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  1. Stormin

    You can never have enough sheds...

    Nice! I've got its smaller twin only the roof slopes t'other way.
  2. Stormin

    Pushing Rusty Tin !....do I want to?

    I remember Aladdin Pink paraffin. There was a couple of those cans in my late uncles garage, plus a Castrol oil cabinet and various oil cans etc. when my father and I cleared it out. I say cleared out. We got as much as we could into a pickup and cattle trailer as we could, but a lot of stuff we had to leave behind.
  3. Stormin

    Multiplying Mowett Mustangs !!

    Maybe some of those dealers listed are still in business and could answer.
  4. Stormin

    Multiplying Mowett Mustangs !!

    How big is your loo?
  5. Happy Birthday Ewan. Have a good day lad. Not forgetting Jake.
  6. Stormin

    Tractor World Autumn show

    Not seen a Leyland Comet for years. The yellow Wolsely mower in the auction, (425) I had one for a while where I lived before here. It would cut down gooseberry bushes. A member on here got the rear axle a couple of years back.
  7. Stormin

    Imperial clevis fork supplier

    Try a local agricultural dealer or someone who repairs agricultural machinery. There's Thomas Graham in Carlisle. They supply everything from steel to nuts and bolts and all in between. Bit far for you I know. There's Spaldings in Lincoln, similar to Grahams. We've had stuff off them for the farm in the past.
  8. Stormin

    Sears Roper fuel tank.

    The plastic fuel tank had been painted when it was restored. This was because the tank was in a very dirty condition. Not surprising really when you consider where the tractor had been found and the condition of it. The conditions the tank had been painted in were not ideal and the paint had started to bubble in places. So at the weekend I decided to repaint it. Getting it off was not as simple as I thought it would be. Remove seat, cross brace between fenders, remove left hand fender, Remove fuel line from pump and sundry cable ties. I could then lift the tank pulling the fuel line through so I could disconnect it from the tank. All the old paint was then removed. Yesterday it got three coats of primer. Today three coats of top coat. The paint I use is Supadec rattle cans. I find it very good. It's what I have used to paint the Black Horse and it's lasting well.
  9. Stormin

    Handy tool use for an old Air Fliter

    I can relate to that, as I've just done the washing up.
  10. Stormin

    Handy tool use for an old Air Fliter

    I like that carb. Good way to set the petrol flow.
  11. Stormin

    New project.

    I'd say the sheet above the ramp is an add on. Most, if not all horse boxes had two half doors above the tail gate. If your putting a Ransomes crawler in it, I'd put some more cross members in the chassis. You don't want it going through the floor, as happened to a certain person I know.
  12. Nigel wouldn't be able to do anything with that. But I bet Ian could.
  13. Stormin

    Happy Birthday Alain.

    Very nice birthday present. Carol says if it was over here, it would be worth more than you said.
  14. Stormin

    Happy Birthday Alain.

    Did you get the piano, Alain?
  15. Stormin

    Happy Birthday Alain.

    All the Best, Alain. Hope you have a good day.