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  1. good evening, I have just picked up a Colt Deluxe and am looking for any information on them and any diagrams of what should be where? or know where I might be able to find anything


  2. One day Jonathan I’m sure the original barge tractor will be found, hopefully by me 😁
  3. harryt

    John Deere 110

    Was that one of the ones I told you about Tom?
  4. It was very good to meet you yesterday Jonathan. They will be very well cared for at there new home, and look forward to collecting the other 2 at some point. Here they are in their new home. .
  5. I’ve got a McCormick G30R in at the moment. Very good machines I think. Very compact and versatile.
  6. Welcome to the forum. Both the lights and exhaust are quite difficult to get hold of 2nd hand. There is someone selling exhausts new online for them but they aren’t quite the same as original. If you pm I can send you over some photos of the parts manual etc.
  7. Harry I need a project for the winter something that’s running but needs a bit of bodywork and paint, have you got anything ? And remember ime old and skint 🤪

  8. Hi Jonny, unfortunately I have just sold mine and sounded like the one you were looking for. Good luck with the search. Harry
  9. Yes it was terrible weather all day long there. Prices are roughly from what I can remember howard 350 bits £80 old hayter mowers £40 flymo £5 digger and trailer £1900 howard with steel wheels £80 howard gem £140 howard 350 £90 lister with pump £100 Kohler engines £20-40 each
  10. Good sale overall and got a few bits myself. yanmar didn’t sell at £1400 mayfield I think was £20 Howard rotovator £280 Massey Ferguson industrial was £900
  11. I’ve got a 16hp one, not sure if it would fit?
  12. harryt

    New Toy MF7E

    Nice find Ewan Any idea who made it for Massey Ferguson, or did they make it themselves?
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