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  1. Makin a really professional job there, Joseph. All the drilling and milling reminds me of my toolroom/machine shop days. Lucky lad to have equipment like that.
  2. Mr Mad Mower or BobH have/had BUMA borer's. What's in the shed. Octobe 9 2016 . Look it up.
  3. I wouldn't worry to much about snow, Joseph. Some years back I built my own snow plough and we've not had any snow to speak of since. There's a thread on it way back. BTW. It's plough NOT plow. Your English.
  4. I'd clean it up, get it running and leave it as is. So unique.
  5. Speaking of Allen Scythes, a friend of mine has a none runner tucked away. Keeps saying he'll bring it over. I'll have to remind him.
  6. Your correct about the Corgi engine, Matt. Also the Braves were a 248cc 4 stroke single. My father was a test rider and used to take them to a place near Horwich, Lancs, to try and break them. The Braves were not a success and my father finally left Brockhouse because they wouldn't update the suspension.
  7. Have you tried Meetens, Preston, Lancs? They deal with Villiers engines and may have what you require. Google for contact info.
  8. Your engine definitely is not for a bike. As for being rare, I would say certainly. I have never seen one before. It's up to you as to painting. Either way painted or not, it's worth retaining for it's rarity. You could enquire at Meetens, Preston about spares. They do spares for all kinds of engines and may be able to help. Google for contact info.
  9. Try Meetens at Preston. They may be able to help. Google for their details.
  10. Had a walk down the bridleway this afternoon and came across the little buck lying dead on one side. He is unmarked and I can only assume he choked as he ran off seeing my neighbour. I'll bury him tomorrow before any scavengers find him.
  11. Phil. My late father would be working for Brockhouse, in Crossens, Southport when that engine was fitted in a Hoemate. It was also fitted in the Corgi motorcycle that was built there, along with the Indian Brave. Though the Brave had a 250cc engine.
  12. All the Best, Doug. Have a good day.
  13. Good winter project. Can't really tell off the photo's, but those front wheels look as if some one has added narrow rims, to the standard ones somehow.
  14. Came home from a walk today and spotted this little fellow down the track. Helping himself from to some apples dumped there. Not seen any deer for quite some time. He's the second one I saw today. First was as I was walking round far off in a field
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