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  1. Would like to go one day but its 300 odd miles from me I think?
  2. I had one of these. Have you got the tank?
  3. I was going to say low on compression
  4. Chris

    New Toy MF7E

    Thats nice Sure Harry will make you an offer
  5. I been there. lots of interesting stuff
  6. Done a few sets of Westwood bearings, Some times the only way is a large hammer & drive the shaft out from the top. Protect the top of the shaft & the threads! I either put an old bolt in or a punch. Where gloves & support the deck. I know it sounds evil but thit can be the only way some times.
  7. Any motor factors will have it on the roll cut to length
  8. That is an Allen scythe engine with the gear on it
  9. Sorry on call for work all week end
  10. Thanks I am the Chris with the White tractors :-)
  11. Happy Birthday Yes its mine too. I am 20 years older than Harry☹️
  12. Plonker Rodders If I brought it why would I want to sell the bit I would want to keep!
  13. Get some tubes in those tyres. Rears will hold air but fronts may need replacing Good clean & spray with ACF 50 she will be great
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