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  1. Wristpin

    Another Mountfield 25

    There were some in a sort of goldy yellow metallic. As those Mountfield were actually Murrays it’s possible that In a given year Mountfield under ordered / oversold and had to top up their stocks with what ever the US factory had available. I remember someone from MTD saying that their factories stopped making mowers in June and switched production to snow clearing and cultivation equipment ready for the autumn before switching back to mowers for the following year before Christmas.
  2. Wristpin

    Tarpen generator

    The wear between the piston and pin will certainly be noisy but shouldn’t prevent it running. My pet hobby horse for vintage two strokes is old oil for old engines. That is don’t make up the mixture with s modern synthetic oil , use a vintage two stroke such as those marketed by Millers or Morris Lubricants which are basically a non detergent SAE 30 or 40 and have plenty of body to help with main bearing sealing etc.. I’m guessing that the mixing ratio for your engine will be 16:1.
  3. Wristpin

    Tarpen generator

    Rather than honing the bore which implies stones and the removal of metal , I’d clean it up with a flap wheel. The Cords piston ring people used to sell various sizes of what appeared to be standard 80 and 120 grit flap wheels on extended spindles to reach down the bore and I’ve subsequently used standard diy wheels with an extension shaft that I think came with some wood boring bits. Clean the bore as best you can and offer up the rings to it and see what gaps you have. If you need new rings you may find that Tarpen economised by using the same sizes as another mass produced engine manufacturer but if push comes to shove there are a couple of firms that will make rings to order - but at a price! As you are probably aware, with a two stroke you not only need compression in the accepted sense but also sufficient sealing to transfer the mixture from the crank case via the transfer ports. That takes us to crankcase sealing including , if applicable, the joint between two halves, the main bearing seals and the joint between the case and cylinder barrel. Two strokes are equally sensitive to crankcase integrity as they are to cylinder compression.
  4. Wristpin

    Mountfield 25 red.

    A good dollop of red oxide then!
  5. Wristpin

    Mountfield 25 red.

    I remember the earlier machines as being a flat colour and the later ones as being a metallic paint. Presumably the rest of the machine is available for a colour match. Find an easily removable unfaded part - such as the seat bracket to any decent auto paint supplier.
  6. Wristpin

    Hayter osprey

    This may help https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1vbmib95du0vesn/AADXsfyv-W_7d4mpxWvifJSua?dl=0
  7. Wristpin

    Hayter osprey

    If you look back through older posts , I have, time to time posted scans of pages from various Hayter piublications. Assuming that the worm drive box has not destroyed itself through lack of lubrication it is mainly a matter of eliminating / compensating for wear to get a “ good clutch” - one that both drives well and disengages cleanly.
  8. Wristpin

    Lawnflite 504 cutter blade conversion

    This may help https://www.dropbox.com/s/pvg63wyrievumwn/Lawnflite 504 deck0001.pdf?dl=0 Three suspension links with R clips and one cable connecting the blade brake to an anchor point on the transaxle.
  9. Wristpin

    Don’t show to Ian

  10. Wristpin

    Lawnflite 504 cutter blade conversion

    I would follow Nigel’s advice and sharpen the blades. The later 30” deck on the 604 had a bar blade but also a fan to create enough air flow to fill the bag. On your machine it is the wings on the 8 blades that create the air flow . Unless you are just going to cut and drop, I would keep them.
  11. Two machines recently sent in for “service” !
  12. Found this https://www.amazon.co.uk/Buckbock-16100-ZF2-V01-Carburetor-16100-ZF6-V01-16100-ZF6-V00/dp/B07KQ6X9J1/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1549663344&sr=8-7&keywords=huayi+carburetor
  13. Just realised that you have a Honda copy and not the real thing so the link may be of limited use. Pattern carbs are so cheap on the evilbay that a new one may be the simplest way to go.
  14. Not the easiest site to navigate but you will probably find what you need here. http://www.honda-engines-eu.com/en/welcome.html
  15. Wristpin

    Little bit of history.

    An interesting plaque with the archaic word "relict" - for widow. If anyone has an interest in the history of adjustable spanners , there's a man named Ron Geesin who has a collection of over 3000 and has written a book on the subject. The Adjustable Spanner, History and origins.ISBN 978 1 78500 035 5