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  1. Sammoore13bolens1053

    O&R in the new shed

    Hi, I found it it’s a Small atco engine with it on it lol, it’s like a black knob sort off. Lol, mew there was something with it on it
  2. Sammoore13bolens1053

    Plastic Petrol Tank leak.

    Job weld do a specific gas tank repair bond. I seen it in bass pro shops in the states few weeks back
  3. Sammoore13bolens1053

    O&R in the new shed

    I’ll see if I can find one of them sometime, maybe at the week3nd, my grandad doesn’t like to find me hoking
  4. Sammoore13bolens1053

    O&R in the new shed

    I’ve 2 things with that style pull start on it
  5. Sammoore13bolens1053

    8 speed wheel horse box help please

    The engine will run without a air filter
  6. Sammoore13bolens1053

    8 speed wheel horse box help please

    Water in the oil?
  7. Sammoore13bolens1053

    What was the earliest British Ride On?

    What is it? Any pics?
  8. Sammoore13bolens1053

    help needed

    What storm in said, then probably the points, probably not the plug, put a new one in it
  9. Sammoore13bolens1053

    1966 Bolens 850

    Ahhh you can b that bad! Mine doesn’t look to bad. For a switch contact Brian, on bolenspartsandsupplies.com
  10. Sammoore13bolens1053

    1966 Bolens 850

    Hi, mine was done with a on off switch for ignition, and a push switch to start. Would only start when the switch was on. I’m alright with wiring, and if your any good at wiring, you could do my setup
  11. Sammoore13bolens1053

    Fichtel & Sachs AG STAMO 202

    Sachs dolmar, the chainsaw brand perhaps? They used to make great machines, rubbish now
  12. Sammoore13bolens1053

    Tin bashing!!

    I have one of them. One the same, exact same I can’t remebre the engine. I have one that’s a ransomed from about 1950 something. A bsa powered one, a jap engine one and one the same as that
  13. Sammoore13bolens1053

    Bolens parts

    Oh, so that sleeve hitch won’t fit a tube frame? What’s it for? Oopsies about the advertising, at least someone will get it...
  14. Sammoore13bolens1053

    Bolens parts

    Hi everyone, I spotted this one ebay but the buyer won’t spilt the stuff. If anyone purchases, I’m interested in the Plow and sleeve hitch. Up to 40-50 pounds plus shipping. Thanks in advance
  15. Sammoore13bolens1053

    1966 Bolens 850

    Id say buy new ones, they have been exposed for years, and if working will not work for long, solenoid should make a click noise when the key it turned to The one position