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  1. Wristpin


    Foote were also used in the Ariens YT tractors in the 80s. We used to open them up and replace the grease adding a bit of semi fluid grease to ensure that it moved around in side the box rather than form a mould around the gears. I believe that Foot ceased production following a major fire at their factory. The box used in the YTs was a three speed and reverse plus a high and low range change giving 6 and 2.
  2. Wristpin


    Is the transmission of their own manufacture or bought in from the likes of Peerless or Spicer?
  3. Is the transmission of their own manufacture or a bought in one ?

  4. Wristpin

    no spark

    OK, with that out of the way let’s hope that the new points and condenser cures the problem. I recently had an intermittent ignition issue on a Kohler that was caused by the wire from the magneto to the points grounding out where it passed through a metal bracket. The insulation had gone hard and cracked . Rather than delving into the mag to change the wire I removed the terminal at the points end and slipped a length of heat shrink tube over the wire so that there was no more leakage to ground. Issue solved and job done for minimum time and parts.
  5. Wristpin

    no spark

    Now you tell us! Solenoids with two small terminals are usually only used where the non live terminal is grounded via a safety circuit and not just directly to ground , so there may be the remains of a safety circuited wire floating around. What you have done could be to effectively by- passed a safety system that was designed to prevent the starter from being energised unless certain requirements are complained with - such as the operator on the seat or the clutch / brake held down. However it could be that someone has used a four terminal solenoid instead of a three terminal original. A wireing diagram could save a lot of guess work.
  6. Wristpin

    no spark

    It seems odd that you should simultaneously have both a cranking issue and an ignition one . Faced with that issue and not being familiar with the wiring layout of a 141 I would mentally separate the the two systems and tackle the cranking first. The fact that you had to bridge the solenoid to ground suggests not just an ignition issue but a safety switch problem also. A wiring diagram would help but can you trace the wire that went to the terminal that you bridged to ground. Chances are that it passes through one or more safety switches on its way to ground. I’m not familiar with a 141 but likely candidates are the clutch, the seat or the PTO / blade clutch. If you have a multimeter , set it to continuity and hook one lead to the wire that you have removed and the other to ground and then work your way round any safety switches until you find the culprit. That should sort the cranking issue leaving the ignition . If the new points and condenser don’t solve that, identify the “ kill wire” . That is probably a wire from the points that runs to the ignition switch and is grounded when the switch is in the off position - maybe via a safety switch or two. Disconnect that wire and try for a spark but remember that if the engine fires up there is no way of stopping it.
  7. Sometimes, the fuel filters do appear to be empty but fuel is actually flowing through them. Pull the pipe off the carburettor inlet and hold it over a suitable receptacle and with the tap (if fitted) turned on, and the tank cap in place watch the flow for at least half a minute . If the flow slows or stops repeat with the tank cap loosened or removed. If that improves things, check the breather hole in the cap. Blowing back into the tank outlet may improve things but the crud is still in there waiting to do it again. If that's the cause take the tank off and flush it properly.
  8. Post a couple of images. Existing throttle lever, new and old carbs and the linkage between where the governor shaft comes out of the block and the carb. Even better, if it’s a Briggs engine, the Model, Type and Code.
  9. A great job. It’s almost certainly considerably better than when it left the factory as Westwoods of that era were thrown together with dodgy paint and parts book instructions to “ use as necessary” when it came to shims and washers etc.
  10. Not good news. Last week had an email from brother in law in Somerset - brake failure on his 20 year old Husqvarna LT 125 with a Peerless box. saving grace may be that there were plenty of those boxes in use and a good few broken for parts.
  11. Unless the bearing is worn I would leave well alone, renew the felt seal and fill the chaincase with semi fluid grease. If the bearing has to come out you will need the type of extractor that uses a ball with flat sides . Presented to the bearing with the flats pushed between the races they are then turned through 90 degrees so that the ball engages and locked between the inner and outer races. Two, opposite one another are the connected to a puller beam . A lot of hassle when a bit of felt and some “thick oil “ would do the job. I just hope that the genius who specified the welded chain case was well rewarded !!
  12. I think that your "fibre " one is what they call felt and it wont be difficult to get hold of a bit of felt and make one . You may even be able to get one from an old stock parts supplier such as Jon Cruse at the Hailsham Mower Centre. I presume that the welded case assembly does have an oil filler plug ? If so, I suggest that you get some semi fluid grease which will lubricate but be slower to leak out. Plenty on that auction site or from Morris Lubricants on-line shop.
  13. Assuming that by gearbox you are referring to the chain case , the answer is yes, BUT look at the attached IPLs and it would appear that there are two designs of chain case . The one specifically for the De Luxe appears to just have a felt washer as an oil seal and looks as though it can be accessed by removing a circlip and a steel washer, but if the bearing has failed that could be more complicated as it appears to be a welded chain case assembly and a special bearing puller will be needed. https://www.dropbox.com/s/x5je16slddhk3zq/Qualcast Cultimatic0002.pdf?dl=0
  14. Wristpin

    Only mad dogs.

    Sieves ? A Yorkshire term for rushes? Wiki wasn't much help ! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sieve
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