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  1. Wristpin

    Exhaust valve opening on compression stroke

    Hmm !!! Approval or not , increasing the gap by any means is counterproductive as far as compression release for easier starting is concerned. The bigger the gap, the less effective, whatever the release method. That said, a really knackered ( technical term) engine may benefit from all the compression that can be found. AKA an elegant, albeit unorthodox, engineering solution!
  2. Wristpin

    Exhaust valve opening on compression stroke

    Quite normal. Some manufacturers do it with a centrifugally retracted pin altering the cam profile while others do it with the cam profile itself. Some do it on the inlet, some on the exhaust and one at least, on both.
  3. Does anyone have any hands on experience of operating one of these , or even an operator’s manual?
  4. Wristpin

    Christmas workshop projects

    In their day those diesel Westwoods were not exactly a “happy” machine. Rather typical of a diesel lump being dropped into a petrol chassis. Later on Countax had the same issue putting the Yanmar lump into the A20/50. Westwoods suffered bad vibration, broken fuel pipes and chafed wiring and then , Fire! If one saw a burnt out Westwood it was invariably a diesel!
  5. Wristpin

    David Brown 990 Three point issue

    The UK publication Classic Tractor is running a series of articles on the operation and repair of DB hydraulics. Will be worth investing in some back issues either in print or on line.
  6. Wristpin

    Shay Rotoscythe blade carrier

    Somewhat modified! FOC before it goes for scrap.
  7. Heavy duty spec , ball bearing crank on PTO side. Stellite valves with positive rotator on the exhaust. Electronic ignition. New air cleaner element and plug Serviced and ready to work. £60
  8. Wristpin

    Elecktra Beckum Pillar Drill ?

    Quality kit! Spares available from these guys as well as Metabo - another quality brand. https://www.mtmc.co.uk/Metabo-Spare-Parts__c-p-0-0-12733536.aspx
  9. Wristpin

    Qualcast Auto Drive ?

    Homebase were part of the Home Retail Group ( Argos etc). Then sold to an Oz outfit called Bunnings who were going to work wonders but gave up on them after a year and , I believe, sold them to Sainsbury’s . So whether or not they have a Spares dept is anyone’s guess. If it’s a steel deck machine you may be able to find a rusted out machine ( or two!!) as a pulley or gearbox donor.
  10. Wristpin

    Qualcast Auto Drive ?

    Some engage the drive by just tilting the gearbox to tension the belt while others have a small plate or cone clutch. First check for all is the belt, followed by checking that any drive pawls within the wheels are present and not stuck. Then check the operating lever on the gearbox is tight and located on its shaft. After the external checks fail to reveal the cause, those transmissions are usually considered "throw away" , but it is sometimes possible to open then up and shim them to restore drive.
  11. Wristpin

    Villiers MK15

    Tut tut ! Quote "If you prune during damp weather, the plum tree is at risk of silver leaf disease. Use pruning paint on cut branches to prevent disease. The best time to prune plums is early spring or early summer during a dry day. Never prune in winter (to avoid silver leaf disease)."
  12. Wristpin

    This Kohler beyond repair?

    Perhaps you need to find someone with a bit of experience with Kohler engines to give you some guidance and practical help. Most engine manufacturers publish Engine Failure Analysis guides to talk one through the forensic examination of failed engines but they tend to be aimed at dealers. Found this on Amazon but it's in the US https://www.amazon.com/Kohler-Engines-Failure-Analysis-Guidebook/dp/B003M1TIVG
  13. Wristpin

    This Kohler beyond repair?

    perhaps you should be asking why the rod snapped? Usual cause is lube failure of the big end but the apparent condition of the crank pin doesn't support that. Next comes over-speeding.. Any sign of governor issues and are the balancer gears correctly timed?
  14. Wristpin

    Plastic Petrol Tank leak.

    If you are considering the "glue" route, I'm not sure about JB Weld but I would suggest Q Bond or the slightly oddly named Quicksteel Plastic Repair.
  15. Wristpin

    Plastic Petrol Tank leak.

    If it’s a raised seam you may be able to fuse the leaking area with a soldering iron.