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  1. Does anyone know of a source of parts for these. In particular, 21” wing unit bottom blades. Neither Central Spares / Spaldings, nor Garfitts do them any more.
  2. I have a tatty but legible four page parts list for a Model 18418 38"Deck , types 01,02,03. serial numbers 0400101 thru to 0599999 Going free, pm me. First one gets the original , then copies. Angus
  3. Model, Type and Code numbers. And I’ll try and post an image from the right page in the repair manual.
  4. They’d been in the tank for about 18 months but often might not be used for a few weeks as if I’m in a hurry I use the phosphoric acid tank. When you say cleaning them “ using the process “,is that just putting it into reverse ?
  5. Its that time of year to do a bit of maintenance on the E tank as all the time its quietly removing rust the anodes are being eaten away - so today was the day. As you will see, they've been hard at work and it was time to put some old gang mower and triple bottom blades to good use.
  6. Don’t think that you will find a float as it will probably have a “cube carb” with a needle valve operated by a diaphragm. If you are lucky it will respond to a good clean to remove gum and stale fuel - best done in an ultra sonic tank. . Not so lucky the diaphragms will have hardened or split. Worst of all it won’t respond and will need a replacement carb. Dare I say that a Chinese copy carb will cost far less than even a genuine diaphragm and gasket set. Have a look at Garden Hire Spares.
  7. Unlikely to be a timing issue as it has a keyed flywheel. Even if someone has messed with the stator positioning in its slots , mid way should be ok for test purposes. If it has a kill wire going to a kill switch on the throttle / Governor plate, disconnect it. Also, are the points spotlessly clean? After that, you need to find someone who can test the coil and condenser.
  8. Usually 20thou” . Often stamped into the points cover.
  9. Not just the tank level that is iffy but the fuel in the carb bowl is going to be well out of kilter as well.
  10. This may have already been covered, but not only were/are JIS threads of a different pitch to IS0 but JIS cross head screws are slightly different from Philips or Pozidrive, hence the reason that we see so many damaged cross heads on Japanese equipment. I bought JIS drivers a few years ago - from Amazon of all places.
  11. I was aware of that disc but I didn’t mention it as I thought that it was an early version that was superseded by the one on the arm. I believe that the lollipop was to act as a pressure plate to Sandwich the friction plate between itself and the pulley. The “stick” stopped it rotating. I’ve got several 300/350 manuals and parts lists but none of them show the lollipop nor the friction disc.
  12. Howard 350 cone clutch brake0001.pdf I did hope that a Howard expert would come to your rescue. I’ve never owned a 300/350 but have worked on a few. A while back there was a clutch thread on another forum https://www.vhgmc.co.uk/forums/topic/howard-300-rotovator/ But I’m not sure that there is anything useful there for you. I will scan and post an image of the cone clutch set up with a brake. Having worked on a few over the years and being kind I would call the brake a bit of a lash up . Unless someone tells me that I’ve been doing it all incorrectly it seems a very fine line between disengaging the clutch and the application of the brake on the driven ( female) cone - needing frequent adjustment. It is also important that the thrust bearing is in good condition and not partially seized. Image to follow. https://myoldmachine.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=40650
  13. Air filter elements , either sponge or paper are available from aftermarket suppliers such as JAPG or Garden Hire Spares.
  14. I believe that Villiers Services do. No personal experience of them.
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