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  1. It's special because it's an O&R powered tool like the many others Where are you located and how much are you looking to sell for? I'm interested to upgrade mine. Some of the painted parts on there look better but some are worse. Send me a private message
  2. we can tell Was hoping to get back to cleaning up some tools and engines by now but work is still getting in the way. Crazy busy this year. Forum has been kinda slow recently too and Clint is the only one making progress.
  3. Ouch! Guess O&R'ing is in your blood. Hopefully you heal up quick
  4. That was a dirty one according to the used to be white towel
  5. It could be the gearbox that's locked up. The old grease inside them gets hard as a rock. You will need to disassemble the engine and gearbox to find out which it is. Here's an older engine chicken Power thread which shows the parts. Yours is a newer engine so the gas tank would be different but the frame that mounts to the bicycle fork is basically the same
  6. I gave up on those little spring retainers. They get removed and don't go back on and I even have a bunch of NOS clips. They are a real PITA to get back in. To remove the spool, don't pry on the spool or will get bent. Grab one of those spokes close to the center with your fingers or pliers and pull up as you rotate the spool back and forth an 1/8th to a 1/4 turn each way. You will have to "work it off" but you should see it moving up off the bearing cup. Re-install the same way but pushing down on the center with your thumb. Same process for the newer type with a retaining clip but the clip needs to be released from the groove first
  7. That's a newer style Chicken Power. Used to power a bicycle on the front tire but you're missing some pieces. Is that the ?
  8. Yeah, the 2 stroke oil gas tank and flashlight stand is creative. Where you from?
  9. That's a new one on me. Warn made a capstan winch too, which has eluded my collection so far.
  10. I didn't see a pic of the folding wheel barrow. Can you share some?
  11. Volume 14 Issue 5 / Sept- Oct 2020
  12. Saw and article in Lawn and Garden Tractor magazine with some O&Rs in it. So happens our MoM member Paul Mackellow @pmackellow did a write up article on some of his collection of things including some O&R stuff. Nice job Paul!
  13. Something like this https://tenor.com/view/mowing-lawn-cutting-grass-gif-6160555
  14. He needs to put a spark plug in there too! Saw looks great
  15. I would cut the hole in the decal and trim some of the black circle off the outside. It will look better than a traditional decal IMO. Certainly not the end of the world to change a newer vinyl decal if you decide on an original, just heat and peel it off. Doubt there's much of a market for those decals to have a bunch made and sell, but ya never know
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