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  1. Post some pics of the tank Carb cleaner, Brake clean Lacquer thinner etc soaking in the bottom of the tank as it could just be the screen filter is clogged from the old gas gum. Swish around every once it a while. Small wire into the tube if that's clogged too but don't bury it as there is a very delicate screen filter on the end. If you can get any flow then I use a bulb type thingy to force wash the cleaner back and forth through it until it clears out. https://www.ebay.com/itm/275523737691?var=0&mkevt=1&mkcid=1&mkrid=711-53200-19255-0&campid=5338590836&toolid=10044&customid=7c4ac16ac1301d9eea8ea4785ac465eb
  2. I can supply you with a new diaphragm. $10 each you can email me at uremailing@yahoo.com That's the reason it will only run briefly. Plus you should clean that carb thoroughly. I can probably throw in a pc of fuel line tooo The original fuel caps were a bottle type but have the little flip up spout. I'll try and get a pic.
  3. Check ebay completed listings and that might give you some idea of what people are paying.
  4. I charge $10 each for diaphragms
  5. Difficult to find throttle and cable for that. You're going to have to get creative like using a mini bike throttle kit. That leak is at the governor spring. Fuel shouldn't be passing the little ball bearing check valve in the carb unless the engine is running. When running it shouldn't be leaking because all the fuel is being sucked into the engine to run. You might have to pull the carb apart and clean the bearing and seat real well because it should seal. Or replace that bearing too
  6. Super nice score!!! Is that the same one from the beginning of this thread? Customer for a diaphragm decided to sell?
  7. No, the hole isn't the same and the arm is different. You can switch to a ball type as it will bolt right on to the same carb body
  8. You can try soaking it in carb cleaner but new fuel line is fairly cheap
  9. You're not supposed to. The only way to access them is to split the tank open. Thought you had to do this before? All of them are a screen on the bottom of a small cone. Soak with carb cleaner in the tank. Then I use something like this connected with a fuel line to force flush the cleaner back and forth through the screen. Never had to open a tank yet. If the tube is filled with gunk you can use a fine wire to clean most of it out but BE CAREFUL not to poke it through the screen.
  10. Parchment paper is used for cooking/baking Jungle site is Amazon.com
  11. Make your own A circle paper cutter-- search on the jungle site for one Parchment paper is thin like those gaskets
  12. Yes. Disassemble the engine to access the reeds.
  13. Spark should be a sharp snapping blue color. if it isn't, try changing the condenser If it's still hard to turn as mentioned before you should try it with the spark plug out. It should now turn as easy as every other one does. If it's not, there's something binding inside from assembly and you will need to find out what that is and correct it.
  14. After rebuilding engines I know they pull "harder" because of the compression but not crazy hard to pull
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