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  1. Bolens wisconson tr10 engine

    My bolens 1050 wisconson tr10 engine has a poor spark just wondering what common coil , condensor etc will be suitable for it .thanks
  2. Koehler k241 piston rings

    Thanks for the replies.
  3. Koehler k241 piston rings

    Hi my k241 engine e has very l o w compression measuring the bore its on the upper limit for the std size. cannot seem to find a supplier for new rings can anybody help thanks Robert (pontefract )

  5. Norlett commander

    I bought a raider 10 by the serial plate last year when I got it home and had a clearerr look I noticed it was originally green from new, the lad who I bought it off had in his words given it a quick coat of red . The metal work is in excellent condition no rust at all , so I have tested stripping the red off with chemicals to reveal the green underneath making it back to a Norlett tractor . Such a pity he dawbed it in home base red .It's my next project after a simplicity 728 .
  6. wheelhorse coloured green

    Thanks for the comments I'll look for any clues when I dismantle it .
  7. wheelhorse coloured green

    Hi I have recently acquired a raider 10 1975 and someone recently hand painted it red. Now looking at it in the places where he didn't to paint under bonnet and all the fiddly places it's in like a JD green it's old paint but excellent finish one coat .Also little things like spring fasteners for self tapping screws are like new and green my question is did wheelhorse spray some different colours for contracts because someone has gone to a lot work along time ago for a colour change Regards

    Thank you for your replies about the paint seeing am near Ripon farm services Pontefract they apparently are agents for Vapourmatic paint I think the code you refer to is 5010 case/ international red.please, confirm regards

    Hello I am in the UK and restoring a old lawnranger from the 60s.I am undecided on the paint i should buy , the make and the shade the tractor part retails like vapourmatic etc all seem to be abit vague, can someone please recommend a maker and the exact shade that will be ok Regards
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