. Happy Christmas to all the surviving members of MOM
  9. Look on eBay plenty of Chinese carbs for all hondas on there
  10. Chris rang me yesterday, he’s sounding real positive and looking forward to rural pastimes
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