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  2. Tint Tiger Carb

    Thanks John! again, thanks to you fine folks for helping! I do have the carb set slightly rich. I always prefer to have my 2 cycles run that way instead of lean.
  3. Tint Tiger Carb

    IMG_0509 (1).MOV lets try this... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98SOYslNs6A
  4. Tint Tiger Carb

    SUCCESS!!! http://vid17.photobucket.com/albums/b81/kingmags/IMG_0509%201_zpswy18cd11.mp4 I cannot thank you folks enough! the fishing line trick to install the lever arm retainer in the carb worked well! it took a few tries but I finally got it all together. I had to set the mixture needle about 3/4 turn out from the seated position. it took awhile to get back to this project but it was worth it! Again, MUCH THANKS!!! Marty
  5. Tint Tiger Carb

    ok, the ball must had gotten dislodged. I got lucky - it was still under the lever but not in place. I was able to get it seated by tilting the base around and lightly moving the lever arm until it fell into place! WHEW!! now to find the new diaphragms - they got misplaced I'm SOOOOOOO close to getting this O&R running!! thanks again! Marty
  6. if you have a smart phone, create a file (note) for all your machines. I use it to keep track of customer jobs/machines. I also use the contact info for storing model & serial numbers associated with each customer
  7. O & R Carb Repair Tutorial

    Indeed!! just in time for my carb surgery. MUCH THANKS!!!! Marty
  8. Tint Tiger Carb

    Thank you John & David - now to get back to work on this. appreciate the help! Marty
  9. Tint Tiger Carb

    I wish I had rebuilt my carb while the old O&R forum was available with that FANTASTIC tutorial... I finally had a chance to get back to my Tiny Tiger generator. I disassembled the carb. I remember reading about a ball that sat under the diaphragm lever. Now, when I blow thru the inlet hose, there is constant air flow whether the arm is at rest or depressed. That doesn't sound right. Also, should the correct re-assembly be: top cover, diaphragm, disk? it looks like the metal disk sits directly on the lever on the "dished" side. The carb to engine gasket has a small rubber check valve as part of a gasket. it is not seated. should that be replaced? sorry for all the questions but I greatly appreciate the help/guidance! Marty
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