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  1. Try Tich at machinery decals good service.
  2. nigel


    E5 petrol only
  3. nigel


    That’s a bit of a rare one it’s not column change, it’s a basic Briggs and stratton engine,
  4. I think it’s about time you gave this up Tim, I think it’s long gone now and even if it was found you would not be able to prove it was yours after all these years
  5. As wristpin said but first I would check that the pins that push the brake shoes aren’t sticking
  6. What do you mean it hesitates ? Does it cut out ?
  7. I wish I had 10% of your talent Richard 👍
  8. I would try and find a good replacement I think it would work out a lot cheaper
  9. Got some new toys for my workshop today Richard
  10. I can get my free bus pass now 😂
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