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  1. Went to see a friend. While there I took a few photo's of his 1954 Eitcher. Starts and is road legal. Runs beautifully and sweet. Nice long stroke air cooled diesel. Fan behind the air filter, driven off the centre pulley in front. While there, Dunc bought this very good condition trailer.
  2. There was a thread on one of these a while back.
  3. All the Best Iain. I trust Joseph is waiting on you hand and foot.
  4. Growing fast Jonathan and creating havoc in the garden.
  5. Stormin


    Is it belt drive from engine to gearbox? Could be belt slip.
  6. Belated birth day greetings, Joseph.
  7. We finally managed to arrange a ploughing match for last Sunday. We had a good turn out of 34 tractors. A bit down on the usual entry list of around the 50 mark. But a good day was had by all. I didn't take the Black Horse, as the Brinly plough would have barely scratched the surface of the hard ground. Watching the drag ploughs was quite interesting. The setting up of them was educational. A real art form. Smokey little Fergie, but could do the business. Neat homemade cab. Tidy Wheel Horse on show.
  8. Let me know what you decide, please. Richard.
  9. After losing my two Border Collies due to old age. (The dogs not me.) 3 and 2 years ago. I said they would be the last. How wrong was I. Meet Nell.
  10. I was using my Wheel Horse C-81, fitted with the finger bar, a couple of weeks ago. After selecting hi ratio to return to where I'd started, to make a second pass, I had difficulty engaging low ratio. It did engage and I completed the cut. Back in the yard and after cleaning things down, I couldn't get the hi - low lever to move into low. So last weekend removed the finger bar and got the tractor onto the lift table. (Ex hospital bed) Wheels off then the trans' after removing the hubs. Nice surprise when the hubs came of without any trouble. Split the box using some Stanley blades to break the seal. Tapped in four, then four more. Then a couple of screwdrivers to open it up a bit more then two large chisels. Nice and clean inside, but here's what I found. Broken selector fork. Only welded on one side and the weld hadn't taken hold. Only on were you can see the missing piece. Went to the Toro dealer in Carlisle and of course they didn't stock them. The lad serving me went and phoned Toro. Three days delivery and £90 for the complete unit. Which of course I don't need the bolt, detent ball and spring. A friend of mine is going to see if he can successfully weld it. If not I've had offers of one to be sent over from the U.S.
  11. Sorry to hear about Paul. I've had a few dealings with him. He'll be sorely missed.
  12. Today was the first Cumbria Classic for two years. Held at Dalemain House, near Penrith Cumbria. UK. Eldest grandson, his wife and great grandson are over from Cyprus for a couple of weeks. Liam persuaded me to go, as I'd not been for a number of years. So the four off us had an afternoon there. There were 419 entries plus club displays totalling a further 206 entries. There was cars, motorcycles, 4x4s, vans, military plus campers and caravans along with trade stands etc. To much to photograph, but below is a selection. Land Rover based Tomcat. 3.9 V8. Morris 1000 Traveler. I had a 1966 model that I dropped a 1500 Wolseley engine in. Morris 1000 convertible. SWMBOs ream car. And she can keep on dreaming. This would do me if I could afford the fuel. Just the steering wheel is on the wrong side. I haven't seen one of these for years. Austin Champ with Rolls Royce engine as standard. Will go backwards as fast as it will go forwards. This Standard Vanguard pickup is the only one I have ever seen. Me want! Ford Anglia. Had one with a Cortina GT 1600 stage 2 tuned engine. Shocked quite a few at the traffic light GP. Another I once owned. Triumph Vitesse with 1600 straight 6. That's all folks.
  13. My mate Dunc had an old buck rake of unknown origin lying about. For fitting on the rear of a tractor. We'd got it into the workshop last week to see what we could do with it. First thing was a new hydraulic hose which Dunc had got made earlier this week. With that fitted we set too to make it into a forklift, for mainly moving crates of firewood. First we cut off the two outside prongs and the centre one. Then some scrap angle iron was welded to the now outside prongs. This was to extend them to reach fully under a pallet. Pleased to say things worked well. And cheap as well.
  14. Gutbrod looks good. I think you now need to find something to cut all those weeds down round the yard.
  15. Meet Nell. Border Collie cross Kelpie.
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