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  1. Very impressive but bear in mind the old adage that all the available kit (and clutter) will eventually fill all the available space!
  2. Is an insurance company footing the bill? Either way a visit to a tractor breaker’s yard may be in order.
  3. Right area but more round the cylinder fins the head. If the engine is back on the machine fitting the screw will require patience and dexterity as it will be right under the the cylinder. the circular cutouts go round the intake manifold between the carburettor and the block.
  4. Cats in particular are a pain in the A***, there are three or for belonging to neighbours , some from quite a distance away , that transit through my garden an poo at will . Two nights ago a badger dug out a bumble bee’s nest in the back lawn leaving a hole about the size of two footballs. Nature in the raw!
  5. If I’m reading it right, the OP has converted to magnetron but has not disabled all the old points setup wiring. All he needs now is for the coil windings to be earthed ( the twisted uninsulated wires with “ the strange connector” and one insulated “black wire” from the push on tag on the coil to the throttle operated kill switch . Any wires disappearing under the flywheel are no longer needed and may safely be clipped off. I do emphasise “ if I’m reading it right”, as someone else’s description and images are not the same as having it in front of one!
  6. Your strange connection is an Earth / ground that should have a loop terminal to be clamped under a suitable screw. Your first image is of the coil armature and unless my eyes deceive me it is on back to front - may be not?
  7. A good start will be to know what engine it has and even better an image of the fuel tank and carburettor.
  8. Unfortunately the guy that I gave the charts to has dumped them. However I’ve spoken to a friend who worked for both Westwood and Countax. The shredded was made by Countax before they made tractors of their own but made most of Westwood ‘s accessories. The mounting brackets etc were a dealer fit and he recalls that there were two or possibly three brackets to suit different configurations of tractor. He thinks that the belt could have been a B section cogged one.
  9. We used to service one or may be two tractors that had the bracket etc but never saw the shredder itself. I gave a former employee all my Westwood belt charts but I will ask him if he still has them.
  10. This may be of use https://www.dropbox.com/s/89v934z542y9hp6/Villiers Diesel D2700001.pdf?dl=0
  11. Wristpin


    Foote were also used in the Ariens YT tractors in the 80s. We used to open them up and replace the grease adding a bit of semi fluid grease to ensure that it moved around in side the box rather than form a mould around the gears. I believe that Foot ceased production following a major fire at their factory. The box used in the YTs was a three speed and reverse plus a high and low range change giving 6 and 2.
  12. Wristpin


    Is the transmission of their own manufacture or bought in from the likes of Peerless or Spicer?
  13. Is the transmission of their own manufacture or a bought in one ?

  14. Wristpin

    Ford lt14d

    Shibaura ?
  15. Wristpin

    no spark

    OK, with that out of the way let’s hope that the new points and condenser cures the problem. I recently had an intermittent ignition issue on a Kohler that was caused by the wire from the magneto to the points grounding out where it passed through a metal bracket. The insulation had gone hard and cracked . Rather than delving into the mag to change the wire I removed the terminal at the points end and slipped a length of heat shrink tube over the wire so that there was no more leakage to ground. Issue solved and job done for minimum time and parts.
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