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  1. As wristpin said but first I would check that the pins that push the brake shoes aren’t sticking
  2. What do you mean it hesitates ? Does it cut out ?
  3. I wish I had 10% of your talent Richard 👍
  4. I would try and find a good replacement I think it would work out a lot cheaper
  5. Got some new toys for my workshop today Richard
  6. I can get my free bus pass now 😂
  7. Well I got ian to lathe me up another governer rod, and it was a bastard to fit but we got there in the end, we got it running properly and I rode it around at rural pastimes ,it ran ok, I have now sold it on and it’s gone west to wales, I know the new owner has spent many hours working on it since and hopefully he will be posting here at some point
  8. Give me a private message, cos ime in cranbrook aswell and ile pop along and have a look
  9. Where abouts in kent are you ?
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