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  1. Looks like some sort of crimper
  2. Harry I need a project for the winter something that’s running but needs a bit of bodywork and paint, have you got anything ? And remember ime old and skint 🤪

  4. Happy birthday Frank
  5. Great job chris but doesn’t that bolt on the seat stick in your bollocks 🧐
  6. Looking good there chris I don’t think any one would know that it’s not original
  7. Can’t you make one chris it’s just a bit of bent bar
  8. Yes but we have to translate every thing you post 😂like you say hood we say bonnet ,you say tomaaaatooos we say tommartoos you say fenders we say wings, so do you realy speak English, or do you boys make it up 😂😂😂😂👙
  9. They are Tyres over here Alain speak English 😂😂😂
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