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  1. Not that it helps you but I don’t think that it ever made across the pond to the UK. Looks to be quite a useful spec but not over powered at 5hp.
  2. So would I be, sounds great. Now you can just pick off the niggles ready for Spring! Is it just me or the quality of my 'puter but most clips of running single pot engines seem to sound very similar?
  3. I should be able to sort something out. Give me a couple of days. EDIT Forgot that I already had a scan on file! https://www.dropbox.com/s/hlc73g0uerlvn4o/Allen Lawnranger manual trans0001.pdf?dl=0
  4. Lovely old D7, complete with pre turbo exhaust note and “ headache” bar. Thanks for posting.
  5. Lovely old D7, complete with headache bar !!

    1. Oldfolk


      thanks Wristpin, it was my dad's it is a 3t series. I have a 4t in the shop and a fiat too that runs

  6. I did a complete rebuild on one several years ago for the original owner; rebore, all new cables, new axle and bearings, the lot. He died a couple of years later and I suspect that all his old, well maintained kit was scrapped - a great shame.
  7. If you have enough spring left to give length, coil diameter and wire diameter try Sprigmasters https://www.springmasters.com They are an excellent company but not really geared fo selling to Jo Public, heavy minimum order And carriage charges. However if you can identify suitable springs and then perhaps add a box of assorted for future use , it doesn’t look so bad. My Anzani Powermow is back up and running thanks to them. Worth talking to them, you might even be able to blag a couple of samples.
  8. The problem in the UK is that larger compressors need a three phase power supply and not many domestic properties have that. I should have said that my figure of 15cu ft is “ Free Air Delivered” and not just cylinder dimensions times rpm. FAD is the figure to look for.
  9. At least. - I've got a slightly smaller cabinet and a 15cu ft compressor and it works hard. When it comes to blasting a twist on the old adage for car (automobile!) engine sizes is the order of the day "there's no substitute for cubic feet"! In addition you need good dust extraction from the cabinet to see what you are doing. I doubled the amount of lighting and made a dust extractor using a shop vac with a cheap Chinese cyclone between cabinet and vac - traps the heavy dust and preserves the vac. . Not pretty but effective!!
  10. Handsome birds but a pain in the **** when they trample and poo all over the winter cropping!
  11. Never heard of Eriks but I regularly use the on line mail order service from Simply Bearings. Belts, bearings chains, oil seals and a lot more. Good prices and fast service.
  12. The first thing to establish is that the Hayter Osprey and Hayter 21 are two different machines . One, as may be expected has a 21" cut and the other 24. The 21 was 5hp and the Osprey usually 8hp. The back ends with the drive were the same and the transmission belt for the single speed machines was pt no 2349, M24/Z24.. The was a rare two speed version of the H21 that used a special belt 4031. The cutter belt for the 21 was 2348,A46 and for the Osprey 1540, B55 which also happens to be Countax / Westwood part 22940200..
  13. Hi, I believe that you have a British Anzani Powermow.  I would greatly appreciate the dimensions of the front rollers.



  14. Not sure that I’m understanding the exact nature of the question but Stens products are distributed in the UK by Hi-Level Enterprises Ltd of Doncaster, DN3 1RA. Their 2018/19 Stens Big Blue book lists Premium Commercial Solid Braid, Premium Domestic Diamond Braid and Trublue heavy duty solid braid, all available in 2.78mm.
  15. I’ve recently acquired on of these in a fairly rough state, having been abandoned at the end of a garden for ***** years. One of the jobs is to make new front rollers - if any one has a Powermow could they please measure the roller length and diameter.
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