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  1. That can’t be the original engine they never used Suzuki engines, but most small side shaft engines will fit on them
  2. nigel

    Corona project

    Don’t think so it’s not very big Norm it’s about the size of a lawnranger
  3. nigel

    Corona project

    Sorted the back drive system Found an engine that just might fit
  4. nigel

    Corona project

    Volvo! That’s for girls, we need a v8
  5. nigel

    Corona project

    Found this old chassis from a greenfield that I had stuck on the scrap heap, so tomorrow out come the cutting discs, ime sure I can make something out of this
  6. nigel

    Corona project

    Scratching my arse for some thing to do up the workshop so I will have to start a project out of bits I’ve got laying around, I haven’t a clue what it’s going to be, but these parts will make a start
  7. Looking realy good chris
  8. Have you tried Harry he might have some bits
  9. Nice job, was it 2 pack
  10. Yep I think this year could finish a few off especially where they have spent a lot of money up front
  11. I’ve got a horrible feeling a lot of shows are going to be cancelled this year what’s your thoughts
  12. Looking good mate
  13. Oye ime nearly an old age pensioner you know I have to watch my penny’s now, it’s ok for you northerners you’re weeks food bill is about the same as a loaf of bread down souf 😂
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