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  1. Cgoligher990

  2. Kohler magnum 8 need more poke!!

    Sorry it would be too much hassle but thx for ur offer
  3. Kohler magnum 8 need more poke!!

    Where are u based?
  4. Kohler magnum 8 need more poke!!

    Wat mods can I do to get some more power out of this Kohler 8 hp I'm not wanting to remove the governor and I don't have the tools to drill out the jets in the carb so if anybody has any suggestions plz reply. Thx in advance
  5. Wheelhorse

    And thanks for the info the amount of knowledge in this forum is unbelievable!!!
  6. Wheelhorse

    Well neil I was in need of a bigger ATV so i had bought a fourtrax 200 and I really abused the Honda 125 and I was lookin for another tractor anyway and I only paid £150 for the 125 so I think I'm doin alright and btw are many of yous from the UK
  7. Wheelhorse

    Would there be any modal numbers or tags on the frame I could check for ?
  8. Wheelhorse

    He is wanting to swap my 1988 Honda trx 125 which is non working it needs two sprockets and a chain and the engine has a valve gone in it or something
  9. Wheelhorse

    Just as a project to fix up And towin trees out with but I have an 8hp engine that I can throw in to it anyway
  10. Wheelhorse

    It is he says it is an 8hp but it's something like a 3hp
  11. Wheelhorse

  12. Wheelhorse

    I think the boy selling it has all the guards and stuff and I'm not sure if the bonnet has been hacked or not I'm not to familiar with these wheelhorse
  13. Wheelhorse

    I'm lookin to buy it and I am not sure what to pay for it
  14. Wheelhorse

    What would this wheel horse be worth not sure wat model it is
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