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  1. Stormin

    C-125 Rebuild.

    Checked the bore today and it is within spec. So after a deglaze, the new piston, rings and rod got fitted. The engine is now complete but before I refit it, it'll get painted. There are still some bits and bobs to paint and the bonnet to finish, but the weather is too wet and damp for any more painting.
  2. Stormin

    Happy Birthday James.

    All the Best, Digger James.
  3. Stormin

    Slumbering Westwood

    Maybe worth seeing if you can buy it and the trailer. Even to sell on. I would.
  4. Stormin

    C-125 Rebuild.

    BTW. I think I've discovered why it was burning oil. Not worn bore or rings. The end gaps in the top and middle rings were in line and not staggered as they should have been.
  5. Stormin

    Slumbering Westwood

    Looks tidy. Do you know if it runs?
  6. Stormin

    C-125 Rebuild.

    I got the piston and rod out yesterday and it was pleasing to see that the big end bearings and crankpin were unmarked. With the condition of the inside and paint colour, I'm beginning to suspect it is a replacement engine. No engine number either that I can see. I'll measure the crank pin and bore when I can. Nothing done today, as the weather has/is rather inclement. -4c wind chill and icy rain. Not supposed to be any better tomorrow except maybe some snow. I did find when comparing the conrod with the broken one from the Raider 10s 10hp engine, the 10 rod was longer than the 12hp one from the C-125. So that was an idea blown out the window.
  7. Stormin

    Weekend ploughing

    Take George up on his offer, Alain. He gave me a lot of good advice.
  8. Stormin

    C-125 Rebuild.

    I got the bonnet masked up and one top coat on today. But it was to cold really for painting. -2c with the east wind. So I got the engine onto the bench and started to remove what I needed to, prior to removing the piston and rod. I'll take those out tomorrow and give it a clean, then see about getting the bore, which looks good, deglazed.
  9. Stormin

    Interesting Wheel Horse

    Yes! Honda logo and 4 cylinder engine/gearbox.
  10. Stormin

    Sheep in the shed ?

    Whatever you spread on the ground, bark or straw it will stick to their fleeces. How about solid wooden pallets?
  11. Stormin

    C-125 Rebuild.

    Three coats of primer and red top coat applied to the bonnet today. Also the drive belt guard. Flywheel cover and a couple of engine covers primed also. Hope to get the black done tomorrow.
  12. Stormin

    Weekend ploughing

    Nice straight furrows there George.
  13. Stormin

    C-125 Rebuild.

    I'll be wanting the graphics soon. See what you dad's got in stock.
  14. Stormin

    C-125 Rebuild.

    Bit cold and damp today, but with a bit of working between workshop and kitchen, I got the underneath of the bonnet primed and top coated. Took it into the kitchen to warm up, paint in hot water, spray outside, into kitchen to dry. Repeat five times.
  15. Stormin

    C-125 Rebuild.

    Removed it from the bench today and took some photo's outside. After a clean up in the workshop I turned my attention to the antivibration engine plate. Got it primed and top coated. Next it was the turn of the bonnet/hood. Borrowed SWMBO's hair dryer, (with permission) and removed the stickers from the sides. Followed that with a good going over with Turpentine substitute, then rubbed down with emery cloth. The photo' below shows how the paint has faded over the last 36 years. That was it for today.