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  1. That yellow box looks like an electronic ignition module to me. Apart from that I can't help. Sorry! Alain (Headexam} may know as he has a considerable chainsaw collection.
  2. How many times have you been up to Newby Hall, Nigel? ONCE if I remember correctly. Now how many times have I made the 380 mile drive south? 4? 5? I know Chris. Also yours and Pam's hospitality. Plus the rest of the usual group.
  3. Unfortunately I'll not be able to make it this year. Been having a bit of trouble with my legs. Particularly the right one. The one I hurt when nearly taking a dive of the house roof. When I got back from Newby Hall after a 2-1/2 hr drive, I could hardly walk to open the yard gate and the tractors were left on the trailer, to be unloaded the following day. So a 380 mile drive is out of the question. Unless the doc can work a miracle or two.
  4. Stormin

    Westwood S1300

    Everything is in bits now. Bit of a warm up and the pulley came free. Spindles took some freeing from the bearings though. What a state the bearing were in. So called sealed for life bearings, the cut grass had forced the seals in and the bearings had debris packed in instead of grease. The outside spindle housing had seals at the bottom, but the inner housing didn't. Not sure if it ever had one. If it did, it's a different size to the outers. We've got new bearings already. Seals and belts to come and I'll get new nuts and bolts, then next week see if I can remember how it all goes together.
  5. So what's the correct name for a strimmer, Angus? Trimmer?
  6. I thought you'd take photo's of the walk behinds etc, Dave. Left them for you. No point doubling up.
  7. Stormin

    Eye! Eye!

    Only problem I have is those are the last six I had left.
  8. Stormin

    Eye! Eye!

    To be honest, Mark, no I didn't. It's an idea I've had a while. Never got around to it till to day.
  9. A few more. Here we have the intrepid Smith family as can be found engaging in their usual rally activity. From the right. Ewan, (Meadowfields son). Mark, (Meadowfield) Frank, (Meadowfields father) Ian, (Meadowfields brother) Jake, (Ewans twin brother} That's your lot.
  10. Stormin

    Eye! Eye!

    Had some of these eyebolts in a box of junk. They gave me an idea for when the tractors are loaded on the trailer. First of all I had to drill out the eye a tad so the strap hook would fit. Next job was the turn of the tractors chassis to have a hole drilled out. The end result. One each side.
  11. Some photo's of some of what was there. I took these Saturday morning before it got busy. I didn't realise how many I'd taken, so they'll be in more than one post and no specific order. More to come.
  12. Thanks for the video, Mark. WW2 Lancaster bomber for those not in the know. Still kicking myself for not having my camera handy when it flew over. Directly above where I was standing.
  13. Well done Richard. It'll soon be purring like a kitten. As near as a two stroke sounds to a kitten anyway.
  14. Tractors all ready to go. Got camping gear out of storage. Just got to fill up the Disco with diesel. Get petrol for the tractors. Food. And last but not least a few bob. Load up tomorrow and good to go early Friday morning.
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