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  1. Try Chris (The Showman) Sutton. I bet he's any amount.
  2. Pleased you enjoyed it. Comments like that make the hard work worthwhile. Good to meet you again even if only briefly. And congratulations on your wins.
  3. I'd love to go Chris. But the cost of fuel would be just to much now. I'll miss it as it's such a good show and I'd recommend any one near to go. Going to miss you lads darn sarf.
  4. Velocar drive system. It has three speeds.
  5. This weekend has been the Hethersgill Vintage Clubs annual rally. Because of covid we have not been able to run it for three years. So it's been like a fresh start. Friday I took my farmer mates caravan through to the site, while he followed with cattle trailer with signage, table, chairs and my Sears/Roper GT16. We then erected the auction tent. I later returned home to load my car with stuff I was taking for the auction a long with a small 3X4ft trailer. Saturday was mainly spent booking in early arrivals and things for the auction, plus setting up the car display area. After a whisky laced coffee in the caravan and retired to bed in the back of the car. Number 3 grandson bedded down in his car along side. His first time away with me and at the rally. He did very well helping out here and there. Up early Sunday and soon was time to start booking in the car entries. Three of us were doing this but I kept getting dragged away to sort out some other peoples problems. Ten o'clock and the gate opened for the public. The show finished around 4pm and it was time to start packing stuff away and helping load things that people had bought at the auction. I got a nice little trailer. Quite pleased with it. Also a cast iron Bamfords seat of some farm equipment. That will turn into a garden seat similar to one we already have. I hadn't given any thought as to how I was getting the trailer home. But Lewis phoned his eldest brother and he came and collect it along with the Sears and delivered it to my place. Eventually I arrived home about 8pm. had a bite to eat then unloaded the car. Well and truly tired. Bed by 10am and didn't wake till 6pm. Today back to the site and helped finish clearing up. Took the newly purchased trailer and brought a couple of tractor tyres my mate had bought. So below are some photo's for your perusal. This belongs to a friend of mine who has quite collection of vintage bicycles and some cars. Great fun to drive. This is the pickup he brought it in. 1920's Citroen. That all for now. I do have a few more that failed to load. I'll try later.
  6. I can believe that. Good news he's home. Thanks Alan.
  7. Coming along nicely. That's the way. Slow and steady.
  8. Spoke to Chris this morning. He can now walk without an aid and go up stairs. Has to have a nurse with him though, as his balance is not perfect. Hospital has a cafe up stairs and serves tea and cake. They are going to put a seat in his shower at home with hand rails. Also a rail going up the stairs. So he may be home sooner than thought.
  9. All the best for yesterday, Ian.
  10. Will I see that in the metal at Hethersgill show?
  11. That's excellent Doug. I'll PM my address. Send me yours and I'll send you five bob.
  12. I'm after info on my Petter PAZ1 diesel engine I have fitted on my saw bench. I require cylinder bore specs. Standard and rebore sizes. Also tappet settings. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I've a lot of wood waiting to be logged. .
  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JONATHAN. Hope you've had a good day.
  14. Interesting little thing. Try asking on Red Square you being in Texas. BTW.
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