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  1. Chris rang me yesterday, he’s sounding real positive and looking forward to rural pastimes
  2. Spoke to him today he’s doing ok won’t be out of hostpital until may though
  3. I spoke to him a couple of days ago, he’s definitely on the mend
  4. Well I thought I would revive this topic, I ended up buying this from Harry ( I was robbed ) after it sat for 4 years in a container, it took me 3 days to get it running after changing all fuel pipes and wiring flushing tanks etc, when it did finally go it started revving and kept revving faster and faster until I could not stop it, my mate hid behind a digger as I jammed a lever on the governer to try and stop it which it didn’t ,then real disaster happend the governer snapped off, I ended up pulling the fuel line off and it stopped, now I have a major problem of getting the governer out of the engine, 🙄
  5. Thinking of you Chris 🙏
  6. Merry Christmas everyone have a good one
  7. I did look into that Doug £8000 🙄
  8. You could of said that before I fitted it 😂
  9. Well I lit my fire this morning and with in 5. Minutes the condensation on the roof started dripping every where 🙄 so now I will have to bite the bullet and lag and board the roof, more bloody expence
  10. Will be Norm but we are £18 grand in, it will have to wait for a bit but I have put this in
  11. And 2.5 weeks later and a lot of hard work from my boy KARL and his mate Nick I’ve ended up with a workshop you could only dream of.
  12. Well after 15 years my lease was up on my workshop and the powers that be won’t extend it, so what do I do? 2 choices realy, first one is retire and sit in my rocking chair pissing me knickers and dribbling until I snuff it , or start again, we’ll it wasn’t rocket science and the decision was made. 😂 And 2.5 weeks later
  13. Have you any photos ?
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