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  1. Nice work Richard. Can hardly wait to see what it's off. BTW. My father had 'The Book of The Villiers Engine.' When I was 19 it was loaned to an apprentice, where we worked at the time. The dipstick left it in a pub and it had gone when he went to retrieve it.
  2. Stormin

    My Gravely Pair

    That first one is a beauty. Both interesting machines.
  3. Stormin

    Kohler 301AS sump pan.

    I agree, Alain, and I've filed that TP manual. Not having the sump pan off, as the engine is still in the tractor, I'd no idea of the number.
  4. Stormin

    BSA Power unit

    Now why didn't I think of that?
  5. Stormin

    Slot hitch

    I made four. I may have one left. I'll check.
  6. Stormin

    Kohler 301AS sump pan.

    There's a thread on Red Square in Engines on sump pans. Tells the differences between big and small block sumps.
  7. Stormin

    Kohler 301AS sump pan.

    I would say yes, Chris.
  8. Stormin

    BSA Power unit

    Pauls not been on here since July 2017. Hopefully someone may know where he is and let him know. Paul at Meetens may be able to help you. He's quite a clued up and helpful chap. Google Meetens to get in touch.
  9. Stormin

    First Ardingly Collective Sale, Feb 16th

    Unimog has been well looked after. Unless of course it's been refurbished. The Yanmar tractor looks an unmolested and tidy example.
  10. Stormin

    How can they do this ?!

    I think a bit more than a service is required.
  11. Stormin

    Holder ED11

    For some reason, I kind of like that. Maybe the way the plough reverses and the head lights.
  12. Not seen Tufnol for years. Used it quiet a lot in my early toolmaking days in jigs and fixtures.
  13. Stormin

    Another tractor out for 2019

    If all the paints original give it a coat of Owatrol.
  14. Stormin

    MF7E Refurb project

    You going to do a full refurb, Ewan, or just a sympathetic rebuild.
  15. Stormin

    Kohler 301AS sump pan.

    Thanks Harry. I'll make enquiries and let you know. Can you PM me the dimensions please? No rush.