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  1. Handsome birds but a pain in the **** when they trample and poo all over the winter cropping!
  2. Never heard of Eriks but I regularly use the on line mail order service from Simply Bearings. Belts, bearings chains, oil seals and a lot more. Good prices and fast service.
  3. The first thing to establish is that the Hayter Osprey and Hayter 21 are two different machines . One, as may be expected has a 21" cut and the other 24. The 21 was 5hp and the Osprey usually 8hp. The back ends with the drive were the same and the transmission belt for the single speed machines was pt no 2349, M24/Z24.. The was a rare two speed version of the H21 that used a special belt 4031. The cutter belt for the 21 was 2348,A46 and for the Osprey 1540, B55 which also happens to be Countax / Westwood part 22940200..
  4. Hi, I believe that you have a British Anzani Powermow.  I would greatly appreciate the dimensions of the front rollers.



  5. Not sure that I’m understanding the exact nature of the question but Stens products are distributed in the UK by Hi-Level Enterprises Ltd of Doncaster, DN3 1RA. Their 2018/19 Stens Big Blue book lists Premium Commercial Solid Braid, Premium Domestic Diamond Braid and Trublue heavy duty solid braid, all available in 2.78mm.
  6. I’ve recently acquired on of these in a fairly rough state, having been abandoned at the end of a garden for ***** years. One of the jobs is to make new front rollers - if any one has a Powermow could they please measure the roller length and diameter.
  7. Wristpin

    Spark Plug

    Quote. "The valve guides are a possible cause and can have the same affect as worn rings on Oil use and by causing the crankcase to be pressurised, instead of running with a partial vacuum." Also, it's as well to check the operation of the crankcase breather valve which is incorporated into the valve chest cover. Its correct operation is essential for maintaining negative pressure in the crankcase to assist in keeping it oil tight.
  8. Wristpin

    Spark Plug

    As far as I can see, you dont mention glaze busting / honing the bore before fitting the new rings. If that has not been done it is almost certainly the cause of the higher than expected oil consumption. Also, did you check that the cylinder dimensions were within spec for re-ringing - both diameter and out of round ? It would be normal practice to check those measurments at three positions covered by the piston movement in the bore - top middle and bottom. They would be the deciding factor when considering whether the engine is suitable for re-ringing or is in need of a rebore.. Finally, I know that for some engines Kohler do a "service ring set" specifically to take up wear within the prescribed limitations. Also, the Cords piston ring company can supply special ring sets for worn engines and I see that they list sets for Kohlers..
  9. Wristpin

    Spark Plug

    It’s certainly good practice to stagger ring gaps when assembling an engine; wherever possible I try to avoid having a gap on the thrust side of the piston. It’s generally accepted that rings rotate during use, known I believe as cyclic rotation, so all the gaps ending up in line is strange indeed.
  10. If, as you say , the points are there and they are in reasonable condition , the condenser should not be a problem as to a great extent most small engines are not too fussy about the exact farad rating. The main issue will be finding one small enough to fit. I recently found two on fleabay that fitted under the flywheels of two Kawasaki engines. They were Denso, in their original packing and advertised as being suitable for a certain model of Datsun (Nissan) car. At the worst, the condenser can be mounted remotely from the coil and points.
  11. I have just found an Atom application list and interestingly it does not mention Yellow at all , so the module on your danarm may not be an Atom. . It shows Brown as being specifically made for Chainsaws, brushcutters and nylon line trimmers.
  12. The yellow module looks like the Atom that was sold in the UK in the 1980s and, I believe came from Australia. Unlike the “ one size fits all” Nova and Meco modules the Atoms came in colour coded specific applications. We used to fit lots of them and I have no recollection of reliability issues. Somewhere I have a list of all their different colour applications . I still fit Meco modules when rebuilding Villiers F12 and F15 engine’s on vintage Ransomes cylinder ( reel) mowers etc.
  13. What you describe is typical of a safety circuit / switch issue. The machine is saying that it’s not safe to engage the blades - typically the grass bag or deflector not correctly fitted and not pressing in a safety switch; or even the operator not correctly seated.
  14. Wristpin


    Motorcycle repair shops, particularly those dealing with vintage bikes are worth a try. Also look for engine reconditioners.
  15. Wristpin

    Eye! Eye!

    Enter Dynamo bolts on flea bay . £3.00 a time delivered.
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