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  1. Last time I went to one of them places ( blue cross ) I told them to stick there dogs up there bum Andrew, they wanted to come round and inspect my house my garden and wanted me to fills forms in for background checks ,the dog I wanted got put down by them 2 weeks later because they could not find a home for it , never again, ime going to find a hunting fishing country type person that will find me a border terrier
  2. Bit sad paul ,but she was in pain, she let me know yesterday that she had had enough, so ime in the market for a new one if you hear of anything, it’s a sad day
  3. Had to put my faithful old friend down today had her from new 16 years, your be sadly missed
  4. nigel

    John Deere 70

    I decided to paint the black bits instead of vinyl because I have always found you get creases when you do large areas I will put the decals on later
  5. Oh there’s a lot more down than them Norm
  6. nigel

    John Deere 70

    Well it’s going back together very very slowly
  7. nigel

    John Deere 70

    Yep but you imagine rubbing that lot down priming it all then paint, hours and hour of work and would still cost me money, so why it was away I serviced 2 ride-ons and that payed for it 😄
  8. Still need a valve for a tubeless tyre 😂
  9. nigel

    John Deere 70

    Where do I start
  10. nigel

    John Deere 70

    Yep but I’ve always got away with it beforewith the trojans and the ranger this one just hasn’t got a gel coat on
  11. nigel

    John Deere 70

    I’ve had a massive problem with the bonnet I can see why John Deere went to plastic, this one is fibre glass and the gel coat is none existent every time you flat it strands of fibre glass fall out and it leaves a spiderweb pattern and it looks like big grooves in it I’ve flattened and primed it 3 times now But on a brighter note all my powder coating came back and I’ve started to put the deck back together
  12. Yep my one is the one Angus has got , it’s knackard so if you can find it ewan that would be realy helpful
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