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  1. Don't forget photo's. Interesting to see what's on that side of the Pond.
  2. Jonathan. There's a load ready and waiting for you at Dunc's when your ready.
  3. Just after Christmas the log store was getting a bit depleted. So I reluctantly order a load of logs that where duly delivered. A week later, talking to a farmer neighbour I mentioned this. "You needn't have ordered any", he said. "There's a tree I want down and you can have it". Typical! This was a fair sized sycamour. Maybe 2-3 ton. What surprised me when I started to cut into it, the amount of water that came out of it. Anyway a few hours work and a few trips with the Sears/Roper and Saxon trailer and log splitter at home, the 2' x 4' x 8' wood cage is nicely full. Due to it being so green, it's being left to dry out for next winter. I've had a bit of a trim since that photo was taken. And Carol is just posing. Not long after that, my mate Dunc landed down from over the border in Scotland. 10' x 5' trailer in tow. Full of seasoned timber. And all for me. Some of that is now cut and logged and stored ready to use. About three weeks ago, the same farmer's son was felling dykes/hedges down the side of a field. I could go and get as much wood that I liked. Oh! I liked alright. I can't remember just how many loads I brought home. Maybe 8-9. Decent sized stuff as well. Problem now is, my little wood yard is full and nowhere else to store more. And there's another stack for me waiting over the border.
  4. I've been making a couple of attachments for the Sears/Roper recently. First was a front tow hitch out of some scrap lying around. May not look pretty, but functual and cheap. Secondly a rack for the rear of it. I did make a tote box for the front to carry my chainsaw etc, but on really rough ground it would hit large bumps or ground out on deep holes. So I decided to make a rack to carry it behind the seat. Again made from scrap and an old scrap gate. Box trial fitted. Finally some paint thrown on with a brush. Later I had an idea. I was bored BTW. A seat was lying on the shelf, so let's fit it to the rack. Not ideal but good for a laugh. Certainly strong but best not pull any wheelies.
  5. You MADE the split pins!!
  6. You don't look a day older now, Chris.
  7. All the Best, Jonathan. I'll maybe give you call next week and arrange a visit.
  8. Works well. Had a darn site more snow than we did. Built my snow plough/dozer blade some years back. Not had enough snow to use it since.
  9. That's something I'd like. A tractor with a loader.
  10. Fired up the sawbench today and cut up anything of 5" diam' off the tree I recently felled. 2-1/2hrs later a good pile of logs stashed away. If it's a decent day tomorrow, I may tackle the big stuff with the chainsaw.
  11. Put an Isuzu 2.8 td in mine. Big Alli Sport intercooler. Disco transfer box. Ran it on bio diesel as well.
  12. That is the only fault with the 90's. The rad is so big takes ages to warm up. But I wish I still had mine.
  13. With the cold snap we're having this week I got down to the field. Got a load out Monday before my chainsaw gave up the ghost. Lost compression. It has done a lot of work over the last 13 years. Yesterday I treated myself to a new one. Same make but slightly longer bar and heavier chain. Left the old one to be sorted if possible. Be handy to have two. This afternoon back to the field a tackled the trunk. New saw went through like a knife through butter. Brought two loads home. Just realised I need to renew my membership. Can't post photo's till I do. Job for later.
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