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  1. Just use the “ any key” if your keyboard has one
  2. Great job on the bonnets - a work of art.
  3. Thanks to all for looking but as time was moving on I got the welding gear out, made shaped paper templates , cut the sheet steel and stitched it in . A bit of a faff but got there eventually. 09CB57EA-B035-408E-A74F-0592215D7A02.MOV
  4. There are two or three on US ebay but the carriage and then UK duty and value Added Tax added to the lot makes them a "luxury" item. I've got a couple of feelers out but after that its the welding set!
  5. Wristpin

    Cat D4D

    As far as I know the 7J D4 was built in the US between 1939 and 1943. The first D4D was not made until 1963 with a series number starting 78A. The D4D, series 88A, was being built in Glasgow when I worked there in 1965.
  6. Unfortunately it is the the one!!!
  7. I've been doing an engine overhaul on a 1980s Tecumseh 7hp iron block vertical shaft engine for another forum member; valves, ignition, charging system etc and just when I thought that I was nearing the end I've found that some vandal has carved a chunk out of the air cleaner backplate and canister. Those parts were still current on Atco 24s etc using the horizontal shaft Tecumseh H50/60 right up to the 1990s so there should be a few around, but not, it appears, in the UK . In the USA, yes, with the appropriate carriage, duty and vat etc., but not over here. If anyone has a backplate and canister to sell, please contact me - all reasonable expenses paid . Otherwise I will have to get the welding gear out, not really my forte!
  8. This is from a Kohler manual that I acquired in around 1979 so may be a bit dated for your machine - no solid state regulator rectifiers in those days. https://www.dropbox.com/s/75ao7qfa1lvtr6a/Kohler flywheel alternator charging systems 10 15 30 amp0001.pdf?dl=0
  9. Thank you. Those dimensions are spot on. I will give Bearing Boys a ring on Monday. AS
  10. Sorry state or what?! Looks like the general electrical melt down may account for the hidden corruption in the loom. Anyway, back to business. I'm looking for some front wheel bearings for an old Allen National triple rider and I'm fairly sure that they are the same as were used in older Wheelhorses and maybe Cub Cadets. They are made by a US company called Freeway from Cleveland, Ohio , with a reference of ASF-0-108-6 and are pressed steel with a flange to locate them in the hub. The body of the bearing has a 1.3/8" outer and 3/4" inner. As yet I've not found a UK supplier. The problem can be got round but if possible I would like to locate the correct items without having to run the gauntlet of UK customs, duty and vat etc. Any Thoughts?
  11. Suggest that you disconnect the red wire from the solenoid terminal that points toward the rear of the tractor. Make sure that it doesn’t touch earth just in case it’s live - it shouldn’t be. Set the multimeter to volts and ensuring that the ignition switch is off with the key removed, check for a reading - there should not be. Turn the key to On , there should still be no reading. Turn the key to Start and there should be battery voltage. Release the key and the voltage should disappear . Go between On and Start several times and make sure that the voltage always disappears when the key is released. If all the above are ok it is probably ok to assume that all is well. However if voltage does not disappear when the key is released I would suspect the ignition switch or a wiring fault. Remove the earth cable from the battery and then all cables from the solenoid. Set the meter to Continuity and check between the two heavy terminals there should be no continuity. If there is it is possible that there is a mechanical fault within the solenoid but your substitution should have already eliminated that.
  12. Not that it helps you but I don’t think that it ever made across the pond to the UK. Looks to be quite a useful spec but not over powered at 5hp.
  13. So would I be, sounds great. Now you can just pick off the niggles ready for Spring! Is it just me or the quality of my 'puter but most clips of running single pot engines seem to sound very similar?
  14. I should be able to sort something out. Give me a couple of days. EDIT Forgot that I already had a scan on file! https://www.dropbox.com/s/hlc73g0uerlvn4o/Allen Lawnranger manual trans0001.pdf?dl=0
  15. Lovely old D7, complete with pre turbo exhaust note and “ headache” bar. Thanks for posting.
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