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  1. Stormin

    piston required

    Meetens at Preston may be able to help. http://www.meetens.co.uk/
  2. All being well, Dave. Entry forms arrived yesterday.
  3. Tractor Fest 2020. Newby Hall. Ripon. Yorkshire. 6th & 7th June. Horticulture entries :- TractrorFest 2020. Rose Cottage, Meltonby, Pocklington, York, North Yorkshire. YO42 1PN. Sorry! I don't have a name or phone number. Anyone know?
  4. Stormin


    Take a look at my thread. Plough depth wheel. I may part with that plough.
  5. PM expeatfarmer. He may be interested.
  6. "Boing!", said Zebadee. Looking good. Nice job on drilling the square holes.
  7. Try up loading them in reverse.
  8. Either Restoration Decals or Titch can sort that for you. Contact info in Vendors.
  9. Nice one to add to the collection.
  10. Looking good, Chris. Are you going to trial fit everything, then disassemble and finish paint?
  11. Dunc brought over the replacement fender this afternoon. So we quickly fitted it. Looks a lot better and it's a steel one. Thanks to the Showman for the heads up.
  12. Well a little progress. It seems to be charging ok. Some starting and stopping over the last couple of days, to see if the battery goes flat. Been ok so far. May be a switch fault as suggested to me. Plastic fender etc removed and the trans drained of milk. Gave the whole tractor a pressure wash this morning and got all the grease and grime off. Looks better already. I found when checking tyre pressures that the rear wheels are water ballasted. It will be getting ag tyres at some stage, as his woodland is quite hilly mainly.Trans has yet to be flushed with diesel, when I have something to sit on. Also engine oil to change. Everything else is well greased. My mate is getting another fender. Steel one. When he gets over, I'll see how far he wants me to go and give him a list of what's required. Not much really, but another seat and steering wheel are at the top. Maybe a switch also. One good thing is the tin ware is in good condition. No holes I can see or bad pitting. Just surface rust that sands off. But painting will be up to him. Depends on how soon he wants to put it to work. Nothing to stop it being used as it now is.
  13. About 14 I think. I'll check in the morning.
  14. Borrowed a multi meter today. I'll get one of my own next time I go into town. Stator charging OK and regulator/rectifier also. So battery must be getting a charge I assume. But another little puzzle. When you turn the key the ammeter shows a discharge as it should. But when the engine is running, doesn't show a charge. I tried another ammeter, removed from a car many years ago, with the same result. Any ideas or suggestions?
  15. Dave Foster. Aka Jarrovian. Looks like he's been giving the pies some stick.
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