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  1. Be intrested to see what they look like when you get them back chris
  2. Your a clever bugger mr showman
  3. nigel

    John Deere 70

    Ime suprised how small it looks next to the Raider
  4. nigel

    John Deere 70

    Yep very rare over here paul
  5. Deck on all wired up can you see the bit I forgot ?
  6. As Storming said, send a photo to machinery decals he will sort it out with the sn number ime not sure that mark at restoration decals does metal backed but you could try him to. Good luck,
  7. Never seen one of them before, is it running a Briggs engine ?
  8. Run it on tick over with multi meter on then gradually raise the revs, if it goes up it’s charging
  9. nigel

    Huffy broad lawn

    Ah that where it wen Andrewt I couldn’t for the life of me remember where it went 😂
  10. I’ve got 3 front axles ian left behind
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