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  1. Stormin

    1962 Bolens 600

    I could hear you load and clear there, Joseph. I couldn't really tell on the video, so I've a little tip for you. When fitting tyres, smear some of your mothers washing up liquid round the tyre edge. Helps the tyre slide on and seat properly on the wheel. Just don't tell Mum and Dad I told you.
  2. All the Best, Alain. Hope your having a good day.
  3. All the Best, Iain. Enjoy the day.
  4. Stormin

    1962 Bolens 600

    That'll keep you busy for a while, Joseph. Just a point with your video's. Can you keep nearer to the mic'? I find it a tad hard to hear what your saying. Going deaf/deafer in my advancing years.
  5. Good to see your brains still working OK. I should think the motor should work ok. It's got two choices. It should or it won't.
  6. My mate and I picked up a rather sorry looking C-125 today. I forgot to take my camera with me, so no photo's. I'll take it when I go over to his place to try and sort it out. First job will to get it running. Spins over with ease but getting no spark at the plug. It's certainly no show girl. But it's for towing a trailer in the woods of the property that's just been bought. So an out and out worker. Paintwork is pretty rough, but tin ware is straight. Plastic type fender is broken at the back and seat is badly worn/torn. Steering wheel wobbles and that may be because the split dowel is not all the way through. One end is sticking out. Battery needs a clamp and one of the rubber hood catches is missing the hook. It will get a set of ags on the back, as the woods are quite steep. I'll update as things progress.
  7. Stormin


    Welcome to MoM, Tony. Look in the O&R section. There's one in there.
  8. I still miss mine at times. The Disco just doesn't have the character of Bryan. That was my 90's name. Don't know if you've seen the new model Defender, Joseph. Not a patch on the real Land Rover 90. You take good care of yours.
  9. That's a shame, Chris. Was looking forward to some photo's.
  10. Happy birthday, Harry. Have a good day.
  11. A very nice job you've made of it. Now put it away somewhere safe, till Dylan grows a bit.
  12. To small for a fencing tool.
  13. David is right. Not having any tinware on misled me.
  14. SWMBO came home from her evening walk round the block with our neighbour. "We've found this", she said. Showing me an old kitchen tap. "It would look nice by the pond". Anyway, after some thought and scratting about, I came up with the feature below. That should get me some Brownie points.
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