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  1. Been getting the log stocks up this afternoon. There was quite a pile requiring splitting. Number 3 grandson was going to split them during the school holidays. But he went and got himself a summer job at a local holiday camp. So all left to me, so I thought I'd better make a start. Finished cutting and stacking this lot of smaller stuff. Then I started on this lot. Half done when I took this photo. Several barrow loads later, lost count of how many. This 3ft wide x 8ft long x 4ft high cage ended up 3/4 full. It's really hard work splitting logs with a splitting mall. So.……. I got this log buster.
  2. Have you Googled Hayter Osprey 21? Or the Old Lawnmower Cub? You may find the info you need there.
  3. Thanks Chris. Looks like you had a good turnout. Just one point. Those three links show all the same photos.
  4. I've no idea, Nigel. I've not seen any results. Doubt it though.
  5. Been marshalling on the Spadeadam Motor Clubs, Blue Streak Taga Rally today. This is run at various locations on private land. Each section has a course set out with cones placed along it, that have to be negotiated with out touching/hitting them. The two that I was on were on farm tracks. Competitors set of from the start down the track to the end, then back to the start. The first set of photo's are of the first section we were on. As you can see it was a tad damp. Turn round at the end. This caused problems for some drivers, if they didn't get their hand brake turn right. Four had to have a helping hand or two. Next the afternoon section. It was more than a tad damp. In fact it never stopped raining. Fortunately my mate Bob and I could carry out our duties, from the comforts of our respective Land Rover Discoveries.
  6. Stormin


    On Monday I decided to give the C-125 a good going over, as I was not happy with the way it was running since the rebuild. Poor idle and stopping after a while if left running. I'd already reset the points gap last week with a small improvement. Decide to check the valve clearances. So breather off and found Inlet fine but exhaust a tad tight. Reset and refitted the breather. I also refitted the recon carb I'd got off Richard. (Anglotraction). After much carb tweeking it's now running much better. But after mowing the green and verges yesterday, I found oil was seeping out the breather vent. Couldn't think why it should but decided to remove it this morning. Now I've done this several times on my Kohler engined Wheel Horses without any problems. I'm fairly methodical when taking things apart, putting things down in order of removal. Had a good teacher in my late father. What I found was I'd assembled the breather wrongly. How I don't know. The filter was behind the baffle and the baffle the wrong way round. Just shows that no matter how experienced you are and how many times you've done something, mistakes can be made. I also fitted a new gasket to the fuel pump, as that had developed a slight weep also. After running the engine for around 15 minutes, no leaks visible.
  7. Put a wanted add in the Recycle section.
  8. Looking good, Chris. It'll get to RPT yet.
  9. Stormin


    I found the exhaust as mounted, was sending exhaust fumes back towards my face. So it got modified yesterday. Not tried it yet, but should be a lot better.
  10. Looks a good show, Dave. Thanks for the photo's.
  11. George doesn't come this far south.
  12. On Sunday we had the above event. Though only meant to be a one off, this was the 14th year. Mainly started to raise money for the Royal Lifeboat Institute, after to local men lost their lives in the Solway, it has expanded slightly to have other attractions and raise money for a different charity each year. All money raised stays in Cumbria. Below are a few photo's I managed to find time to take. These Motorcycles belong to a friend of mine who has 22 with not one made after 1938. These vintage bicycles belong to another friend who has a vast collection. These are my C-81, C-125 and Sears/Roper GT16. The C-121 Black Horse was ploughing, all though briefly as the lift linkage broke. Tractors in the static display. AHHH! Aren't they sweet. Couple of Alpacas. Some horse drawn implements. Some ploughing. I do know this ploughman came second in his class. The Solway Firth in the back ground. The Scottish hills can be faintly seen in the distance. This ploughman is measuring across his furrows. If he was 6" out he would alter his plough an inch. Three furrows up the plot and three down the width would be corrected. Case and trailer to take people round for a donation. End of day and a Scottish ploughman leaving for home. Edited 3 minutes ago by Stormin These are some my other half, Carol took. The eagle eyed will notice how the plough is set. That is so it would clear the ground after the lift linkage broke. Edited 7 minutes ago by Stormin
  13. There's a couple of Westwood owners on here already. They may be along sometime.
  14. Thanks for the photo's Dave. May I make a suggestion? Put these shows in the What's On section when you know dates etc and who to contact.
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