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  1. Yes I would say blocked main jet
  2. Yep we are all getting old now and crippled up, I just hope someone manages to buy all there stock up so we can keep these old machines running
  3. Call that a pond, this is a pond Norm
  4. Thank you all, another nail in the coffin 😂
  5. Dear Nigel, I've uploaded a picture of a mountfield M4 which I needed a grass box for. Is it the one you have? Thanks, Colian


  6. Message Paul mackellow he collects them
  7. Have you a photo of what you have, ? Cos I might have one somewhere
  8. Happy birthday mate
  9. nigel

    How time flys

    And you have still got your checked shirt 😂
  10. Bloody Fantastic Richard 👍👍
  11. You just can’t help yourself can you Paul 😂
  12. I think someone has put a replacement engine on it
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