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I`ve just  taken a spindle apart, only takes a few min`s.One bearing comes out with the spindle, the other stays in the housing. Photos of the parts, the spacer goes in before you press/bash in the second bearing. Doug.post-206-0-59900100-1402257475_thumb.jpgpost-206-0-16953100-1402257520_thumb.jpgpost-206-0-96804100-1402257562_thumb.jpgpost-206-0-45350600-1402257609_thumb.jpgpost-206-0-49659000-1402257656_thumb.jpgpost-206-0-39354500-1402257702_thumb.jpgpost-206-0-16927900-1402257742_thumb.jpgpost-206-0-09272700-1402257781_thumb.jpg

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one day I hope to get them as clean & shiny as yours. the exhaust on the C121 is off a Kubota 2 cylinder engine, the 312-8 is a stainless silencer copy of the original except for the stack. The original rusted out so I cut it up & measured everything even down to the number and size of the holes in the baffles in an attempt to maintain the correct backpressure, sad really. but then I bought a carb with adjustable main jet so I needn`t have bothered. The company Northern Tools sell trailer hubs with I think a 1" bore bearing size,You could fit these with a sleeve 3/4" to 1" I think they have either a 4" or 100mm pcd. so nice narrow 8" trailer wheels would  fit. I would imagine any trailer / caravan / camping / good motorist shop will probably stock these as well. The downside is You have to buy them,so much better when you can scrounge/recycle things.

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