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  1. slf-uk

    1975 Bolens G14

    Dad does not get much look in these days Iain
  2. slf-uk


    Thinking back to the summer 2018 shows, It might be worth getting a mobility scooter that has a collision prevention system Iain
  3. slf-uk

    1973 Bolens G10

    Hi Alain, probably easier to just post a picture of it Iain
  4. slf-uk

    Snow preperation

    We were caught out by the snow last year and had to rush around getting the snow blade out of storage. Joseph wanted us to be prepared this year just in case we get snow. He had made a video of the preparation
  5. slf-uk


    Half a Horse looks great and you have done a fantastic job Alan. Now this project has come to an end, I will miss the updates but I am looking forward to reading about the next project. Iain
  6. slf-uk

    Bolens Estate Keeper

    Alan, I am sure you know who got in trouble for letting him mess up the grass
  7. slf-uk

    Bolens Estate Keeper

    We replaced the battery and make up some new battery leads for the Estate Keeper. Joseph did the work, it took him a long time but he got it done
  8. slf-uk

    Another Bolens for the collection

    We did some work to get the tyre changer working and it is proving to be a very useful tool. When time allows it will have a full rebuild and I think I may be able to make an adaptor so I can use it with small front tyres. Iain
  9. slf-uk

    Another Chainsaw Restoration

    It looks fantastic, you have done a great job Iain
  10. slf-uk

    Christmas workshop projects

    Joseph made a quick video of cleaning the paint on the Westwood. Not sure who the scruffy old git is
  11. slf-uk

    Christmas workshop projects

    I believe it is a MF exhaust. I installed it on the tractor when Joseph was very young and I wanted to ensure the exhaust fumes were way over his head. We have plans to remove it and replace with something more original in design and look. Iain
  12. slf-uk

    Christmas workshop projects

    For the moment I have ordered one of the newer shaped aftermarket ones. I will be looking for a original but as you said, I will need to save up some money first. In this country we have the extra joy of the Post Office for anything ordered overseas, unless it comes via ebay Global Shipping. Before Christmas I ordered something overseas which cost me £12, the Post Office then charged me £2 import duty and £8 handling fee, plus 20% tax, giving an overall import cost of £12 - 100% increase on the initial purchase price. The Post Office does have a massive hole in its pension scheme which it needs help with, but this is taking the biscuit. Iain
  13. slf-uk

    Christmas workshop projects

    I think it might be toast
  14. slf-uk

    Christmas workshop projects

    i will have to answer this one as tractor boy is now asleep dreaming of tractors. The Westwood has a Lombardini 6LD 360 engine, which is 6.4hp and 360cc Iain
  15. slf-uk

    C-125 Rebuild.

    Great progress Norm, it is looking really good. Iain