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  2. So what was the difference from a standard itw and the barge tractor Johnathan
  3. nigel

    Tot rod

    Yep turned out quite easy in the end Alan , it’s now sold, so some little person will be happy this christmas
  4. nigel

    Tot rod

    Well it goes like shit off a shovel 😂
  5. Need some photos and the id tag if it has one, then someone should be able to help you
  6. Well that’s some collection you have there now paul
  7. nigel

    Tot rod

    Got a bit bored this week, I had an old disability scooter kicking about and found this old jeep on the dump, so I’ve cut 9 inches out of the chassis cut the jeep up abit, and I’ve got a start to an 8 mph tot rod
  8. nigel

    Wanted Kohler K91

    Try Neil he did have some Andrew
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