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  1. That's one beautiful looking piece of machinery. Here's hoping you can get it running, then all you'll need is a period mower to push.
  2. A photo of the flywheel would help, then we might come up with some ideas.
  3. I'd have cut it down for free and taken it away. Interesting to see how he cut through the trunk. We cut out a gob (notch) on the side we want the tree to fall, then cut across the back.
  4. On closer inspection, those bullocks are heifers.
  5. The C-125 got highjacked today. First by Mathew, number four grandson, enjoying his first time at tractor driving. Then his sister, Ashleigh. Again for the first time. Being a typical girl, more interested in who's watching, than looking where she's going. After a rebuke from grandad to pay attention.
  6. Now you see me. Now you don't.
  7. Fitted and ready to trial plough as soon as I get chance.
  8. I wasn't to happy with the hitch so knocked up a mk2 version yesterday morning.
  9. Some signs of spring. Mum and her four surviving ducklings. Crows, magpies or cats put paid to the other two. The proud dad/dads. The duck and the two drakes have returned for the last few years. Moorhen sitting on eight eggs. We'll see how many survive the aforementioned crows etc. These fine bullocks arrived in the field opposite on Wednesday.
  10. Can't say why it's died, but even tree's have a life span. Some more than others. I'd cut it down.
  11. If that's the original, what have you done to get it looking like that?
  12. Made a hitch for the Brinly yesterday. First photo is of some bits. The second one is of it trial mounted. This afternoon I've been setting things up and hoping to go up to the farm with it. Give it a try out and see how it performs.
  13. Look up annealing copper on google. Might be worth doing.
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