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  1. Why else would I play with these things Don't forget, you did it before too! Do you still have one of those Micro mini bikes? If so was wondering if you might get some dimensions for building a repop Hacked that up all by myself! Nice Huh? Problem was it's deeper inside that hole than the radius of the grinding wheel. Got the screw out but never could get that broken piece out of the hex. Then had to use another bolt from a 1/2 shaft extension to shock that piece off the taper. It was on there hard and even bent the bolt beating on it with a steel hammer after the rubber mallet turned ineffective.
  2. Got it Thought I could still pick it out by grinding a flat on the edge but it didn't come out. Ground a flat screwdriver head into an arch to match the grind and shocked it out with the impact drill. And it's always nice to have an engine ready to go
  3. Never really noticed that super long cooling baffle before on any of these. You can use an app called CamScanner on your smart phone, which is free and pretty simple to use, for posting files of any documents. I know, old men and technology don't mix but this is real easy to use if you want to try it and you don't use a flipper. These documents would be nice to add to the files section.
  4. Seems they tried to bait someone with false bidding. Do the questions to the seller go into the ad automatically or does the seller do it? Auto would be nice to shed light on this type of crap so the next buyer is aware of the selling history. It seems like 50% of the people try to scam the other 50%. In reality it's more like 10% are the scourge but they're 90% of the problem
  5. Ha, see you found my little poke at ya in there. This plastic is hard and apparently more brittle now so I'm thinking a 2 part clear epoxy should do it for repairs. For the bigger gaps, I'll sand some spots of the plastic and use that dust powder to color the surface of the epoxy on the outside so it blends in better. Tried cleaning up some of the plastic surfaces last night but a lot of it seems stained so their deep into the plastic. May have to try and sand the whole thing in steps and end with 1500 grit and or compound.
  6. I'm gonna pick at it and try to get it out but already get'n frustrated. Might try grinding in a slot with a dremel tool and if that doesn't work, weld a nut to the bolt and use that to get it loose
  7. And here's your first "don't do this" Don't use a ball head hex tool in that bolt and snap the tip off in there! DAM!
  8. Unfortunately there will be some cracked and broken plastic to repair around the generator head. Not a big deal since I'll just send it down to Terry to fix so I can sit here and sip on cocktails until he gets it done in a couple of days. The tank looks good except for the loose fuel pick up inside. Not sure how the hec I'm gonna tackle that yet.
  9. Those hex bolts can be accessed and removed without any disassembly of the generator head.That would certainly be easier if you don't have to clean and service the generator but highly unlikely it's going to be clean in there if it looks anything like dirt around this one. Before separating the gen head from the engine, pull out the wire going from the battery holder to the points. Self explanatory how to separate the gen head from the engine. Here's something pretty unique. It runs on a clutch and it seems like a proprietary clutch at that. Certainly makes for ease of assembly and easier to start the engine.
  10. I was kinda perplexed on how this thing was totally attached to the tank base. Surely it couldn't just be those 3 hex head bolts at the generator head into plastic. Finally just removed them to see where else it would hold but sure enough, it was only those 3 bolts.
  11. Will do. Probably a good idea for this one and document some findings for the next guy Serial nunmber Someone has been in here before. Yellow wire not connected So I'll need guidance how to rewire it correctly. I don't know what you call that little "pod" which needs to be connected but I'm assuming it gets connected along with that yellow ground NEG wire The wires in there are very short but enough to work on. Remove the 3 Knob screws holding the 6 12 and neg wires. Also remove the screws for the little switch. BE VERY CAREFUL with the wires to get enough room to get to that screw on the back of the AC power outlet. Removing that screw will allow the guts to come out the back so the cover can be completely removed
  12. Next up for a refresh is this Creme Lure Power Pack Model C. Never had one of these apart before so the generator end should be interesting. At least the plastic tank is in very good shape so it's well worth the effort to make this one nice again. Just waiting on some small stuff for the other projects to get 100% completed
  13. The manual for the Wards Model 10 was just added to the manual section if you want one. It isn't the best copy since it was folded up and quite dirty.
  14. send me the info BTW model J gearbox is also used on the Bejay winch
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