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  1. It has been a very long time since Joseph and I logged into MOM. I hope everyone is well and we hope to spend more time on forums over the winter. We are still working on garden tractor projects and posting updates on work but these days we are only posting on Joseph's Youtube channel and posting a new video every week. We are currently working on a 1968 Wheelhorse Raider 9 and it has taken us a long time to get our heads around the way things work on a Wheelhorse. I expect that most of the work we have done is bread and butter to Wheelhorse owners but it is new to us and as such, it is great to learn something new. We have just finished repairing the front axle which was the subject of a recent video. If you are interested and want a giggle about how we are struggling with this tractor, you can find all the previous videos on Joseph's channel.
  2. Thanks for the birthday wishes. The cake was far too small for all the candles and I can’t imagine Joseph waiting on me lol
  3. Happy birthday Chris, I hope you have a great day
  4. Hi Alan, I was allowed to have a little go but not much Iain
  5. Thanks for the birthday wishes, it is a big one this year
  6. Happy very belated birthday Norm, I hope you had a great day. Sorry I missed your birthday, I put it down to my age
  7. Happy birthday Joseph. I hope you enjoyed your cards and presents and today was not too difficult at school Dad
  8. slf-uk

    John Deere 110

    Great score Tom, it looks very good. It would be great to arrange to pop over for a look at some point. Iain
  9. Happy birthday Andrew, I hope you had a good day. Best wishes Iain
  10. Happy birthday Chris, I hope you had a great day. Best wishes Iain and Joseph
  11. Happy birthday Paul, I hope you had a great day
  12. Thanks for the birthday wishes, it is very much appreciated. Iain
  13. Fantastic job Chris, it looks great. Iain
  14. Wow that head was a mess but it looks like you are doing a great job with it. Do you buy your Kohler parts in the UK or in the US?
  15. At Rural Past Times last year when we were doing some ploughing, we had a bit of an issue with the heat from the exhaust heating up the fuel. We decided to make a new exhaust and the aim was to have it exit the hood as close to original as possible. It turned into a bigger job than expected. Joseph made a video of the new creation, as usual I was the cameraman but I did get to do a couple of jobs
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