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  1. WestwoodGazelle

    Early Westwood Mower Wanted

    There's also a lawnbug on there in decent restorable condition
  2. WestwoodGazelle

    Early Westwood Mower Wanted

    Hey mate, good luck with finding one. There's a lot of "paleface" early Westwoods still around, in fact at any given time there's usually a couple/few on ebay, but as for the very early ones with angled footrests from 1978 and maybe before, these are very scarce, as we have discussed. I am sure they're out there though. I have seen a few on that auction site that cannot be named, in fact that's where I found mine. If I hear or or see any for sale, will be sure to let you know.
  3. WestwoodGazelle

    1978 Westwood

    Thanks! When I have a go at sorting out my electrical gremlins I will post the progress updates here
  4. WestwoodGazelle

    1978 Westwood

    Great video, it is really nice to see the mower in action. She's looking very good indeed for her age, very tidy underneath, and I understand you wanting to keep those stickers on as part of the mower's history. Sometimes I wonder about completely restoring/repainting mine, but then there is something quite special about an old machine that is preserved in a "used but not abused" state. Having said that, it's amazing what a difference a new seat can make to a machine.
  5. WestwoodGazelle

    Westwood Grille Fabrication (Fibreglass)

    Hi all, been a long time since I updated this, I wouldn't say I lost interest, more like I have been distracted by lots of other projects Anyway, I have made a small start on the grille, so far so good. I am working in small sections at a time so I can be as perfectionist as possible. Once the mould is done I will sand it down and use a thin skim of body filler over any rough patches, then paint. For originality I was thinking of painting it a creamy white colour, but part of me wants to do something a little custom like silver
  6. WestwoodGazelle

    Westwood Questions

    Would love to see more and see any paperwork you might have, if you get time to upload it (and any updates to your Westwood too!)
  7. WestwoodGazelle

    Westwood T 1200

    Good luck with the project, you have a nice Westwood there
  8. WestwoodGazelle

    One of the first Westwood Gazelles

    That's a real shame, but I would be really interested to see a photo! Welcome to the forum, MowMaster! I am glad you're liking the thread, and I agree Westwoods are great tractors. There are a few Westwood fans here with W11's. Also I thought you folks might want to see these photos that my brother took (he's an amateur photographer), I think they look great:
  9. WestwoodGazelle

    westwood lawnbug!!

    What a beauty, great job on the Bug! I am so pleased to see some of these being restored
  10. WestwoodGazelle


    Happy Christmas all! I got a Wheelhorse shirt from my girlfriend- wahey! Hope you all had a good one.
  11. WestwoodGazelle

    One of the first Westwood Gazelles

    Ah yes sorry I forgot to mention they are spade-style connectors, once you take off the plastic cover that is seen in the pictures of the lights on ebay, there's a positive, negative and earth. Unfortunately I haven't seen a new set of headlights with screw connectors. I think WestwoodW8Gazelle is referring to the type of connectors like in the photo he shared, as opposed to the modern spade connector types.
  12. WestwoodGazelle

    One of the first Westwood Gazelles

    Thanks! I would be very interested to see your Westwood and any updates. My headlight was from ebay, if you search for "Case International 384,444,585,674,784 Tractor Head Light" you should be able to find the ones I got (I decided to get a spare too) but I don't think I am allowed to post direct links here. Can PM you if you need it though. They were a little pricey, but not too bad I suppose. Haha fair enough, will look forward to hearing abut the pulley
  13. WestwoodGazelle

    Big Bit of winter fun

    Looks like top fun! No snow here on Dartmoor
  14. WestwoodGazelle

    One of the first Westwood Gazelles

    Here's the Westwood with the new seat I got for my birthday and a new headlight The seat is really nice, I also replaced the bar and clip that the seat pivots on to reveal the storage box (or boot? ) with two M8s because the bar was very loose and the seat wobbled on even a slight hill. It's very comfortable now
  15. WestwoodGazelle

    My New Wheels...

    Ok, I hadn't considered some of these points, thanks for the advice, chaps- I shall use Waxoyl