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  1. That's the fuel side so it needs to not dissolve in gasoline
  2. Is that something you have plans for or looking to sell? I'm interested in a basket case. Kind of my specialty it seems
  3. Try soaking the seals and orings in carb cleaner for a few hours. It causes them to swell and softens them a bit too. I used to do that before I had a stash of nos parts to use and it seemed to work well to get everything sealed. I just don't know for how long it lasts. Using a tube of Lubriplate 105 engine assembly grease is probably a good idea too. Might as well go through everything, clean allthe pieces and especially the bearings and grease during assembly.
  4. Nice. The exhaust manifold starts to discolor from the heat when they are run for long periods of time and that one is still nice and clean. Leave the little air vent on the gas cap open when storing it if the location you keep it has large temperature swings. Had one crack the tank when the cold at night created vacuum pressure inside of it and the tank buckled in a little, It was enough to crack the seam.
  5. I do have a vertical tank if you need one but if rust on the inside of yours is the only problem, try the cider vinegar soak and let me know if you still need it. Saving as many as possible will only help all of us collectors in the future. We can swap tanks and I'll try to clean it too.
  6. If it doesn't have a hole rusted through, soak cider vinegar in it. you can fill it with small nuts or bolts and shake it to loosen the big stuff off first.Just check it everyday. It cleans rust really well in these tanks. I once forgot about a tank soaking and when I saw it again about a month or 2 later, the acid in the vinegar had eaten away most of the tank. If the outside is rusted too just soak the whole thing. Rinse well when done.
  7. Got all ambitious and dug through some old stuff and found this. Between the one you have and this you should have enough to get going again. Compression feels good but it probably has the old type plastic cage bearings, but when or if this one fails we'll fix you up again so there's nothing to loose. I'll remove the the generator section unless you need it. One thing for sure, the parts will fit. PM me your address Charlie and I'll send it to you. No charge because I have no idea of the full quality of the parts inside. BUT you have to post some pics and tell us how you made out. Type 111 SN 034701
  8. Oooo, the term "very interested" means expensive for you. Wooo Hooo. You being the only resource back in the day is what got all of this started. Highly doubt I would've ever went past those first 2 engines if we never connected. I didn't know squat back then so your help and knowledge with the stuff was crucial in my collecting of O&R. Glad we started this because there really isn't any other place for people to go that I know of. Then people like David get involved and the knowledge base has grown to new heights because of his involvement and willingness share information. In a couple of years CNew will be coaching and suppling parts too at the pace he's going.
  9. I'll find you the right parts to fix it. I might have the whole kit and kabootle. Have the holiday day off tomorrow.
  10. I'll find you some gaskets if you let me know what you need. The majority of gaskets can be reused if they weren't ruined when taking it apart
  11. Do you need a vertical tank for a toolor just to have one in case you do?
  12. I've got what you want. A used piston with wrist pin, slotted rod, and bearings plus new #A-20-5-13-7 con-rod bearing set, includes #7-22 washers (must be used with slotted con-rod) Think I can find a set of rings and a used head with a 10mm plug hole. you'll probably need some gaskets like the thin induction paper gasket
  13. I'm guessing they end up in Utopia along with the missing socks from the dryer. Lots of free stuff goes there! Lol
  14. Only problem with that is, now you have some hack taking it apart with a butter knife and a big crescent wrench. Good luck on getting any of the hardware with it! Or maybe they'll store it down in the carb Asking politely for extra attention in packaging usually helps. I typically offer extra $ for it but hardly ever will they charge you. At least that's my experience but haven't been having stuff shipped in like I used to.
  15. Tell me about it. That sucks and it's even worse when it's the tool parts damaged which are much more difficult to replace or fix. That's exactly why items I pack in a box are packed well and protected. Can't count how many shipping damaged items I received because of bad lazy packaging.
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