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  1. Unfortunately I don't have a spare inlet, Richard. But things are in hand.
  2. All the Best, Doug.
  3. Happy Birthday, Koen.
  4. I can't help you I'm afraid, but put an ad in the wanted section. And
  5. Stormin

    Another horse.

    Used all my photo space, Jonathan. Been trying to reduce it. Not successfully.
  6. Sorry to hear of more hospital visits, Jonathan. I'll pop up sometime next week for a visit.
  7. Stormin

    Another horse.

    A 1974 Wheel Horse B80 will join the herd in the workshop at the weekend. Bought and paid for this morning. More info to follow then.
  8. I need an exhaust valve for a Kohler K301as 12hp engine. Tried L&S Engineering without success. Anyone got a scrap engine they could take one out, or ideas as to where I can obtain one.
  9. Happy Birthday Doug.
  10. Try L&S Engineers. They have a web site.
  11. Wishing you All the Best, Joseph. Have a good day.
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