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  1. Yep ime with Paul aswell
  2. I think ime going senile ian 😂 changed it now
  3. Bought this the other day had a crap Tecumseh engine in with carb and governed problems So ime stuffing a Briggs in it, but it didn’t fit so had to raise it up 1 inch , cut the air filter in half and make another exhaust
  4. Not a chance my trailer wasn’t big enough we got mr Hobbs with his 7.5 tonner
  5. I’ve just bought one of them paul
  6. Happy birthday Paul, another nail in the coffin 😂
  7. Yes ime sorry to see you go Ian we have had a lot of laughs over the years and both done some mad things, but I have watched your struggle every day, and I agree you are doing the right thing by going to smaller projects that you can manage, the only problem is my workshop has just got a lot bigger and ime supposed to be slowing down as well😂
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