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Who Do They Think They Are?

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Who do some people think they are?


  Traveling back from my friends farm this evening, I came across one of those sporty type BMWs ahead of me. This was on straight stretch of single track lane.  As I got closer I realised the BM was stationary in the middle of the lane. It made no attempt to move over to a gateway just past it as I approached. You would think a white Land Rover Discovery would be easy to see in your mirror. As I came to a stop behind it, I noticed the female driver was on her phone and seemed oblivious to my presence. :rolleyes:

  So I gave a little pip on my horn and she looked up at her mirror.  Then I thought I was seeing things as she removed her phone from her left ear, lifted it up to the mirror and pointed at it with her right hand. :blink:

  Evidently she was telling me she was on the phone and I should wait.  Oh no I shouldn't. I think she got the message as I eased towards her, while giving a continuous  and prolong blast on my horn. She then moved over to let me pass. You should have seen her face, and what she seemed to be shouting at me left little to the imagination.

  Probably the same thing I was thinking of her. Not fit for on a forum.


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i've come across these people in oncoming lanes when driving big tractors, mostly the bmw's that steer towards the tractor to make you move over. they most often quickly rethink their actions when i do the same after they did it:lol:

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You have just witnessed a very rare event Norm, a woman BMW driver who had actually stopped before using her phone. She most likely only needs to be caught once more to be banned!

Probably 90% of people I see using phones whilst driving are female BMW drivers. The boys in blue always know who's one the phone, they will be driving about 55 / 60 mph in the middle lane of the motorway.:wacko:

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