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Jack rush

It won't start after I've rewired it why?

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Disconnect the kill wire from the engine throttle / governor  plate and try cranking it. However if you have already sent 12volts down that wire to the coil it will be toast.

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Not Turning over on the key/ starter and turning over but not firing up are two different issues with different factors affecting them.

Just in case you have got a live supply to the kill wire , disconnect it. If you suspect that you may have already given the coil a dose of volts , remove the engine cowl / blower housing and inspect the coil . If it has been zapped it will usually be swollen and maybe charred.

Now to test and identify the non cranking condition . Locate the starter solenoid which will have a heavy cable from the battery to one top terminal and a heavy cable from the other top terminal to the starter motor. The battery side terminal may also have a smaller diameter cable; that is to supply charge - don't worry about it for now. The solenoid will also have a lighter terminal near its base ( may have two small terminals but let's just assume one or now.

Pull the connector off the small terminal and take a length of cable and hold one end onto the battery positive and touch the small solenoid terminal with the other end. Hopefully the starter motor will engage. If it doesn't you have either a bad solenoid or motor. If the engine cranks with the direct feed from battery to solenoid the problem is either with your wiring, the ignition switch or a safety circuit/ switch.

there are more brutal things you can try like shorting out the solenoid but stick with the more civilised tests for now.


Edit. Check list.Before you start.

Fully charged battery

Tight battery terminals

Battery negative / earth , clean and tightly bolted to the chassis.

If the engine is bolted directly to the chassis - which on a Westwood it usually is- check the tightness of the mounting bolts. If the engine is on Anti- vibe mounts check that any earth strap between the block and chassis is clean and tight.

Check that any fuses are present and intact.

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