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  1. Happy birthday Gareth
  2. Why not just sharpen the 8 blades
  3. nigel

    Trojan mk1

    Yep I geared this one down paul, I remember the last one 🙄
  4. nigel

    Trojan mk1

    Just finished this there was a lot of bits missing and it was in a terrible state when I bought it , I have put a clutch on it so it’s now press and go ,made the gearing for 6 mph flat out thanks to twitch for decals, and Angus for the engine.
  5. Try this paint dries in 15 mins Norm About £12 a litre
  6. Happy birthday Koen hope you get loads of tulips
  7. Looks better than a lot of rural museums paul. 👍🏻
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