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  1. slf-uk

    Another Chainsaw Restoration

    It looks fantastic, you have done a great job Iain
  2. slf-uk

    Christmas workshop projects

    Joseph made a quick video of cleaning the paint on the Westwood. Not sure who the scruffy old git is
  3. slf-uk

    Christmas workshop projects

    I believe it is a MF exhaust. I installed it on the tractor when Joseph was very young and I wanted to ensure the exhaust fumes were way over his head. We have plans to remove it and replace with something more original in design and look. Iain
  4. slf-uk

    Christmas workshop projects

    For the moment I have ordered one of the newer shaped aftermarket ones. I will be looking for a original but as you said, I will need to save up some money first. In this country we have the extra joy of the Post Office for anything ordered overseas, unless it comes via ebay Global Shipping. Before Christmas I ordered something overseas which cost me £12, the Post Office then charged me £2 import duty and £8 handling fee, plus 20% tax, giving an overall import cost of £12 - 100% increase on the initial purchase price. The Post Office does have a massive hole in its pension scheme which it needs help with, but this is taking the biscuit. Iain
  5. slf-uk

    Christmas workshop projects

    I think it might be toast
  6. slf-uk

    Christmas workshop projects

    i will have to answer this one as tractor boy is now asleep dreaming of tractors. The Westwood has a Lombardini 6LD 360 engine, which is 6.4hp and 360cc Iain
  7. slf-uk

    C-125 Rebuild.

    Great progress Norm, it is looking really good. Iain
  8. slf-uk

    Christmas workshop projects

    Today Joseph and I hooked his tractors of choice out of storage for some Christmas workshop fun. A very diverse choice this year We last used this Westwood diesel back in 2010 and I can't remember what is wrong with it We last used the D-160 about 18mths ago and it has a number of electrical issues You may remember this Bolens Husky 1054 from John's. We have already invested a lot of time and parts into this tractor and still have lots to do Iain
  9. slf-uk

    Merry Christmas.

    A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone from Joseph and me. Iain
  10. slf-uk

    Happy BD Fife Pooman.

    Happy birthday George
  11. slf-uk

    Rural past times

    Maybe Calvin had too many glasses of Sherry
  12. slf-uk

    Another Bolens for the collection

    Alain, I am not sure they are getting any better but if you think so that great, thanks Alan and Andrew, thanks for your support Sadily dad is becoming redundant. Gone are the days when Joseph would just watch me, sometimes I now get pushed out of the way and he takes over Over the weekend I expect we will finally finishing editing the video from the summer RPT show and if I recall correctly, you all have staring roles. Time to hide Iain
  13. slf-uk

    New Toy MF7E

    Great find Ewan, I love it. Iain
  14. slf-uk

    You can never have enough sheds...

    You have done a great job Paul, it looks really good. I hope that ply shelf was cut to the correct length Iain
  15. slf-uk

    Happy Birthday pmackellow.

    Happy birthday Paul, I hope you had a great day. It was good to see you and Wendy today Iain