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  1. Orline Mustang trouble

    From what I can see, the fuel keeps flowing when the engine is not running, and more than would be left in the diaphragm area, so what I think it's the little ball under the diaphragm sticking open. The check valve between the carb halves seems to be fine as far as I can tell. I checked it all over before reassembling the last couple times, and all seemed to be fine on the bench.
  2. Orline Mustang trouble

    I don't think I've ever had to take that cover off before but I guess I have to now to check that and the crank seal. I think there's gas dripping out the carb because the check valve isn't sealing very well still. Are there any known problems with that? I made sure it was sealing well on the bench before I put it back on, but when I leave it sit, a puddle starts underneath it
  3. Orline Mustang trouble

    Ok, I'll definitely check that.
  4. Orline Mustang trouble

    Which o ring are you talking about for the "fuel intake on the induction housing"? I don't quite know where you're talking about. If the seal is bad, it's definitely on the side opposite the flywheel. The seal under the flywheel is in good shape still. I have the carb with the slot in the needle, so I had it about half a turn out. The spark plug had a little bit of oil after it popped the once but no more than I might expect. And I'm using the cj14 right now until I can get to the store to get a cj8.
  5. Orline Mustang trouble

    Are the crank seals easy to get? Like a standard size if I have to replace them?
  6. Orline Mustang trouble

    Crap. I think I'll try a couple more things and if it still doesn't work I'll just put it away for later. I'd like to try and gap the plug a little tighter than factory. Sounds a little like what my '37 Waterwitch outboard was doing when the plug gap was too big
  7. Orline Mustang trouble

    Ok, I'm starting to get pretty fed up with this thing. It's got plenty of fuel, which is actually dripping out the carb. again. I cleaned the plug and it popped once but didn't catch and didn't restart. I tried a little starting fluid and it won't even give so much as a pop with that. Crank seals?
  8. Orline Mustang trouble

    Thanks, that helps a lot. I'll clean off the plug and try again tomorrow. It's still leaking out the inlet of the carb a little bit. Any ideas? I know the check valve is working. I tested it blowing into it through a hose and no air came out do I'm not sure why it would still be leaking
  9. Orline Mustang trouble

    Just rebuilt the carb for the 3rd time, but with new gaskets (thanks Joe!). Looks like those leaks are fixed but it's still not running. I think this time I just had the jet open too far and flooded it though so I'm hopeful. What's a good starting point to adjust the jet from? I turned it out 1.5 turns to start with when it flooded And what type of foam should I use in the air filter? I just have it off for now until I get the saw running right
  10. Orline Mustang trouble

    I'll check the oil in the morning. I know it's not synthetic, but I don't know the details. I've been running a little on the rich side of 32:1 right now since it's what I had laying around. I filled the tank and left the gas dripping while I ate dinner and when I came back it was flowing maybe 2-3 drops per second. I think that's pretty good. These little buggers are tough to get working right.
  11. Orline Mustang trouble

    Also, there seemed to be quite a bit of oil coming out the exhaust when I had it on its side. It's most likely just the unburned residual oil but there was a lot. I'm going to be using some Royal Purple high performance 2 stroke oil (really good stuff), but can I safely use a leaner oil mix in it so I have less unburned oil coming out the exhaust?
  12. Orline Mustang trouble

    I just pulled the carb off again and it looks like there was a small air leak between the top and bottom of the carb, and the fuel pickup was clogged. I shot some wd-40 through because it was all I had laying around and it's flowing better. How much fuel should be flowing? I'm getting about 1 drop per second with the gas cap on. I've got some new gaskets on the way so I'll wait to put it back together till then
  13. Orline Mustang trouble

    I didn't even think to check the fuel pickup. I guess when I pull the carb off to take out that filter I'll see if it's clogged
  14. Orline Mustang trouble

    I'm in Shrewsbury, right next to Worcester. Upon closer inspection, the oil cap is good after a coat of super glue and a new o ring, but the gas cap is beyond saving
  15. Orline Mustang trouble

    I checked over the carb and couldn't find anything obvious, and no air leaks. I think it's probably that little filter. It's getting fuel, just not very much.
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